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The book is divided into four chapters, and each chapter serves a different purpose. Deals with a different pain. Heals a different heartache. milk and honey takes readers through a journey of the most bitter moments in life and finds sweetness in them because there is sweetness everywhere if you ar

Author Rupi Kaur

Pages 208

Publisher Andrews McMeel Publishing

Published Date 2015-10-06

ISBN 1449478654 9781449478650


Google 4.0


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kenniejd shared a tip "3.5/5"

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megan_green_9650 shared a tip "This beautiful collection of poetry resonates with me so much. I’m glad I took the time to read it! #poetry"

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jillian_ryan_4777 shared a tip "Get ready to cry and feel rejuvenated"

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kelly_thomas_2514 shared a tip "It is a good book and it’s poetry. A really fast read but good"

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clara- shared a tip "super well written i loved the poems"

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sara_pelland shared a tip "If you've experienced heartbreak this book will touch all the feelings you've buried deep down. Gorgeous and healing"

Caty Warren's profile image

caty_warren shared a tip "Top 2 in my opinion. I’m currently reading The sun and her flowers now by her."

Faith Allen 's profile image

jfallen21 shared a tip "I actually haven’t read this one yet. I didn’t know this would recommend, ha. New to Likewise, but this is on my list to read."

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erika_ellsworth shared a tip "Absolutely worth it!"

emma_foss shared a tip "good quotes and slight poems. it made me cry, the poems and quotes are stolen though :("

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selene_stoner shared a tip "God tier"

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chloe_martin shared a tip "Very relatable poetry about experiences that happen in young females lives"

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parker_548 shared a tip "I haven't read anything else by them. I don't really follow authors unless it's a series. (Not including John Green lol)"

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n00__6m2 shared a tip "The quotes in this book are very relatable especially for girls"

Kalli Tyler's profile image

kalli_tyler shared a tip "It was so good and touched me in such a deep way that I cried."

Elizabeth Lucas's profile image

elizabeth_lucas_1135 shared a tip "I read this obsessively on bus rides, I finished it within a week. One of my favorite reads."

Jasmine Giambelluca's profile image

jasmine_giambelluca shared a tip "It really pulled at my emotions and said alot without saying to much."

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chels_rod shared a tip "It’s such a beautiful read!"

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exavion_valentine shared a tip "so many great, emotion filled poems!!"

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shelley_miller shared a tip "It’s hard to pick a favourite when every poem is so good."

talisa_u shared a tip "Collection of poems. It’s amazing!!"

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k_nap shared a tip "#greatread"

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ghostgirl_ shared a tip "beautiful"

bella_roper shared a tip "very relatable"

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morgan_herb shared a tip "Good regular cliffhanger book I read was restart &the girl who drank the moon I’m looking for more poetry books though!"

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melissa_blake_163 shared a tip "Traumatic but healing every woman should read this."

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milo_kell shared a tip "Super sweet book, I related to a lot of it. It was a nice read!"

julia_thornton_9782 shared a tip "im readind "the body keeps the score" right now!"

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jasmine_orozco_7967 shared a tip "Yes! Its a pretty quick read but good"

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marmil_bowl shared a tip "I thought it was quite inspiring and also gives a different perspective or view of life. I find it quite enjoyable!"

alexandra_turner_3647 shared a tip "I love Rupi Kaur and finished this in like an hour. And her follow up is pretty good too."

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sarah_bryant_1451 shared a tip "Compelling imagery and thematic works."

Nora Dye's profile image

nora_dye shared a tip "Yes. She is relatable, at least to me."

rylie_swihart shared a tip "@jayde_5691 yes the sun and her flowers is really good but i hear her new book “Home Body” is one of her bests"

Ameena Hussain's profile image

ameena_hussain shared a tip "It was just... perfect. I highlighted all but 2 poems or something!"

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kortney_lynn shared a tip "All of them (I've read) are great. If you like poetry."

Kayleigh Burhans's profile image

bugwastaken shared a tip "the sun and her flowers"

guadalupe_zuniga_974 shared a tip "My favorite book right now is the apologies that never came"

Bianca Rogers's profile image

bianca_rogers_2728 shared a tip "I have been all types of genres lately. But my top 3 thus far: The Prophets, Like Streams to the Ocean and Our Time Is Now."

jaime_machin shared a tip "Loved this so much! So many emotions reading her work!"

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danielle_reyes_9154 shared a tip "Pillow thoughts is good too!"

Stephanie Nava's profile image

stephanie_nava shared a tip "I actually haven’t read this book in such a long time!! But definitely the healing part of the book is my fave (: @sarahlong21"

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tessa_shaffner shared a tip "Hayden has"

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gaslight shared a tip "just wow… amazing loved it"

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addi_c shared a tip "miwk"

cheyenne_berryhill shared a tip "very good. 5/5"

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natalia_reyes_3167 shared a tip "Yes! Her new book Home Body is also grate!"

Maya Quinn's profile image

maya_quinn shared a tip "It was the best I have ever read."

kristyn_spatz shared a tip "By this specific author? This one. Homebody is a fantastic read too, though"

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marshall_williams_7428 shared a tip "Beautiful."

S l a h v e d's profile image

s_l_a_h_v_e_d shared a tip "Not this book I just needed to get to 5"

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mag_young shared a tip "Omg I don't even know. So many great and inspiring poems for women."

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annikazitto shared a tip "so pretty and relatable in a way"

Manjit Singh's profile image

manjit_singh_4687 shared a tip "Great book. Poems are deep and persons"

julie_rendell shared a tip "Beautiful, raw, honest."

daria_3344 shared a tip "Its aesthetic"

Kortney Lally's profile image

kortney_lally shared a tip "Love LOVEEEE love love"

hannah_stephens_7142 shared a tip "I loved this book and it really opens your eyes"

Emily Murphy's profile image

emily_murphy_9026 shared a tip "Just how she spilled her emotions out on a piece of paper."

Kelsey Espier's profile image

_Kelsey_ shared a tip "Very bland imo 😕 I was disappointed bcz it was a popular book but i personally didn't get much meaning out of it"

Caroline Jean dc km sr sc dw jc pc's profile image

carolinejean shared a tip "So inspiring and emotional"

megan_7554 shared a tip "Amazing"

Isabel Buffington's profile image

isabel_buffington shared a tip "great eye opening poems"

Ashley Lombardi's profile image

ashley_lombardi shared a tip "This book is breath taking! I read it when my father passed away in 2015. It really helped me grieve and go through my emotions!"

Brooke Dearman's profile image

brooke_dearman shared a tip "This book (and all her poetry) have gotten me through so many heart breaks, including the broken heart I’ve given myself."

Tanisha Marquez's profile image

tanisha_marquez shared a tip "How can I read it"

Amber Humphrey's profile image

amber_humphrey_4087 shared a tip "If I had to pick it would be All Rivers Flow to the Sea by Allison McGhee! It's a little odd but it got me through a hard time!"

olivia_5909 shared a tip "love the authors writing style and amazing poems!"

dara elkanah's profile image

dara_elkanah shared a tip "yes! it’s a great staple. personally i like “ the sun and her flowers” more though"

sofia S's profile image

sofia_s_5568 shared a tip "the ones about healing were so so lovely"

taylor_roach_206 shared a tip "10/10 all poems"

allyson_5 shared a tip "Currently reading Pride and Prejudice but I must admit I’m having a hard time getting through it."

alasandra owens's profile image

alasandraaowens shared a tip "Amazing poetry, helped me a lot with self love and self worth."

Aiyesha A's profile image

aiyesha_a shared a tip "You're welcome!"

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laneybugie124 shared a tip "Took me 2 days too read but was so worth it"

Amanda Rodriguez's profile image

amanda_rodriguez_8106 shared a tip "I really didn’t have a favorite part I just like the whole book. It helped me through a bad break up! What about you ?"

Jass 🦋's profile image

Jass_myb shared a tip "One of my favorite reads !"

Cecilia Soto's profile image

cecilia_soto_7814 shared a tip "Yeah Dan brown, The Da Vinci Code I really love that one"

Maddie Ashburn's profile image

maddie_ashburn shared a tip "Some of my all time favorite poetry—so so spot on."

Eva Fales's profile image

eva_fales shared a tip "Very very deep and intense. Shows pain in a beautiful way"

kaleigha shared a tip "chefs kiss all around😩"

Brittney H.'s profile image

brittney_h. shared a tip "Love her wild, the truth about magic both by Atticus. And home body by Rupi Kaur"

Alondra Castillo's profile image

alondra_castillo_4039 shared a tip "Love this book"

Miriah Van Dam's profile image

miriah_van_dam shared a tip "It’s not what I expected but it is super good"

anji_burged shared a tip "IVE READ THIS BEFORE! HEART BREAKER😣"

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lovelylovley shared a tip "im crying and throwing up"

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maya_ed shared a tip "My fav"

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knee_caps_3032 shared a tip "First poetry book I read, and I really understand and love her words"

carlie_geisbert shared a tip "Brought so much emotion and comfort"

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jessica_jackson_2533 shared a tip "I cried the entire book."

Asher Walters's profile image

asher_walters shared a tip "Amazing book"

lauren_horton_8234 shared a tip "Beautifully written and thought-provoking poetry."

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kat_wilson_6846 shared a tip "i cried so hard reading this book. absolutely amazing"

Hailey Freidel's profile image

hailey_freidel_888 shared a tip "Yea! Not just one tho! My first favorite book is "because of winn-dixie" and the second is "we hope this reaches you in time""

Ashley Werner's profile image

ashley_werner_9837 shared a tip "It is a good one. my favorite poet currently is chloe frayne, who has several books available! I love her work."

Veolla Bici's profile image

veolla_bici shared a tip "Amazing. Shows true sides to mental health and feeling vulnerable"

Luna fae 🕷's profile image

vampirebloodbath shared a tip "Raw and emotional is the best way of putting this book into words!!"

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mesaluv shared a tip "Really good book! Made me pause and think quite a few times! "

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erika_martinez_8381 shared a tip "Add it! It is a good book!"

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jowan_lewis shared a tip "Yes it’s an amazing poetry book to get lost in."

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brittany_wright_7003 shared a tip "I'm currently reading the first book in the Outlander series and listening to Pride and Prejudice! How about you?"

Natalie Fourn's profile image

natalie_fourn shared a tip "I love love this book, it’s a very realistic book. I read it in a day and absolutely loved it!"

lillie_horton_5939 shared a tip "I love the poetry and the style"

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jazmine_tarpley shared a tip "good for my bad days!"

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