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Alice Mayfield
Bella Swan is an average woman moving to the small town of Forks, Washington. Her life seems boring at first until she meets the marvelous and tantalizing, Edward Cullen. Edward and Bella are from two different worlds but when they unite, sparks fly. Bella is completely mesmerized by Edward and little does she know that he feels the same exact way. Bella is enchanted by Edward Cullen and there's something about him that she can't quite shake. Her attraction to him is undeniable and maybe, a little bit uncanny. Meanwhile, she reunites with her childhood friend, Jacob Black, who she also has an uncanny and undeniable attraction to. She is on a tightrope, in a consistent battle, denying the attraction that she has to Jacob because her heart is set and she is certain that she wants Edward, who, has a dark side that battles with his light. Will Bella accept this darker and thrilling side of him? Find out in, Twilight, by Alice Mayfield.
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Alice Mayfield
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1710055286 9781710055283
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