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Becky Wolt



Pride and prejudice 1995 Star wars (clone wars and mandelorian) Lotr Phantom of the opera 25 Django unchained Interstellar Profile pic is my art btw 😉


So funny and chaotic 😹

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers imageSeven Brides for Seven Brothers image

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Movies | Comedy

Great classic! I really enjoyed the relaxed way this book was written. Just the day to day stories that really immerse you into the culture of the town.

To Kill A Mockingbird imageTo Kill A Mockingbird image

To Kill A Mockingbird

Books | Harper Lee

Cute book. I relate to Alice lol. So confused but trying to make sense of everything .

Alice in Wonderland imageAlice in Wonderland image

Alice in Wonderland

Books | Alice Gerstenberg

Fun book. Not exactly my type of book but cute

Peter Pan imagePeter Pan image

Peter Pan

Books | J. M. Barrie

So good. I cried and I never cry during movies. 😭😇

1917 image1917 image


Movies | War

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