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Eyre opens with Jane, an orphaned, isolated ten-year-old, living with a family that dislikes her. She grows in strength, excels at school, becomes a governess, and falls in love with Edward Rochester. After being deceived by him, Jane goes to Marsh End, where she regains her spirituality and discove

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Author Charlotte Bronte

Pages 500

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published Date 2016-07-27

ISBN 153551518X 9781535515184


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Juliet Castillo's profile image

Juliet_Castillo shared a tip "Thank you @lindsey_boyer for this suggestion."

Monique Saltiel PetrĂł's profile image

moniquesp shared a tip "This book is my favorite classic. I love when old books show strong women. Definitely a must read!"

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mei_miller_74 shared a tip "This is depressing."

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nancy_gibson shared a tip "One of my favorite stories"

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mikayla_murray shared a tip "Loved this book."

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natelikesyogurt shared a tip "Finally got around to reading this masterpiece. A remarkable story about a young woman's journey to self-discovery."

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lily_rolfe shared a tip "Probably my favorite classic."

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littlelady shared a tip "My favorite novel, EVER."

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dizzzaaah shared a tip "Hmmm, is is hard to say. From a scale 1 -10 I would give it a 6 1/2. It has a "happy ending" in a really twisted way."

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c_ruedin shared a tip "Immersive and atmospheric. Hated the ending."

C Ruedin's profile image

c_ruedin shared a tip "Immersive and atmospheric. Hated the ending."

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emily_anderson_8878 shared a tip "One of my absolute favorites. I regret waiting so long to read it the first time!"

donna_korb shared a tip "Classic"

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thor_smith shared a tip "I like this one, personally."

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amirah_x shared a tip "Thanks! My favorite book is actually the Picture of Dorian Gray by Oascar Wilde"

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madison_p_2789 shared a tip "I absolutely love Charlotte Bronte! But I also love Robin LaFevers! Tho they are vv different!"

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quincy_2597 shared a tip "NatĂĽrlich!"

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kerri_o shared a tip "@alicia_williams096 this is the only one I have read so far. I have Villette on my list to read eventually."

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tara_franco shared a tip "Although I love Jane as a character, I simply cannot see this as a beautiful romance. I don’t like rochester for her AT ALL!"

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ceciliahuerta shared a tip "it’s one of my favorite classics!!"

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stacy_sloane_2041 shared a tip "Great book, though it is a very tragic view and treatment of mental illness."

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chelsea_durkee shared a tip "One of my favorites I can read it over and over"

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josh_mcgrath shared a tip "I think she only wrote the one"

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emily_araminta shared a tip "I've been rereading A tale dark and grimm, one of my all time favorites"

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kandy_westmoreland shared a tip "I’m rereading it now and loving it again."

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jasmine_richards shared a tip "My MOST favorite"

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devin_wong shared a tip "Yes. This book was written in 1847, so it may be quite old fashioned."

martha_kern shared a tip "I’ve never seen the movie but read the book twice!"

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sharanya_deb shared a tip "I haven't seen the movie. But, it's definitely on my to-watch list. @debra_wolf"

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karson_bagelmann shared a tip "this is one of my favorite classic reads that I was introduced to in high school!"

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autumn_littlebrant shared a tip "Great story! I like how much of her life is covered in this book. You really get to see her grow and get to love her."

neil_8227 shared a tip "What are your favorite books?"

neil_8227 shared a tip "What are your favorite books?"

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naygrrrl shared a tip "My favorite of all time. I first read it as a freshman in high school."

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zoey_king_3226 shared a tip "Yes"

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zoey_king_3226 shared a tip "Yeah"

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br4inr0t shared a tip "it was a super boring book to me though i know some ppl liked it"

taylor_starlin shared a tip "I got the After series, by Anne Todd, for Christmas. Currently on book 3!"

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jenny_munoz_9244 shared a tip "100%"

ryan_6744 shared a tip "A great story within itself. Being a classic it may be a bit slow for some. Overall a book i geniunely enjoyed."

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joyce_clark_4907 shared a tip "This book has it all! Adventure, romance, suspense...."

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ree_thomas shared a tip "My favorite classic!"

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kalani_white shared a tip "Hello! I’m currently reading the Octunnumi. It’s so good! What about you?"

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lauryn_laverne shared a tip "Yes! It is so worth it!"

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brooklyn_bain shared a tip "Loved this book like craxy!! This was the first I read that got me into the classics!"

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lofi_chan shared a tip "It's pretty good but also pretty long"

thevioletskinwoman 's profile image

thevioletskinwoman shared a tip "This is one of the best biom I ever read."

gloria_gillette shared a tip "You'll love it, I've read it many times over the years, it's a classic!"

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victoria_mctaggart_3262 shared a tip "Oh man! The whole book!"

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tracy_mumper shared a tip "The Midnight Library"

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amethyst_mei shared a tip "Don't know if you've yet started. It's my favorite, and a really good classic if you like those books."

heather_6951 shared a tip "Definitely."

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ivania_5104 shared a tip "I am really enjoying reading The Handmaid's Tale :)"

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latoya_valentin shared a tip "I just loved the interaction between Jane and Mr Rochester, clean but sexy"

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NicRaeMae shared a tip "This book wasn't what I expected when I started it but I was happily surprised! A favorite classic for me."

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ava_mccroskey shared a tip "Read it for a project freshman year of high school. Made it halfway and then settled on watching the movie"

ann_moyle shared a tip "Only the second greatest novel in the English language, so I’d say yes."

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erica_la_spada shared a tip "More than just a romance, it is absolutely an early feminist novel."

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awesome_user_189179 shared a tip "Did anyone else just not like Mr Rochester??"

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lacey_hewitt shared a tip "I received a cloth bound set of Brontë sisters books. It made the classic stories feel almost new again."

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sevenstevearmy shared a tip "Forget the last chapter the publisher made her write and the book is great."

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