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To Hell with the Hustle

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Jefferson Bethke
In a society where hustle is the expectation, busyness is the norm, and constant information is king, we've forgotten the fundamentals that make us human, anchor our lives, and provide meaning. Jefferson Bethke, New York Times bestselling author and popular YouTuber, has lived the hustle and knows we must stop doing and start becoming. Our culture makes constant demands of us: Do more. Accomplish more. Buy more. Post more. Be more. In following these demands, we have indeed become more: More anxious. More tired. More hurt. More depressed. More frantic.But it doesn't have to be that way. To Hell with the Hustle is your wake-up call to slow down and reclaim your life in an overworked, overspent, and overconnected world.If you're feeling overwhelmed with the demands of work, family and community or if you're tired of being anxious, lonely, and burned out, To Hell with the Hustle will give you the tools you need to:Proactively set boundaries in your lifeGet comfortable with obscurityFind the best way to push back against the demands of contemporary lifeDiscover the importance of embracing silence and solitudeHandle the stressors that life throws at usJoin Bethke as he discovers that the very things the world teaches us to avoid at all costs--silence, obscurity, solitude, and vulnerability--are the very things that can give us the meaning, the peace, and the richness we're truly seeking.Praise for To Hell with the Hustle:"Ever feel like you need to work harder, put in more time to get ahead, or do everything in your power to be the best? That's the hustle. It can push you to places you don’t want to go, and I've gone there more than I care to admit. In his latest book, To Hell with the Hustle, Jefferson Bethke will help you understand why the hustle can seem so alluring, show you how to avoid the traps it's created in our culture, and find true joy chasing after Christ instead."--Craig Groeschel, pastor of Life. Church and New York Times bestselling author
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Jefferson Bethke
Thomas Nelson
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0718039211 9780718039219
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