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I like to try to understand why I don't or do enjoy movies, so although I've seen many, I won't write a review until I can put it into words.


I've loved this movie for as long as I can remember, despite its many flaws. It's just a creepy chaotic mess with a bunch of really cool ideas. Pyramid head looks great and has one of the most brutal scenes in the whole movie. The ending leaves a bit to be desired but the movie is worth a watch.

Silent Hill imageSilent Hill image

Silent Hill

Movies | Horror

This one's pretty good! It has some awesome fight scenes. I appreciate it's tendency to avoid tropes and cliches, getting straight to the point. I don't think it will leave a lasting impression but it was an entertaining movie.

Hanna imageHanna image


Movies | Action

This was better than expected, its not perfect, but surprisingly pretty good. The cinematography is sometimes very disorienting, but after the first 15 minutes it gets a lot better. I don't know anything about the games, and I assume it has almost nothing to do with them, but as far as films tied to games go, this is on the top 10 leaderboard.

Monster Hunter imageMonster Hunter image

Monster Hunter

Movies | Action

This was a great movie that I could see making the rounds around Halloween. It's not scary, more so spooky and a good choice for most people not adept with horror. The cast was great, the effects were amazing, and it was pretty well written.

The Craft imageThe Craft image

The Craft

Movies | Drama

I love to play the game of "How will producers meddle with every aspect of this show?". It could be a drinking game, take a shot every time you see something that shouldn't be there, a tarp in the background, a producer behind a tree, perfectly tamed animals running around. You would be passed out in a single episode. It really is so bad, but it's so bad its good.

The Island with Bear Grylls imageThe Island with Bear Grylls image

The Island with Bear Grylls

Shows | Reality

One of my favorite martial arts movies. The storytelling is incredibly concise and efficient. I feel like this could be a three hour movie and probably be better for it, but it would lose its charm. The actual fighting is amazing and extremely well choreographed. Top tier movie.

Fearless imageFearless image


Movies | Drama

This movie was an amazing time. Nicholas cage fits a bit too well in the jaded mentor role and I'm super into it. It's a kids movie, but it's a great time if you're not expecting a masterpiece.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice imageThe Sorcerer's Apprentice image

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Movies | Fantasy

I guess it's slightly better, but the real win here is that it was recut in 4:3 and for some reason I like that more.

Zack Snyder's Justice League imageZack Snyder's Justice League image

Zack Snyder's Justice League

Movies | Action

Aw shoot, here we go again. This sequel looked at the first movie and tried to one-up it in every way, new gimmicks, bigger stakes, more drama, a proper villain. The biggest difference I can find is that instead of street kids escaping the scene, it's posh kids turning to the streets. I enjoyed this flip quite a bit. I do miss Channing Tatum however.

Step Up 2: The Streets imageStep Up 2: The Streets image

Step Up 2: The Streets

Movies | Music

A pretty charming but unsurprising story of a dancer from the streets. It can get a bit repetitive, the meme line "aw shoot, here we go again" left my mouth a few times, but if you like this type of movie absolutely go for it

Step Up imageStep Up image

Step Up

Movies | Music

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