I thought this show was dumb at first when I saw it as a preview but actually watching it I really got interested in it. I got annoyed of the younger brother he just gave me the vibes that if he got with Isabel that it would’ve been bad like he would’ve betrayed her or something. I think it was kinda weird how the younger brother didn’t show at first he liked her until the middle of the damn show. But im excited for the next season! Team Conrad! I will definitely check out the book and I liked how the music was modern like I knew mostly all the songs played in the show.

The Summer I Turned Pretty imageThe Summer I Turned Pretty image

The Summer I Turned Pretty

Shows | Drama

I understand the backstory on the book, but Lily would’ve been better off just leaving Ryle early in the book because she knew her feelings for Atlas were still there and she clearly showed all her feelings by keeping the things she kept. In the end she does acknowledge about the items, but it was too late if she would’ve been straight forward about it at first no events would happen that had happened and she would’ve been with Atlas from beginning.

It Ends with Us imageIt Ends with Us image

It Ends with Us

Books | Colleen Hoover

I liked the lesson it taught but I think both ladies were bad to each other at first and then got better at the end.

Like a Boss imageLike a Boss image

Like a Boss

Movies | Comedy

Lots of action, some funny scenes and a good sequel to the first movie.

Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard imageHitman's Wife's Bodyguard image

Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard

Movies | Action

I didn’t like the way the “deal” started Justin did seem like he was interested in her and had contact with her before so it was pointless to do the whole agreement. I didn’t like how quickly Hannah canceled her date with Justin like right in the next chapter I felt like it would’ve been interesting to keep it until after her date with him and then go with Garrett. I was looking for drama and I did get it but it wasn’t worth it and the whole “issue” was just resolved quick. Overall the love story was sweet.

The Deal imageThe Deal image

The Deal

Books | Elle Kennedy

I thought the movie was good enough, the beginning was not logical because of the whole “stranger danger” mindset I had and how he always just was let in the house like no one opened the door.. the main things were obvious and predictable, but overall the story was cute in the end.

The Broken Hearts Gallery imageThe Broken Hearts Gallery image

The Broken Hearts Gallery

Movies | Comedy

Movie was good had a nice not so nice ending but very good graphics.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom imageJurassic World: Fallen Kingdom image

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Movies | Action

The movie was good and Chris did amazing as he does. I liked how Owen and Claire show chemistry in the movie but I feel like it disappears when they aren’t fighting for their lives.

Jurassic World imageJurassic World image

Jurassic World

Movies | Action

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