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Set in a 19th-century european village, this stop-motion animation feature follows the story of Victor, a young man whisked away to the underworld and wed to a mysterious corpse bride, while his real bride Victoria waits bereft in the land of the living.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2005-09-12

Runtime 77 minutes

Budget $40m

Revenue $0.1b


TMDB 7.5


Leslie Abram 's profile image

leslie_abram shared a tip "Tim Burton is my jam."

Zach Gallegos's profile image

zach_gallegos shared a tip "It’s a Tim Burton film, how much more do I need to say"

Megan H's profile image

meghei shared a tip "the music & characters! the piano duet is simply beautiful. #dannyelfman #hopelessromantic"

Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Definitely a fun Halloween watch!"

Monica Hawkins's profile image

mlhawkins shared a tip "One of my favorites!"

Isabella Magestro's profile image

bellabye shared a tip "My favorite movie!!"

trin 's profile image

ay0nami shared a tip "my grandfather first showed me this movie when i was little. it reminds me of my childhood and it makes me happy. i love🫶🏼"

Allie Nikole's profile image

allienikole shared a tip "My favorite Tim Burton movie"

compassion_riley shared a tip "It's Tim Burton. What else is there to say?"

ashley_monique_balo shared a tip "Neat animation"

Alexis Rieck's profile image

alexis_rieck shared a tip "I love this movie, really captures Tim Burton’s energy and perfect for around Halloween"

Carolina Crow's profile image

carolina_crow shared a tip "Great story and Johnny depp."

Noa 's profile image

noa_99 shared a tip "AMAZING!!!! I LOVED IT SO MUCH"

Kate Dulny's profile image

kate_dulny shared a tip "So underrated! Danny Elfman and Tim Burton could make a movie about a rock and I would watch it."

Kasey Harding's profile image

kasey_harding shared a tip "I absolutely love this movie !!!"

Lillian Hill's profile image

lillian_hill shared a tip "This is my comfort movie :)"

Michael Brown's profile image

Zathereth shared a tip "#dark_atmosphere"

Brooklyn Fallstone's profile image

brooklyn_fallstone shared a tip "So much more of a sad and touching tale than I expected."

Kevin Conley II's profile image

kevin_conley_ii shared a tip "Great songs, well-casted, its funny, romantic, and dramatic,, and I'm a huge fan of Tim Burton. What's not to like."

amaya_hodgkins shared a tip "One of my favorite movies ever !"

hope_rise shared a tip "One of my favorite movies of all time!!"

FlaminGlory 's profile image

flaminglory shared a tip "If you like nightmare before Christmas, you will like this movie."

Ariza Martinez's profile image

ariza_martinez_9249 shared a tip "My favorite scene is when Victor and Emily play the piano. I think this scene was really sweet."

LeGayPotato 's profile image

LeSmartPotato shared a tip "It is an amazing family movie, 10/10"

Sofia Sofia's profile image

sofiareynoso shared a tip "id honestly marry the corpse bride- and also that guy and his dog are the same ones from frankenweenie"

shayla mazer's profile image

shayla_mazer shared a tip "cant wait!!!"

Lexie Jacobs's profile image

lexie_jacobs shared a tip "I love Tim Burton movies!"

mariyah 's profile image

mariyah_9167 shared a tip "a very intriguing story."

caroline_kerins shared a tip "This movie is a classic Tim Burton, and classic halloween watch."

Wraith Phoenix's profile image

wraith_phoenix shared a tip "One of my personal favorites, the soundtrack is gorgeous"

Violet Jones's profile image

violet_jones shared a tip "Very good movie"

Ava Hastings's profile image

ava_hastings shared a tip "I don't really know why, but I enjoyed this movie!"

kat_dollar shared a tip "How do you watch the movie"

cathy_li shared a tip "Just absolutely breathtaking."

Jennifer Elizalde's profile image

jennybean shared a tip "Lovely movie with amazing meaning. Absolute favorite movie."

Diepressed 's profile image

diepressed shared a tip "Dbdhdjsvshsbchcjdcj LOVE THIS MOVIE"

kathryn_ellingsworth shared a tip "Tim Burton for life🙌🏻"

any_tan shared a tip "An emo girls fan fav."

Kayla Hudson's profile image

kayla_hudson_7236 shared a tip "My favorite stop motion film! I've seen this movie hundreds of times. Definitely my comfort movie. Just perfect."

Nico 's profile image

nico_3331 shared a tip "The characters the songs the Creator might be racist but like this work is amazing"

Shantel Gordon's profile image

shantel_gordon shared a tip "It's Tim Burton what can I say 👻👻👻"

Marissa Anguiano's profile image

marissa_anguiano shared a tip "I love gothic romance especially Tim burton"

lego engineer's profile image

lego_engineer shared a tip "It is a well executed and a very fun, family movie,"

gigi 's profile image

geeglikes shared a tip "my absolute favorite. know every line, song and scene. can re-watch it back and back again"

kimberly_6930 shared a tip "Its as cute story with nothing super graphic going on. Good for all ages and nights"

J L Nation's profile image

j_l_nation shared a tip "Love this movie"

shirelle_drury shared a tip "Beautiful story with lots of romance drama"

rikki_bailey shared a tip "One of my absolute favorites!!"

Consuelo Encina's profile image

consuelo_encina shared a tip "So good"

Elisabeth 's profile image

elisabeth_fairy shared a tip "Dark but sweet at the same time."

Denisse Ramirez's profile image

denisse_ramirez_1307 shared a tip "Tim Burton always make the most romantic, funny, and just amazing movies ever.#music #family #fantasy #romance"

Mir Kitten's profile image

mir_kitten shared a tip "It’s great! :)"

Ecstasyleech 's profile image

ecstasyleech shared a tip "It’s not as good as A Nightmare Before Christmas but it is still fun to watch."

Lanice Lee's profile image

lanice_lee shared a tip "I loved it"

Tristen Terry's profile image

tristen_terry shared a tip "Funny"

haven 's profile image

havie shared a tip "BRO I HEART EMOJI THIS MOVIE."

Seashell 's profile image

shell_will_tell shared a tip "Cute movie"

Guadalupe Vega's profile image

guadalupe_vega_7376 shared a tip "Such an amazing movie, made me somewhat emotional. My comfort movie for sure!!"

Korvin Cook's profile image

playboykorvin shared a tip "love tim burton films and the old victorian era look it has"

awesome_user_790455 shared a tip "amazing love story#romance"

Justina Thompson's profile image

justina_thompson shared a tip "Whenever my uncle watched us he put it on I’m almost 20 and I watch it every Halloween season to this day"

yonya shared a tip "One of my all time favorites."

kena 's profile image

kena_1075 shared a tip "10/10"

Jacki Rose's profile image

jacki_rose shared a tip "Coming to Netflix in May"

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