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#1 New York Times Bestseller USA Today Bestseller The Globe and Mail Bestseller Publishers Weekly Bestseller Whose truth is the lie? Stay up all night reading the sensational psychological thriller that has readers obsessed, from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of It Ends With Us.

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Author Colleen Hoover

Pages 323

Publisher Grand Central Publishing

Published Date 2021

ISBN 1538724731 9781538724736


Google 3.5


Pam 's profile image

pam_B. shared a tip "Loved this book. The twists and level of spice is amazing! *trigger warning*"

Krystle Kelly Madigan's profile image

krystle_kelly_madig shared a tip "Freaky and twisted!! Just what I needed to read this October!"

Tiffany Rankin's profile image

tiffany_rankin shared a tip "This book definitely gave me the chills!"

Day-Z Brantley's profile image

day-z_brantley shared a tip "Very dark and deep to much ****"

Arianna Polanco's profile image

arianna_polanco shared a tip "this book is perfect if you love a good **** book"

Jenna Galloway's profile image

jenna_1216 shared a tip "Such a good book! It has a suspenseful backstory but is not scary! Sooooo good 100% recommend"

Yasmine Ramos's profile image

yasmine_ramos_8690 shared a tip "This book totally changed my perspective of every book I've read after. This is by far my favorite book written by Collen Hoover."

Allison Hartman's profile image

allison_hartman_9167 shared a tip "Kept me wanting to turn the page. Not usually into suspense, but oh so good!"

Krista Burnett's profile image

krista_burnett shared a tip "I loved this book, it kept me on the edge of my seat! I couldn’t put it down!!!"

maya_edwards_5652 shared a tip "It was so good, My stomach was in a twist the entire time. Such an amazing plot and way to tell it"

juliana_evans shared a tip "Loved this one!"

audrey_barnhart shared a tip "The best book i have ever read in a life time"

ava_costello_1237 shared a tip "LOVEDDDD"

Payden Mosteller's profile image

payden_mosteller shared a tip "this book was absolutely amazing!! it took so many unexpected turns and i love it. highly recommend!!"

Taylor Major's profile image

xxtaylormajorxx shared a tip "I love the twist and the plot. But that ending tho was so good I wish i can reread this book all over again for the first time."

kennedy_3518 shared a tip "Absolutely loved"

Tessa Fairbairn's profile image

tessa_fairbairn shared a tip "Favorite by Colleen Hoover!!!"

sarah_branthoover shared a tip "It was so thrilling! So many great twists and turns."

amanda_melo_209 shared a tip "One of the best books I’ve read so far!!"

Cynthia Dolan's profile image

cynthia_dolan shared a tip "My friend accurately described this book as trauma ****. I was not a fan of this book."

Cassidy Marshall's profile image

cassidy_marshall shared a tip "8/10 kept me on the edge of my seat and made me feel strong emotions at times. Blew my mind with the twist."

sarah_gutierrez_6170 shared a tip "Love love loveddd it"

Pey 's profile image

peylolol shared a tip "the **** was good"

jenaya_hammond shared a tip "SO GOOD"

Danica 's profile image

danica_moore_ shared a tip "Loved this read this in two days couldn’t put it down"

Sole Fyffe's profile image

sole_fyffe shared a tip "Amazing plot twist"

Fabiola Hidalgo's profile image

fabiola_hidalgo shared a tip "10/10"

Amilia Ortiz's profile image

amilia_ortiz shared a tip "The details of the book how u could feel what all the characters were feeling"

Allie Arnold's profile image

allie_arnold_303 shared a tip "The twists and turns were definitely worth the read"

lidia_barron shared a tip "Such a twist! Left me N E E D I N G more!"

terri_5966 shared a tip "Great book!"

Rylynn Krein's profile image

rylynn_krein shared a tip "READ THIS!"

ana_v_1859 shared a tip "Great read"

missy_hartis shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down!"

Sabrina Ayodele's profile image

sabrina_ayodele shared a tip "Loved the plot of this book. Keeps you guessing through the whole book!"

kia_7769 shared a tip "Loved it! Definitely more creepy but so good"

tara_davis_6874 shared a tip "It was romantic and super suspenseful"

audrey_m_3108 shared a tip "creepy"

A Lasa's profile image

a_lasa shared a tip "Verity was very intriguing;a love story with a twist"

leslie_alcazar shared a tip "One of her best books out there!🤍"

demi_suttles shared a tip "I READ THIS BOOK SO FAST! Couldn’t put it down"

Erin Wallace's profile image

erin_wallace_6315 shared a tip "Spooky but so good"

lisa_carvara shared a tip "My sister in law lent this to me and I read it in just a few days. Made me an instant Colleen Hoover fan"

jordan_nelson_967 shared a tip "so twisted, but so addicting. i couldn’t put it down."

dakotah_rose_spear shared a tip "Best book by far"

brittaney_edwards_5161 shared a tip "Not as good as it’s hyped up to be. TW: infant/child abuse and death."

Chasity Russell's profile image

chasity_russell shared a tip "It was very suspenseful and really hard to stop reading after I started it. The plot twist are amazing"

Kalli Swenson's profile image

kalli_swenson shared a tip "It was interesting from the beginning!"

Mya S's profile image

mya_s_4386 shared a tip "kept me on my toes"

erin_pearson shared a tip "Loved this book!! Great twist and couldn’t put it down."

Fatima Martinez's profile image

fatima_martinez_8154 shared a tip "Was not expecting the ending!! Really creepy, almost makes you think she’s behind you!"

Idelise Diaz's profile image

idelise_diaz shared a tip "Plot twist!"

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