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"Legend doesn't merely survive the hype, it deserves it."From the New York Times bestselling author of The Young Elites What was once the western United States is now home to the Republic, a nation perpetually at war with its neighbors. Born into an elite family in one of the Republic's wealthiest d

Author Marie Lu

Pages 352

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2011-11-29

ISBN 110154595X 9781101545959

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Avery McConnell's profile image

avery_mcconnell shared a tip "If anyone here had not read this, this should be your next book. It is SO AMAZING!!!"

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auri_love26 shared a tip "Amazing for anyone who's obsessed with Michael Grant's "GONE" series"

Auriyanna Melendez's profile image

auri_love26 shared a tip "Amazing!"

Brooklyn Faddis's profile image

brooklyn_faddis shared a tip "Haven't loved any book series more than this one!! I strongly recommend it!"

DEali Moon's profile image

deali_moon shared a tip "Its was incredible"

Cassandra Doudoumis's profile image

cassdoudoumis shared a tip "Marie Lu is one of my faves! Loved this one."

Eric G's profile image

eric_gwinn shared a tip "Loved this series, all her books are great dystopian to date."

savannah_8700 shared a tip "the twists and turns are immaculate. i finished in a day."

Maisy peters's profile image

maisy_peters shared a tip "So interesting!! The twists were so well written! I love it!!"

olivia_parker_699 shared a tip "This book is great. It’s got a super cool love story along with a lot of action and adventure!"

ebony_jessen shared a tip "I just finished Stephen king's The Outsider and it is really good!"

Jolanna Jackson's profile image

jolanna_jackson shared a tip "I read it in class. I started on the second book but never finished:)"

Anastasia Rose's profile image

sylvianarose shared a tip "Love, love, love this series. I gotta reread it one of these days."

Joyce Ochoa's profile image

joyce_ochoa shared a tip "Great book"

Leah Bocanegra's profile image

leah_bocanegra shared a tip "@debra_wolf yes! I couldn't put it down, so good!"

Megan Batt's profile image

megan_batt shared a tip "Honestly this series felt like how Covid started, how young kids can imagine their lives and become their own heroes"

alexis_martin_2836 shared a tip "Part of a trilogy. An easy read for YA, semi-dystopian lit. Had a nice, fast pace, too."

hannan_yoya shared a tip "It was just great!!!"

christine 's profile image

christine. shared a tip "I absolutely LOVE this book. Its right down my alley. I couldn’t put it down. I recommend it!"

Brinley Willardson's profile image

brinley_willardson shared a tip "I'm currently reading Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton"

Sadie Swinney's profile image

sadie_swinney shared a tip "My favorite book series! The character’s relationship is to die for"

Sadie Swinney's profile image

sadie_swinney shared a tip "Haha, it’s this one!"

sufyan_khan_7332 shared a tip "When Day's older brother sacrifices himself to save Day🤧"

kaele_perkins shared a tip "Such a fun dystopian!!"

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itzel_garcia_3930 shared a tip "Its amazing,totally recommend."

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allie_2029 shared a tip "Loved it!"

Ray 's profile image

kawaiisoverrated shared a tip "ONE OF MY FAVOURITE TRILOGIES EVER"

BB_1432 shared a tip "Such a good book! I couldn’t put it down once I started it!!"

Alivia Roberts's profile image

alivia_roberts shared a tip "Entertaining dystopian young adult quartet"

Starla Kolenc's profile image

starla_kolenc shared a tip "I love her! She writes some of my favorite books!"

Mina Keys's profile image

mina_keys shared a tip "Great book!"

Chloe P's profile image

chloe_p_7496 shared a tip "Really good book, has a major dystipian vibe, so if you are into that I totally recommend this book."

Shanna Pankey's profile image

shanna_pankey shared a tip "One of my favorite YA series."

Ell Belle's profile image

ell_belle shared a tip "Its just a solid read. Plus it has a really good romance"

ale_gamboa shared a tip "Read this as a way to pass time in high school & was hooked on the series! Currently reading the 3rd book Champion!"

melissa_9418 shared a tip "Good series nice light read"

Michelle P's profile image

michelle_p_8158 shared a tip "I immediately checked for the release date of the next book! Been awhile since I read it, but I liked it a lot"

Logan G's profile image

logan.g shared a tip "It's an amazing book series, capturing perfect moments of action, suspense, and intimacy! Beautiful book thanks to Marie Lu."

Evelyn Brinkley's profile image

evelyn_brinkley shared a tip "Definitely my all time favorite book series."

Cadyn Vest's profile image

book_b.tch shared a tip "This is the book series that got me into reading dystopian 100% RECOMEND"

sienna_1749 shared a tip "This series was amazing but the ending of the last book will leave u very angry"

QueenOfDaWorld Hello's profile image

queenofdaworld_hello shared a tip "Yessssss this author is amazing"

Maddie G.'s profile image

maddie_g. shared a tip "The world is amazong and youll fall in love with the chatacters"

Maddie G.'s profile image

maddie_g. shared a tip "It made me believe in love, it showed me relationships, and the difference about people from titaly different worlds."

Maddie G.'s profile image

maddie_g. shared a tip "Oof grammar has left the chat"

Rachael Gillett's profile image

rachael_gillett shared a tip "Loved this entire series!"

sophie_martin_7228 shared a tip "I LOVE this book (and the rest of the series)!! Definitely a must read."

joud_tabaza shared a tip "Ok so this is something new, the cover doesn’t nearly describe how amazing it is. I soooo loved this and would recommend it!"

jannat_abdi shared a tip "This book was really good!!"

Brooke Hope's profile image

brooke_hope shared a tip "My all time favorite series!!!"

Bethany Mehring's profile image

brae shared a tip "Prodigy so far, I haven't read all of her books."

emma_thiara shared a tip "MY FAVORITE BOOK EVER!! you will absolutely love the characters and the way the world is set up. So many amazing twists!!"

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the_moo shared a tip "Best book"

Calera Marie's profile image

calera_marie shared a tip "read it in 7th grade and still love it! best book in the series imo"

jamison_208 shared a tip "YOOOOOOOOOOOO"

Taylor Raghu's profile image

taylor_raghu shared a tip "This series is so so good!!! Has a lot of plot twist that you just don’t expect. Definitely in my top 5!"

lily_tom shared a tip "So good! Short read."

chelsea_gutierrez_8940 shared a tip "Best book series! It keeps you on your edge the entire series!!"

rana_saleh shared a tip "Has the same plot as that one Logan Paul movie and I can’t get it out of my head. (Book is better btw)"

ishita_agrawal_3942 shared a tip "An amazing story"

Katie Weir's profile image

katie_weir shared a tip "this book is so good like idek how to explain it, i was never bored throughout the entire thing."

Hefe Smedges's profile image

hefe_smedges shared a tip "Definitely my top dystopian novel at the moment. All four books are page turners, and the ending was amazing."

angelina_serrano shared a tip "The switching between pov’s just added so much to it. The minor details in the writing are amazing"

addison_thom shared a tip "MY FAVORITE BOOK SERIES EVER!!!!"

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