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This anniversary edition of the extraordinary #1 New York Times bestseller features pages of bonus content, including marked-up manuscript pages, original sketches, and pages from the author's writing notebook.“Life-changing.” —The New York Times   When Death has a story to tell, you listen. It is 1

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Author Markus Zusak

Pages 592

Publisher Random House Children's Books

Published Date 2016-03-08

ISBN 1101934182 9781101934180


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Emily Calkins's profile image

emily_calkins shared a tip "I did! It made me sob, but I loved it."

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ella_reads_books shared a tip "first book i cried for. (not counting harry potter ) got tear stains on my library book.:( i’m twelve btw."

lisa_b_9188 shared a tip "So far the husbands secret by liane moriarty and spilled milk by kl Randis are great!"

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Skyelander shared a tip "This book is my all time favorite it left me laughing then crying in turns"

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ashley_kochis shared a tip "A tree grows in Brooklyn by Betty smith. A pretty old book but I’m in love with every part of it."

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jordyn_williams_5332 shared a tip "Does anyone know if this is appropriate for someone under 13?"

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halle_tash shared a tip "9/10. A beautiful reason for sobbing."

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sp0onspe shared a tip "i haven’t actually read it but i needed to select 10 books. it’s on my list tho"

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rhiannon_w shared a tip "Made me ugly cry in the best way. Someone buy it for me rn"

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anja_diercks_577 shared a tip "When she was describing the outside world, I was always so impressed with the descriptions"

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addi_c1 shared a tip "Fun fact, I read this in 7th grade and finished it in math class. I was bawling my eyes out"

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emma_schermerhorn_6372 shared a tip "I am currently reading Verity by Colleen Hoover."

leah_248 shared a tip "I do. It’s more a YA book, but I be read it a million times since I was like, 12. It’s “A Tree Grows In Brooklyn”."

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ellah_mackenzie_lve shared a tip "It’s really good you should"

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sukhman_sidhu shared a tip "Last book i read was don’t cry for me and I really liked it. currently i am reading a little life"

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sara_welker shared a tip "A man called ove is in the mail now!! So excited! What are you reading?"

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alexcantthink shared a tip "I’m reading this in English, I’m only about 100 pages in and it’s already amazing! I’m thinking of buying a copy for myself!"

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chloe_sills_7029 shared a tip "been my favorite book for 5+ years now. nothing compares"

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jacinda_695 shared a tip "I would love to read this book"

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anna_howe shared a tip "A first rate book, possibly one of the best books I've ever read."

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faith_maas shared a tip "There are so many! I couldn't choose!"

brooklyn_6611 shared a tip "My top book at the moment is probably “Orbiting Jupiter” by Gary D. Schmidt"

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heather_logan_9227 shared a tip "It is wonderful. Enjoy, if you do!"

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marisol_rodriguez_9110 shared a tip "Amazing book, I read this my freshman year as an all year project and it was very interesting and made me cry for sure😭."

h_rogers shared a tip "Just finished The Maidens and now I am reading Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows and The Henna Artist. How about you?"

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krazy_color shared a tip "Yes, I think it is this one! I remember that I was so hooked on this book from start to finish. I absolutely loved this book."

laura_218 shared a tip "I just read colleen hoovers it ends with us"

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britter_mcmuffin shared a tip "It's been a long time since I've read it but Death as a narrator and as a character was one of my favorite aspects."

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atmosphere_media shared a tip "It is a great read, looking into a period when they burned books to erase people and their words."

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melinda_guice shared a tip "Hmm, so many great books. That’s a tough one!"

christinecampbell shared a tip "Great read"

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miaviolet111 shared a tip "this books was so brilliant"

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christy_ford_513 shared a tip "I have read this book. I really enjoyed it!"

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christy_ford_513 shared a tip "I am re reading eragon"

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torre_langan shared a tip "i cried at the end"

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ann_mccage shared a tip "Good movie; book not so much; very slow start."

lollipop. shared a tip "I loved Death’s monologue at the end! How about you?"

laney_winslow shared a tip "Literally so amazing, one of the best books I have ever read."

zoey_3304 shared a tip "Yeah it’s so good"

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faith_mclaughlin shared a tip "It is an awesome book I loved reading it"

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velvetundergroundlover shared a tip "in my opinion, it was very poorly written for a 578 page book. i genuinely believe it has potential though :)"

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Wolf_Moon7 shared a tip "It was so good and I cried the whole time 10/10"

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catlady_lovescatz shared a tip "Overall, good book. But there are boring parts that drag along and it takes a bit to get through."

Tenaj I.'s profile image

tenaj_i. shared a tip "This is awesome on audio. To hear Death as a narrator is just stunning. Such a captivating story."

lex_patton_9507 shared a tip "Loved the writing of this book. Beautiful!"

dawn_719 shared a tip "I was devastated by this book. One of the best and most heartbreaking reads of my life."

cece_5002 shared a tip "The Book Thief is without doubt on my top ten book list. Excellent character driven novel@"

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rene_macdonald shared a tip "I’m having trouble finding a book that can keep my attention lately actually. Any recommendations?"

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molly_hans shared a tip "You will fall in love with this book and remember it for a long time."

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onyx_rat shared a tip "read it for school and was worth it"

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rose_bonanno shared a tip "A book that will leave you devastated and changed."

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emily_alwubayran shared a tip "A unique look at history and the human experience from an outside perspective. A very emotional read."

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sandy_mollohan shared a tip "Very sad really gets u into the story"

Selah Damerville 's profile image

selah_damerville shared a tip "😭😭😭"

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grace_4566 shared a tip "So worth the read, one of my favorite books. The ending makes it all worth it."

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grace_4566 shared a tip "4.5⭐️"

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amelia_narten shared a tip "Probably my new favourite book, I really enjoyed it. It was so sad and I did not want to stop reading it."

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ricky_a shared a tip "Inside a German village in WWII."

Sylvia Cole's profile image

sylvia_cole_3753 shared a tip "Your welcome"

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leighlou shared a tip "Touching, moving, and an an amazing account. As real and vivid as Anne Frank."

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asia_p_1558 shared a tip "Yes"

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jessica_rogge shared a tip "💜"

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River73 shared a tip "2"

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jennifer_n. shared a tip "Probably the best book that I’ve had to read for school."

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StalkerDemon101 shared a tip "Great if you need a good cry"

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alltoohannah shared a tip "I have never cried so much about a book 😁👍🏼 it’s been years and I don’t think I’ve healed from it 😆"

maggie_fork shared a tip "Currently reading If We We’re Villains. Check it out if you haven’t already. Was recommended by a friend"

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simplers shared a tip "This book changed my life but also made me cry in a parking lot at 3:45pm"

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m_hurst shared a tip "This book is so good!"

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nancy_watson_6219 shared a tip "Wow, what a story . Well written and captivating. A must read!"

leia_blackburn shared a tip "BEST book i’ve ever read by far. Had me ugly crying"

Abby 's profile image

mooooo shared a tip "such a good book i really like how they the author portrayed death"

Ahzel Zuniga's profile image

ahzel_zuniga shared a tip "I was confused with this read. Everyone else seems to like it but me personally couldn’t finish it 😕"

Zaira Acosta's profile image

zaira_acosta shared a tip "I'm not gonna lie this book was 100 pages too long, but man the ending is a soul crusher."

margaret_oldroyd shared a tip "I’ve read this book 8 times and I cry every time"

Evelyn Gerber's profile image

evelyn_gerber shared a tip "amazing"

Bee Morgan's profile image

bee_morgan shared a tip "A must read for the world war it is great"

Miranda Oliver's profile image

miranda_oliver_6164 shared a tip "Wonderful"

ainsley_schenk shared a tip "Such a good and inspiring book! I loved it sooo much!"

shawnee_5158 shared a tip "Mine as well"

jas-d shared a tip "i got it for christmas and am really excited to start it! probably my next read"

Emery Mannel's profile image

emery_mannel shared a tip "Absolutely amazing. The writing style is superb and the storyline seems so seamless."

abigayle_marley shared a tip "This is a book I feel you can read over and over and it never gets old."

Raveena Berde's profile image

12raves13birds shared a tip "Interesting third perspective in this book. You'll have to read before you know what I'm talking about. Again.. one of my faves"

Marcella McCutcheon's profile image

marcella_mccutcheon shared a tip "love the history it lets you feel more connected to the emotions of characters"

Addison Blackmore's profile image

addison_blackmore shared a tip "the best book I have ever read"

Liz Beauchamp's profile image

liz_beauchamp shared a tip "This is one I will read again. 💔"

Erin Medlen's profile image

erin_medlen shared a tip "Interesting take on telling a story from deaths point of view."

amia_loni_bryd shared a tip "this book put me in a reading slump and that's only happened once before great book"

Arianna Bogd's profile image

arianna_bogd shared a tip "Great story"

Lyddie Brenton's profile image

lyddie_brenton shared a tip "it was very emotional and worded beautifully. really made me feel different after i read it (in a good way)"

katherine 's profile image

kath.e.rine shared a tip "i love this book so much"

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TJAZZ92 shared a tip "MUST READ! Next…. 🤩😂"

clr_account shared a tip "What a great book! One of my favorites of all time!"

Jaylen Bosley's profile image

jaylen_bosley shared a tip "The Tom Clancy the red October"

Olivia page 's profile image

olivia_anne_page shared a tip "It made me sob so hard. So wonderfully written and fun to read. Highly recommend!"

Reylynn&Kris Purdue's profile image

teampurdue shared a tip "Must read. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"

Valene Ayar's profile image

valene_ayar shared a tip "Bitch. Baby. Tears. That’s all I’ll say"

Cheryl Wooten's profile image

cheryl_wooten shared a tip "One of my annual reads."

kimberly_thompson_907 shared a tip "My favorite book!"

Tributary 's profile image

tributary shared a tip "So much to love about it. 100% recommend. (Like most book-movie things, the book is way better. I disliked the movie)"

Nichole Buchanan's profile image

nichole_buchanan shared a tip "I simply could not put this one down. From page one, I was hooked! I don’t remember the last time a book left me in tears."

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katelynn_snyder shared a tip "Ugly cried fr"

Melissa Kirkbride's profile image

melissa_kirkbride shared a tip "Such an amazing story! I couldn't put this book down!"

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john_witkowski shared a tip "This one would be right up there. Another one of my favorites would be, ‘The Stand’ by Stephen King."

Nat 🏳️‍🌈's profile image

nat. shared a tip "This book tore my heart out and stomped on it. 5 stars though haha."

Israa Hussein's profile image

israa_hussein shared a tip "This is one of the only books that could make me cry"

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girlmadeofstars shared a tip "Everyone should read this book. Everyone"

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BigDreamer913 shared a tip "Such a good book!!"

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jthomasis shared a tip "Ty !"

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_womack shared a tip "I'm loving little women and Les Miserables rn"

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stephanie_dougherty shared a tip "Hi I haven’t read anything by the author. What do you suggest I try?"

samuel_2218 shared a tip "Overrated.Has a decent story"

Cynthia 's profile image

cyndisid shared a tip "Zusak's writing style through Death's perspective is incredible, mesmerizing, and will make you fall into pieces."

Torey Simpson's profile image

torey_simpson shared a tip "Very descriptive and interesting because it's out of order in some places"

Fabian Cienfuegos's profile image

fabian_cienfuegos shared a tip "I am currently reading People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry and I like it so far"

Adélaïde Hudon's profile image

adlade_hudon shared a tip "Will forever be my favourite book of all time"

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ivy_wendt shared a tip "I have not had a chance to read anything else by Markus Zusak."

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ur_mum_5310 shared a tip "KDKSISISISIS"

christi_9818 shared a tip "I liked it from what I remember...what did you think?"

ericka_8674 shared a tip "It’s been a long time since I read it, but I did enjoy immensely."

Karley Lynn's profile image

karley_lynn shared a tip "Definitely a tear jerker, could not put the book down!"

Elizabeth Ck.'s profile image

elizabeth_ck. shared a tip "This is one of the best historical books I’ve ever read. It’s beautifully written, unbearably sad, yet hopeful."

Kimberly Weikert's profile image

kimberly_weikert shared a tip "*Zusak"

crystal_goolsby shared a tip "It's been so long since I read it. I loved it then but I don't remember specifics well enough."

Jodi Hsieh's profile image

jodi_hsieh shared a tip "Absolutely!"

amy_smith_6010 shared a tip "So sad! I was crying. The movie's ending was different, a little happier, but I always like the book better..."

Nicole Crum's profile image

nicole_crum shared a tip "I loved it! I was like 15 when I read it but so great!"

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deborah_marcus shared a tip "It reflected pretty much the tragic outcome of the war"

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david_zachary shared a tip "Definitely! An amazing read."

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scheherazade shared a tip "Great perspective from the storyteller."

shannon_berendes shared a tip "Yes, still need to read the second book"

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bethany_castle shared a tip "Yes. It was a surprise hit!"

Bethany Castle's profile image

bethany_castle shared a tip "I have not"

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lauren_masse shared a tip "I've only read this book of his, but I loved it"

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lanette_swindle shared a tip "Loved it from beginning to end!"

Kelly Dill Nixon's profile image

kelly_dill_nixon shared a tip "Love, love, love!"

rhonda_bagwill shared a tip "Loved it....very good book. Read it in one day"

auralee_major shared a tip "It's a very thought-provoking book. I read it a number of years ago but I believe it has a satisfying ending. Enjoy!"

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primrose_willison shared a tip "I have yet to read this book."

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primrose_willison shared a tip "May I ask way, you, Catrina G. are following me?"

Elaine Barrington's profile image

elaine_barrington shared a tip "I liked it!"

Mary Murphy's profile image

mary_murphy_2536 shared a tip "It was bittersweet, but I was thrilled when Max survived. It’s one if the few books that made me laugh and cry out loud."

Shawn Simms's profile image

shawn_simms shared a tip "Oh gosh- I have to be honest- i need to re-read the ending; it has been awhile since I read this."

line_shanks shared a tip "Powerful and inspiring"

Maria Ware Ficker's profile image

maria_ware_ficker shared a tip "I liked the ending. I guess considering the topic. I really lived the story."

Meshka Bailey's profile image

meshka_bailey shared a tip "It is one of my favorites. I really don't want to spoil anything for you. I hope you like it"

caroline_apple shared a tip "It's a very heart warming book. I enjoyed it very much and the ending was great."

Leslie Fullerton's profile image

leslie_fullerton shared a tip "It is a must read."

Melanie B.'s profile image

nocturnalbeans shared a tip "Rudy Steiner, what about you?"

Maria Teresa Valestra's profile image

maria_teresa_valestra shared a tip "The book thief! 😍"

Christine Branson's profile image

christine_branson shared a tip "One of my top five!"

maureen_floyd shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book!"

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goldenrod shared a tip "I never read the book I click it on the accident"

Tara Lagana's profile image

tara_lagana shared a tip "Don’t let the YA genre fool you, this is a deeply felt, exceptionally written novel for all."

Claire 's profile image

claire_3364 shared a tip "This was a great read and I would strongly reccoment it."

claire_winters_1002 shared a tip "made me cry"

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caitlinjeanne shared a tip "yes i love it"

Allison Cardona's profile image

allison_cardona shared a tip "Great book, even though the foreshadowing is there the entire book, the ending made me ball"

Abby G's profile image

abby_g_2066 shared a tip "Takes personification to a whole other level."

Drea F's profile image

drea_f_5185 shared a tip "a definite page turner, unexpecting twists and turns that make you cry"

Racine Stefancic's profile image

racine_stefancic shared a tip "O yes!!!"

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lu_cc shared a tip "It might seem a little long at first, but it will change you"

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emilyemusgrave_ shared a tip "Yes, a great read!!"

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dame_loging shared a tip "Absolutely"

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vickie_vermilyen shared a tip "Amazing!"

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anne_blair shared a tip "The main character (little girl), but also her step father."

Misha Chamix's profile image

misha_chamix shared a tip "My favorite book. A heart-warming story"

theea Houtermans's profile image

theea_houtermans shared a tip "All of it probably"

Cincy Mathis's profile image

cincy_mathis shared a tip "I loved we'll written!"

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skylar_stewart shared a tip "Its honestly the only book of his that I've read"

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nikki_fisher shared a tip "I have not - this was a book I was assigned in college and I really loved it!"

Skyler Bartz's profile image

skyler_bartz shared a tip "It really shocked me and they way it was described made me cry for quite a while"

Harriet Sysyn's profile image

harriet_sysyn shared a tip "I've read most of his others. I liked them. The book thief is really good."

Amy Lea's profile image

amy_lea shared a tip "It’s the only book I’ve read by this author but I loved it"

Jordan Simmons's profile image

jordan_simmons shared a tip "It’s a good book though it’s sad but very true. I recommend it to everyone who wishes to have a good read."

michelle_j_8263 shared a tip "No, I haven’t. Do you have any particular favourites?"

april_parra shared a tip "It was excellent."

gary_delong shared a tip "Only book I’ve read by that author. War torn country setting and people just trying to survive"

Chandra May-Lehrer's profile image

chandra_may-lehrer shared a tip "I read it a very long time ago, actually for school. If I remember correctly, it ended well and was one I recommended to others!"

sara_davis_818 shared a tip "I've tried but aren't really able to get into their other books. Maybe I'll try again"

Ashley Bushman's profile image

ashley_bushman shared a tip "I loved Rudy! What about you?"

kendra_novotney shared a tip "I have. This is still my fave. The messenger is up there"

meghann_h shared a tip "Hmm unsure, it’s been a few years, I just remember being devastated at the end and my guts in knots"

tracey_frazier shared a tip "Ken Follett"

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ashlynn_bain shared a tip "100%"

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sarah_touey shared a tip "Yes"

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lori_beaudoin shared a tip "I never reveal an ending! 😉"

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monica_hurney shared a tip "No. I haven’t seen the movie :("

Vicky Carpentier's profile image

vicky_carpentier shared a tip "No, I haven’t seen the book, but I’m planning on watching it!"

Sandra Munsters's profile image

sandra_munsters shared a tip "I rooted into the main character."

Keila Cooke's profile image

keila_cooke shared a tip "My favorite book ever, I’ve already read it 5 times and it never gets old."

Laura Graham LaRocca's profile image

laura_graham_larocca shared a tip "This is the only book I have read from him, but I LOVED the use of language in this book."

Mary Wiesjahn-Morgan's profile image

mary_wiesjahn-morgan shared a tip "I have not read any of his other work but this one was so great that I diffently would."

nena ✨'s profile image

Book_nerd_101 shared a tip "This book was moving and the beat book I’ve ever read. I recomenend to everyone I know"

Jessica Yaws's profile image

jessica_yaws shared a tip "Love this book so much! Must read!!!"

teuta shared a tip "wonderful book with a beautiful storyline."

Tara Franco's profile image

tara_franco shared a tip "I love this story and the movie as well. I love the characters emotional growth and wide variety."

Laina joy's profile image

laina_757 shared a tip "I cried a lot during this one."

Candy Irish's profile image

candy_irish shared a tip "Just trying him out"

Connie Daugherty's profile image

connie_daugherty shared a tip "This one."

Sarah Brewer's profile image

sarah_brewer_5891 shared a tip "Goodness, I have so many that I enjoy! My favorite is probably And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. How about yourself?"

Lori Desrosiers's profile image

lori_desrosiers shared a tip "Just finished The Four Winds and started Ask Again Yes and have Tidelands in the queue."

Makaila Burnham's profile image

makaila_burnham shared a tip "SO WELL WRITTEN"

Diana 's profile image

diana_3637 shared a tip "In my opinion yes, it has interesting perspectives"

Pey R's profile image

peyton_rierson shared a tip "The best book ever!!"

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elizabeth_yarborough_2295 shared a tip "I liked it very much. Very creative and very well written."

Emme Faith's profile image

emme_faith shared a tip "I think it is, I absolutely love this book"

joan_harper shared a tip "Classic story! Beautifully told! Helps the reader understand the horror of the Holocaust."

aeljane shared a tip "Absolutely beautiful writing, bittersweet and heart wrenching. Recommend to everyone"

Chloe Dawn's profile image

chloe_dawn shared a tip "This is literally one of the best books I’ve ever read !"

beetle <3's profile image

CLU3L3SS_FA1RY shared a tip "Nothing like I've ever read before"

Orange Fox's profile image

orange_fox shared a tip "I liked how the book was written, it was very unique."

abby_ru shared a tip "This book is truly beautiful and honestly one of my favorites ever!!"

Caitlyn Power's profile image

caitlyn_power_8312 shared a tip "I loved this book but I also thought it was so sad!"

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naika_smith shared a tip "Yes! I'll share a few in just a bit"

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grace_b_2787 shared a tip "I’ve read this book so many times and every time I fall in love with it all over again!"

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zog_zog shared a tip "yes"

Kandy Westmoreland's profile image

kandy_westmoreland shared a tip "I want to reread it."

kailey owens's profile image

project626 shared a tip "Very upsetting ending, but well written. Had me in tears."

Alexis Gustafson's profile image

alexis_gustafson shared a tip "Its beautifully written! My all time favorite."

Jenifer Casey's profile image

jenifer_casey shared a tip "1I could read this book a million times"

Brian Corrigan's profile image

brian_corrigan shared a tip "A beautifully written story."

brooke_ferger shared a tip "Better than the movie!"

Heather Mcdonough's profile image

heather_mcdonough_312 shared a tip "Yes, one of my all time favorites."

patty_rangel-perez shared a tip "One of my all-time favorites!!"

Melisa Grigorescu's profile image

melisa_grigorescu shared a tip "This book is a true page-turner."

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augenie_beard shared a tip "No but I did enjoy this book so I'm probably going to look into more books by him."

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tiffany_mcburney shared a tip "I really liked it. Such a neat storyline, and well written."

Moira Allbritton's profile image

moira_allbritton shared a tip "Yes, messenger was excellent, too."

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raegan_e shared a tip "By far my favorite book. A must read for historical novel lovers and everybody in general"

Patricia Sourjohn's profile image

patricia_sourjohn shared a tip "At the end when you find out that it was Death narrating and not a soldier like I thought lol it was a twisT"

Jean Jones's profile image

jean_jones shared a tip "Terrific book!"

shaun_heed shared a tip "I really loved it!"

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candace_running shared a tip "This is the only book I read of his."

Tammie Redenbaugh's profile image

tammie_redenbaugh shared a tip "I loved it. Cried my eyes out."

amy_vreman shared a tip "My son who is not a reader. Read this and loved it. Had me go buy it."

alexis_9535 shared a tip "Absolutely"

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sandra_morgan_4124 shared a tip "The best...."

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val_schlosser shared a tip "When Death is the narrator it has to be good!"

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nicole_moore_8415 shared a tip "I've only read the one book by him. It was good."

Kerry Fitzsimmons's profile image

kerry_fitzsimmons shared a tip "I want to read this book but didn’t get to it yet. Lol sorry"

Kayley Lynch's profile image

kayley_lynch shared a tip "Loved this book."

t_carollo shared a tip "This is the only book I've read by this author."

Abby Vogt's profile image

abby_vogt shared a tip "The audiobook of this is perfection!"

sara_m_847 shared a tip "It helps you think about the way you are thinking. Easy to read and super interesting!"

Rose Ellen Buzhardt's profile image

rose_ellen_buzhardt shared a tip "instense but beautifully written"

Panteha Bazyar's profile image

pantehabazyar shared a tip "Yes! Definitely. I love his style of writing."

Carmen Lineer's profile image

carmen_lineer shared a tip "I love this book! Very compelling."

Sarihana gervais's profile image

sarihana_gervais shared a tip "Great read. The narrator will leave you speechless. If you are cryer prepare the tissues."

beatriz carvalho's profile image

beatriz_carvalho shared a tip "super compelling, hard to put down!"

Joelle D.'s profile image

joellesjournal shared a tip "maybe it’s because I was 14 when I read this, but this one was a tearjerker. loved death as the narrator."

leah_boits shared a tip "One of my favorite books of all time."

paula_rand shared a tip "A favorite. The writing is like candy- to be savored and devoured slowly."

dreptu mig's profile image

dreptu_mig shared a tip "I've only read this book from Zusak, are their other books good?"

kat_5988 shared a tip "An incredibly special book. Beautiful writing and story that made me SOB"

Mia 's profile image

mia_5102 shared a tip "Yes! I recently read this book and LOVED it"

Laura Huffman-Roessner's profile image

laura_huffman-roessner shared a tip "Quite good, but it is sad."

Mayo 182's profile image

mayo_182 shared a tip "Amazing book that will really make you think. If you haven’t yet, read it!"

Jessica Koepp's profile image

jessica_koepp shared a tip "The Book Thief or I Am the Messenger. Enjoy!"

adrian.w shared a tip "Favorite book of all time!!"

Nevaeh Anderson's profile image

nevaeh_anderson_8030 shared a tip "This book was so wonderfully put-together! The movie was amazing as well, very heartbreaking."

Emma Ewald's profile image

plutolight shared a tip "I had to read this for school but after reading it turned into my favorite book of all time. Very much recommend!!!!"

Madilyn Barnhart's profile image

madilyn_barnhart shared a tip "The GREATEST book ever. Genius writing style. Will definitely make you cry."

Tabby Anderson's profile image

tabby_anderson shared a tip "@emily_mcmurphy I've never read this book but wanted to try it out. I heard it was pretty good."

emma_person_2348 shared a tip "Not really I liked the whole book."

Carrie Renda's profile image

carrie_renda shared a tip "I don't know if I have a favorite author. I just know this book tore my heart out."

megan_kent shared a tip "Definitely recommend it read it in high school and absolutely loved it"

Amanda Meyers's profile image

amanda_meyers shared a tip "It’s great, plus it gives you a new perspective about what was going on at the time"

Priscilla Wong's profile image

priscilla_wong shared a tip "Everyone should read this book!"

sherilynn_bhatti shared a tip "A Fine Balance is fave. For something kind of quirky I like Katzenjammer😁"

Night Eclipse's profile image

Tessa_Lozo shared a tip "Hm, I’d have to say the part where she steals gets her first book at the fire."

Holli Gattshall's profile image

holli_gattshall shared a tip "It is my favorite book ever."

Charlene Verbinnen's profile image

charlene_verbinnen shared a tip "I just finished The Book of Two Ways by Jodi Picoult."

candace_thompson_7231 shared a tip "Loved this book!"

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danielle_buchanan_5115 shared a tip "My favorite book of all time"

Lauren Furnal's profile image

lauren_furnal shared a tip "I really like American Royals by Katharine McGee. What are some of your favorites?"

Lauren Furnal's profile image

lauren_furnal shared a tip "This book hooks you immediately!"

mason_strauch shared a tip "Amazing plot and setting. Great story and character development!"

nia_9666 shared a tip "MY FAVORITE BOOK BY FAR!!"

Laya Badaya's profile image

laya_badaya shared a tip "@chrisflores28 They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera. Zone One by Colson Whitehead...just a couple!"

Leah Shaw's profile image

leah_shaw_6607 shared a tip "I think so, for sure!!"

Luisa Naranjo's profile image

luisa_naranjo_4599 shared a tip "Definitely when the book began to burn on Hitler’s birthday! Chills!"

AnneMarie Hoime's profile image

annemarie_hoime shared a tip "I just finished The Girl with the Louding Voice. It was fantastic!"

Alyssa Portillo's profile image

alyssa_6860 shared a tip "I thought it was worth it. The movie was done beautifully but there’s nothing like what the author does."

Moriah Patterson's profile image

moriah_patterson shared a tip "Yeah more of like a favorite author. Sarah J Maas and Holly Black are my favs and anything written by thm"

sarahi_arredondo shared a tip "I loved the perspective of someone outside the characters via the insertion of death"

Lindsey Hyland's profile image

lindsey_hyland shared a tip "Personally it is one of my favorites and the entire story is told from the pont of view of death during WWII. It is quite unique"

Melissa Lopez's profile image

melissa_lopez_6326 shared a tip "Yes I loved the book"

Dawn Rubino's profile image

dawn_rubino shared a tip "Yes. Beautiful book!"

anna_martin_5643 shared a tip "Yes! I finished the Invisible Life of Addie Larue recently and it’s definitely a new favourite!"

lyndsay_pingel shared a tip "Not a favorite part exactly but I loved the relationship between Liesel and the mayor’s wife. Endearing and tragic"

Luisa Di Felice's profile image

luisa_di_felice shared a tip "Definitely worth it. It’s quite long (around 600 pages I think) but such an excellent story. One of my favourite war books"

Marlane Romanelli's profile image

marlane_romanelli shared a tip "Yes just finished the four winds!!"

Cozy Nook's profile image

cozy_nook shared a tip "I just finished The Talented Mr. Ripley. It was fantastic! Highly recommend!"

Tom and Vicki Kershaw's profile image

tom_and_vicki_kersh shared a tip "I loved the Book Thief and I highly reccomend it to anyone."

Trystin Neustel's profile image

trystin_neustel shared a tip "I am literally going to save this and buy this book. I have read it alreadly but it has been awhile since."

Brooke Purvis's profile image

brooke_purvis shared a tip "Yes!"

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ashley_rodriguez_6279 shared a tip "So good"

coby_8571 shared a tip "it was so nice to see the characters develop throughout the book, it was so good"

Jacqueline Mendez's profile image

jacqueline_mendez_6292 shared a tip "Definitely a must read book, you’re welcome!"

Carol Anne Butler's profile image

carol_anne_butler shared a tip "The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah is great!"

Christina Gore's profile image

christina_gore shared a tip "The atomic weight of love by Elizabeth Church"

Amber Bierman's profile image

amber_bierman_2884 shared a tip "You’ll love it!"

Erin Ross's profile image

erin_ross_9181 shared a tip "Very worth it 👌"

Jessica Reinhart's profile image

jessica_reinhart_6410 shared a tip "It sucked me in early on. It's one of my fav WWII historical fiction books."

racheal_henshaw shared a tip "The alchemist"

Annabeth Granger's profile image

Realistic_Hermione shared a tip "This is an amazing deep and creative book, and the perspective adds that extra flair and beauty"

Thomas Lonowski's profile image

thomas_lonowski shared a tip "Of course!"

Theresa T's profile image

theresa_t_3048 shared a tip "You're welcome 🙂"

theresa_8414 shared a tip "Excellent"

briana_wilson_9926 shared a tip "this is a MUST read!"

connie_brannon shared a tip "Yes!"

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mary_williams_9185 shared a tip "Oh yes well I should say one author karen kingsbury best books I ever read"

Julie Berci's profile image

julie_berci shared a tip "I liked it but I MUCH preferred Sarah's Key and The Book of Lost Names."

vaibhav sharma's profile image

vaibhav_sharma_9852 shared a tip "Powerful writing, innocence of the characters is heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time"

beth_5857 shared a tip "Wally Lamb's, I Know This Much Is True"

Keli krok 's profile image

keli_krok shared a tip "Yes, I think it’s worth it"

Peggy Lavery's profile image

peggy_lavery shared a tip "The House of Broken Angels- Luis Alberto Urrea"

steve_tarantino shared a tip "Yes its a very good story!"

Kiera Leyden's profile image

kiera_leyden shared a tip "Right now I am reading through Go the Distance. It is about if Megara had to become a god to be with Hercules."

Beverly Abel's profile image

beverly_abel shared a tip "Most definitely, it’s a very good read!"

Karin Horner's profile image

karin_horner shared a tip "Favorite book. Read to my kids and it was very good discussion material."

Tracy Ayers's profile image

tracy_ayers_1315 shared a tip "Written so well. Gut punch finish. I loved it."

Kristie James's profile image

kristie_james shared a tip "Yes, I loved it."

sharon_vaughan_4819 shared a tip "Loved it!"

kelly_martyn shared a tip "An interesting perspective from world war 2"

leah_3571 shared a tip "Haha hard question! Probably Lord of the Rings, though. I’m a fantasy person."

Amanda Peake's profile image

amanda_peake_876 shared a tip "Great"

KG 's profile image

kg_4508 shared a tip "I love this book, but spoilers, I cried"

brenda_schumacher_2829 shared a tip "608 pages. This is a wonderful book!!"

Marja Himmelman's profile image

marja_himmelman shared a tip "Probably close to 5 times at this point!"

mia_moore_3661 shared a tip "Yes"

Nancy Rowen Ellis's profile image

nancy_rowen_ellis shared a tip "Started it and life got in the way, so I’m hoping to get back and finish it"

Emma Markel's profile image

emma_markel shared a tip "I read that huge freaking book in 8th grade, for fun, and I think I read it in a few months. Still one of my favorite books."

Autumn Fleming's profile image

autumn_fleming_1083 shared a tip "Oh 100% it is a fairly yquick read (I read it in about 2 1/2 hours uninterrupted) but a very good book"

Whitney Hendrix's profile image

whitney_hendrix shared a tip "Definitely heavy subject matter the whole time but got be sobbing towards the end"

Susan Spears Alford's profile image

susan_spears_alford shared a tip "One of my favorite books of all time!"

katie_wilkinson shared a tip "The perspective is from an unusual angle and beautifully done."

J. Ivonne D's profile image

j._ivonne_d shared a tip "I think is so worth it."

Emily Harmsworth's profile image

emily_harmsworth shared a tip "Circe By Madeline Miller"

Samantha Doval's profile image

samantha_doval shared a tip "The ending is a beautiful plot twist. That's all I'm going to say. This book is what got me back into reading books again!!"

Beau Richardson's profile image

beau_richardson shared a tip "Incredible book, puts Nazi Germany in a different light"

A M's profile image

a_m_2241 shared a tip "I love Songmaster by Orson Scott Card"

hannah_drerup shared a tip "Just finished “We Were Liars” by E. Lockhart. Suspenseful and plot twist ending that left me shocked. Definitely recommend."

G E O R G I A L.'s profile image

g_e_o_r_g_i_a_l. shared a tip "It opened my eyes to what Jews went through in WW2."

kali 's profile image

boohoocraqer shared a tip "Yeah I think you should! It was a very good read and I 100% recommend it."

goosey woosey's profile image

goosey_woosey shared a tip "hope u enjoy it!"

Donna Cash's profile image

donna_cash_4200 shared a tip "This is a great read aloud to your middle schooler book! I loved it."

Marin 's profile image

marin_3269 shared a tip "SO well written. Definitely one of my favourite books of all time."

Ella Neal's profile image

ella_neal shared a tip "Most definitely The Glass Castle. No doubt the best book I've ever read."

Jessa Styles's profile image

jessa_styles shared a tip "Have tissues! Also I absolutely love that it’s told by death. Very interesting concept."

Aaliyah Shelton's profile image

aaliyah_shelton shared a tip "#drama"

Angela Robison's profile image

angela_robison shared a tip "Yeah it's a good one, however, full disclosure I read it in high-school so it's been many years"

Ella ت's profile image

ellareadsbooks shared a tip "This is the book that made me love reading. Really fascinating perspective and even better ending that makes you think. 10/10."

Tabitha James's profile image

tabitha_james shared a tip "This book was a really good book it was also really sad at the same time totally recommend."

Lena Flynn's profile image

lena_flynn_3234 shared a tip "So heartbreaking and was a fast read for me, read it in 2 days!"

me_2403 shared a tip "L O V E THIS BOOK. PERIODDD. It’s just really amazing please read it."

Felix 's profile image

personwhoreads shared a tip "Meh :-)"

kristin_jones_4557 shared a tip "This is it. My favorite book. (Disclaimer: there may be up to four other books for which I’ve posted the same comment.)"

Ximena Lopez's profile image

ximena_lopez_7632 shared a tip "Such an amazing story starting from an interesting perspective. Read if you want to love your life more, and want to cry <33"

Chloe Stanton's profile image

chloe_stanton shared a tip "heartbreaking"

Madelyn laage's profile image

maddd.iee shared a tip "Should be a classic. Life changing book for me"

Lynessa Rogers's profile image

lynessa_rogers shared a tip "<3"

S. 's profile image

s_. shared a tip "Very hectic and emotional read loved it"

April R's profile image

positively_wild_and_free shared a tip "My favorite book!"

jennifer_sillman shared a tip "Loved this book."

Shirquita Craft's profile image

shirquita_craft shared a tip "This book was so good"

SwaggerD07 O's profile image

swaggerd07_o shared a tip "It was a very good book. I would definitely recommend."

Bell Summer's profile image

bell_summer shared a tip "10/10 one of my all time favorite reads"

Lizeth Mauricio's profile image

lizeth_mauricio shared a tip "The whole thing lol I bought more similar 🤍"

Courtney Grantland's profile image

courtney_grantland shared a tip "i really got attached to Hans and Liesels relationship. It was a long read but the ending was heartbreaking."

Connor Engelsman's profile image

imagination_flies shared a tip "The story and characters pull you in entirely- I sobbed for hours reading the end of it, so you know it’s good."

Andrea Bouchard's profile image

andrea_bouch shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Marla Larson's profile image

marla_larson shared a tip "Yes!! It’s a great story"

Madelyn Cline's profile image

madelyn_cline shared a tip "A book that is similar to this?"

Arielle Johnson's profile image

arielle_johnson_6468 shared a tip "Honestly such a great read from when I was younger."

bailey_smith_3717 shared a tip "Yes! I loved it. I read it so I could watch the movie too."

emma4261 shared a tip "Yes!"

Savannah Key's profile image

savannah_key shared a tip "The Lincoln Highway!"

isabel_rodriguez_7539 shared a tip "It is. There is also a movie I think Netflix has it."

crista_2398 shared a tip "Yes"

patricia_greenway shared a tip "I would recommend it to anyone"

Ellie Olson's profile image

ellie_olson_6768 shared a tip "WOW ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS IVE EVER READ. Def cried my eyes out in front of my roommate but it was SO good"

malak chahboub's profile image

malak_chahboub shared a tip "Definitely,"

Mackenzie Josephson's profile image

mackenzie_josephson shared a tip "By the end of this book I was crying for hours. Such a well-written book."

chloe_holt_2644 shared a tip "No prob 😋"

tina_van_den_akker_4733 shared a tip "Such a good read. Couldn’t put it down. Finished it in a day."

Wolf Mist's profile image

wolf_mist shared a tip "I read it at the beginning of middle school. I've got to say that it was the first book that I read that really moved me."

mila_8203 shared a tip "Could not put down!"

kara b.'s profile image

kara_bingham shared a tip "An amazing, emotional read for everybody. I could not put this book down."

Julia Grant's profile image

julia_grant_6777 shared a tip "Anytime! It was definitely a good read."

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