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Social Anxiety

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Mark R. Leary
Robin M. Kowalski
Social anxiety is an unavoidable part of everyday life. Whether experienced when speaking before large groups, in interactions with one's boss, when talking to potential romantic partners, during casual conversation, or when dealing with complete strangers, feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and awkwardness are often the consequence of quite ordinary encounters. Social Anxiety provides a complete and authoritative review of the latest theory and research on this common problem. Following an introduction, chapters discuss the situational and dispositional factors that cause one to experience social anxiety and also explore the related phenomenon of embarrassment. The book examines individual differences in trait social anxiety and social phobia and features assessment scales for measuring Fear of Negative Evaluation, Blushing Propensity, and Social Physique Anxiety. The physiological, cognitive, and emotional aspects of social anxiety are then explored, as are behavioral manifestations. The final chapter of the book describes the current treatments being used for social anxiety, and then compares their efficacy. Throughout the text, the subject is brought to life through the use of highlighted side topics, such as social anxiety among celebrities, implications of social anxiety for student achievement, and the link between blue eyes and social anxiety. With its interdisciplinary and integrated approach to the subject, Social Anxiety will appeal to researchers and practitioners from a wide range of fields, including social and personality psychology, counseling, communication, and sociology. The book's accessibility and thoroughness make it an excellent text for undergraduate and graduatestudents in psychology and other behavioral sciences.
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Mark R. Leary
Guilford Press
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