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Fractured Shadows

Books | Fiction / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy

K. A. Knight
Kendra Moreno
Our lands are fractured.Split into three since before my birth.... but they were not always this way.Once we prospered, magic filling our lands before it was locked away with them.The monsters.Now we suffer, we starve even as our king grows stronger.Richer.And then one day my sister is called upon, to make the ultimate sacrifice.Unable to lose the one person I love, I take her place willingly.Protecting her the only way I can.My name is Cora Black and I'm barely twenty years old when I'm sacrificed to the monsters.If only they knew that I crave the same darkness that lives within their monstrous facades.If only the king knew I am just as much a monster as them.Shadows save me, Shadows guide me. Shadows fracture me.
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K. A. Knight
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