It was hilarious! I was hoping to see if Charlie would’ve recognized Marnie since high school, but since he didn’t it ruined his character for me.

You Again imageYou Again image

You Again

Movies | Comedy

It didn’t feel like a movie it looked like they had episodes all put together to make it a movie with some cut scenes. It was a little late for them to make a comeback, but for what its worth the movie was good it had a lot of the original cast so that made it worth it.

Teen Wolf: The Movie imageTeen Wolf: The Movie image

Teen Wolf: The Movie

Movies | Comedy

The movie was just to be taken as a joke. There were dumb scenes and also funny scenes because the movie didn’t make sense at some points. If your not tough on these types of movies then check this one out.

M3GAN imageM3GAN image


Movies | Horror

Funny show with a few familiar faces. Definitely watch if you enjoyed George’s old show.

Lopez vs. Lopez imageLopez vs. Lopez image

Lopez vs. Lopez


Nice movie, but not kid friendly. Had funny moments and had great graphics.

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish imagePuss in Boots: The Last Wish image

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Movies | Comedy

Romantic movie with a lot of familiar faces. Enjoyed watching this.

The Wedding Year imageThe Wedding Year image

The Wedding Year

Movies | Comedy

Some scenes aren’t kid friendly. The movie was enjoyable, but I recommend for parents to watch this before or together with your kids.

Puss in Boots imagePuss in Boots image

Puss in Boots

Movies | Action

Just your average romantic movie. Had funny moments and a nice ending.

Made of Honor imageMade of Honor image

Made of Honor

Movies | Comedy

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