The casting was amazing they chose it to perfection! The comedy was outstanding I was laughing throughout this whole film. The plot was great and we even got a resolution at the end so Im glad. The part leading up to who was the main ghost was dragged and from there up until close to the end it felt rushed, but the ending was heartwarming. Overall I enjoyed this film and it’s worth a watch!

Haunted Mansion imageHaunted Mansion image

Haunted Mansion

Movies | Comedy

The first season was good, the second was ehh, the third season was good and the fourth season was wild! Fifth season was dramatic! Definitely worth a watch!

Love Is Blind imageLove Is Blind image

Love Is Blind

Shows | Reality

I enjoyed this it was fun to do! I tried all the options, but honestly ended up liking the path she had with the steady boyfriend regardless if he was boring they had a better future than the others did in my opinion.

Choose Love imageChoose Love image

Choose Love

Movies | Comedy

This movie was way better than the first one! I enjoyed it a lot and there wasn’t a lot of flaws like the last one. Definitely worth a watch.

Monster High 2 imageMonster High 2 image

Monster High 2

Movies | Family

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