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Harvey F Smith



I’m a fan of sci-fi, fantasy, action/adventure books, tv series and films. I enjoy when the storylines have a romance arc put in the plot also.


A great paranormal series based off a book series of the same name, though I haven’t read it yet the season deals with the first two books of the series with a deeper hunt of what’s to come! Worth watching if you like ghostbusters with swords and spices to battle the ghost and find artifacts of paranormal nature!!

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Lockwood & Co.


A sequel to the film of the same name, based on a mansion in China. When an architect brings to renovate the abandoned mansion his wife begins to have visions and dreams about the past after she visits, worth watching to understand the mystery of the past and what still lingers within its walls!

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The House That Never Dies II

Movies | Thriller

After a woman’s untimely death, she is given a chance at life after five years watching over the family she lost to walk among the living for a specific amount of days. Worth watching to see how the family and friends grow from where they were emotionally to the end of the series!

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Hi Bye, Mama!


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