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librarian at large . Check out my book reviews on Goodreads.


Based on a play, this movie mostly takes place in one set but the language is so extraordinary and Stewart and Close are radiant as the king and queen, playing hide the game with each other .

The Lion in Winter imageThe Lion in Winter image

The Lion in Winter

Movies | Drama

Rather silly but it is a period romance so true to type. The premise is as thin as the heroine’s petticoat. Like all romance trust in the just and all will be right.

Mr. Malcolm's List imageMr. Malcolm's List image

Mr. Malcolm's List

Movies | Comedy

Creepy to the max. The conversation scenes of the two men talking are so well done. Interesting to watch their body language and facial expressions. Fascinating and repulsive.

Black Bird imageBlack Bird image

Black Bird

Shows | Crime

Not really complete but interesting exploration of 3 characters and their odd relationships or interactions. Can a grown man have a friendship with a young girl he is not related to. This seems like a modern taboo- we know how this ends.

Firstness imageFirstness image


Movies | Drama

American lack of humour drama. A reporter returns to a story that resulted in a teenager’s incarceration and provides a podcast commentary and reflection as the story’s true nature is revealed. Octavia Spencer is less likeable as a likeable but impulsive reporter; I prefer her more nuanced and ambiguous roles. Strange family relations.

Truth Be Told imageTruth Be Told image

Truth Be Told

Shows | Drama

Bad sisters are so good. Funny, profane and with a compelling question - how did the ***** die? Backwards and forwards narrative shifts are represented by key scenes around a central plot point. Well done as the sort is revealed.

Bad Sisters imageBad Sisters image

Bad Sisters

Shows | Comedy

Beautiful cinematography and fabulous costumes. The story is a compilation of fantastic tales around a modern story envelope. A bit disjointed as a result but worth the time.

Three Thousand Years of Longing imageThree Thousand Years of Longing image

Three Thousand Years of Longing

Movies | Fantasy

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