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INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER "Russell manages a brutal originality. . . . [an] exceedingly complex, inventive, resourceful examination of harm and power." --The New York Times Book Review, Editors' Choice"To call this book a 'conversation piece' or 'an important book' feels belittling . . . [it

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Author Kate Elizabeth Russell

Pages 384

Publisher HarperCollins Publishers

Published Date 2020-03-10

ISBN 006294150X 9780062941503


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ty_3204 shared a tip "#women #fiction #yesplease #bookrecommendations very good read"

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skye_edelson-bennett shared a tip "Very very sad book. Trigger warning. I do recommend."

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BrokeBookBuyer shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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asaltysoul shared a tip "Such an eye opener. It is a dark book, hence the title but it does cover some important topics! Good read."

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haven_poush shared a tip "So so sad but unbelievably good and well written. See trigger warnings before reading but HIGHLY recommend"

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embeckini shared a tip "This was the most poignant things I’ve read in months."

lindsay_313 shared a tip "This book is powerful in embodying the experience of confused feelings regarding people who are sexually assaulted"

erin_thomassie shared a tip "This book broke me. It was so beautifully written and haunting. A multilayered book with a difficult subject."

lpina shared a tip "This book is disturbing to say the least. It was a hard read but important."

dana_6210 shared a tip "Was tragically brilliant"

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jessica_davey_8097 shared a tip "Beautifully written, but finished the book feeling exhausted and unsure of what exactly just happened."

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susan_randlett shared a tip "Dark, compelling and heartfelt"

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karma_rein shared a tip "it was twisted and disgusting, yet i couldn’t seem to put this book down."

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chloe_anne shared a tip "Incredible book, beautifully written, captures you the whole time. Couldn’t put it down."

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srrh_p shared a tip "was very uncomfortable"

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christine_botti shared a tip "Dark twisty infuriating ..."

erica_merritt shared a tip "Enjoy!"

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alex_pasillas shared a tip "painfully beautiful"

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sapphire_rouge shared a tip "My fave book of all time"

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ashley_7149 shared a tip "Trigger warning for SA. Over all good book! I would definitely recommend."

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jamie_allen_408 shared a tip "Angie I have been dying to read a few chapters"

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jennie_damron shared a tip "Wonderful debut from an author I will continueto read. A very disturbing topic but she wrote with such compassion."

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evie_cartwright shared a tip "I put like over dislike but it’s very disturbing yet enthralling at the same time."

august_arms shared a tip "It’s SO good!"

katie_brearley shared a tip "So good!"

anastasia_rosalie shared a tip "Thank u so much!"

gterb shared a tip "insane"

isabelle_richards shared a tip "Never actually read it, but it showed up on my recommended and then I saw your question!"

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alexis_hull shared a tip "It was a very good read. I will say it was triggering though."

annie_davis_6164 shared a tip "A great book. Very harrowing and honest."

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chloe_wheeler_6192 shared a tip "make sure to read the triggers before reading."

holli_bieler shared a tip "I wouldn’t say I liked it. I found it interesting and disturbing. Would be a good discussion book."

ashley_sikorski shared a tip "Riveting but very disturbing. Hard to continue through portions of the book but worth it in the end."

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terri_white shared a tip "Listening to the audio book...very good!"

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karen_wagner_mcguigan shared a tip "Hard to read due to subject matter but written very well with adept psychological insight."

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alana_kennedy shared a tip "Disturbing, important"

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ikram_laradji shared a tip "The writing style of the author was really mesmerizing, it was like reading a slightly modern edition of Lolita."

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lauren_mcintosh shared a tip "Very hard to read."

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alyssa_galvin shared a tip "Really well-written and thought out book. Very sad but inpactful. Couldn't put it down!"

lily_hoza shared a tip "the writing was amazing and psychology thrilling"

cristina_yanez shared a tip "It might be disturbing to some people but it’s a real thing that happens and I didn’t mind reading about it."

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stephanie_burleigh shared a tip "Loving this book so far"

loretta_9182 shared a tip "A tremendous debut, investigating how a young woman has coped with trauma she didn’t even realize she had."

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amanda_borton_3910 shared a tip "Good read, kept my attention, a refreshing view on the subject"

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casie_blevins shared a tip "Viscerally emotional."

sara_springer shared a tip "Raw, gripping, emotional, terrifying. I couldn’t quit reading this novel. I hated when it ended."

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tina_geddis shared a tip "A victims confusing trip through trauma"

Lissy Winkler's profile image

lissy_winkler shared a tip "It can get a little under your skin, but is very good. Well written. Twisted love story."

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lauren_headrick shared a tip "Infuriating at times, heart warming at others, it’s a full spectrum of emotions."

vanessa_cardillo shared a tip "It wasn’t what I was expecting but i was pleasantly surprised by this one! 5/5⭐️"

amber_jackson_2334 shared a tip "Hard to read content, but beautifully written."

ashley_ruiz_5576 shared a tip "this seems like a good one !"

coe_mcelligott shared a tip "#lolita"

wendy_greengrass shared a tip "I thought this was a very interesting read... not your average love story for sure!"

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clo_5815 shared a tip "Prepare yourself for a heavy read, but you won't want to put it down."

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lisa_chudoba shared a tip "Educated"

lily_peterson_5962 shared a tip "Such a difficult topic to read about, but Russell truly did an amazing job. I couldn't put it down."

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livlively shared a tip "I liked it I did. But I wish there was more substance when it came to the ending character getting justice"

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nikki_lorraine shared a tip "Indescribable"

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kiah_s. shared a tip "oh my god ?????"

cheryle_hetland shared a tip "This was an excellent book but very heavy. Would be a great book club book because there is Tons to unpack and discuss!"

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audri_linton shared a tip "This book was absolutely heartbreaking but worth the read."

helen_martell shared a tip "Very good story. Just hated the subject matter."

emerei_vasquez shared a tip "So hard to put down!"

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finn_2516 shared a tip "This book was so heartwrenching and beautifully written. You feel as Vanessa does and it is an emotional rollercoaster."

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kittykitty shared a tip "Yesssss!!! Definitely had me in deep thought during and days after reading"

hannah_shive shared a tip "It was a great book! Too many great parts to just pick one. Hbu?"

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okaylaaney shared a tip "TW: grooming, pedophilia, sexual assault, drug use. amazingly well written book that wrecked me."

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madeline_4707 shared a tip "Good book but difficult subject"

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