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Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Mace Windu and other Jedi Knights lead the Grand Army of the Republic against the droid army of the Separatists.

Parental GuideTV-PG

Status Ended

First Air Date 2008-10-03

Last Air Date 2020-05-04

Seasons 7

Episodes 133


TMDB 8.5


Diego Osorio's profile image

diegoosorio12 shared a tip "It’s a perfect show to binge watch during COVID-19!!!!"

Sara True's profile image

sara_true shared a tip "absolutely redeems the prequels"

Christian Bell's profile image

christian_bell shared a tip "This show restored my faith in the Star Wars universe. Thanks Dave Filoni for Clone Wars and Mandalorian."

JoeKing K's profile image

joeking_k shared a tip "Please watch this before Mandolin. It makes Mando somuch better"

Kendall Malone's profile image

kendall_malone shared a tip "Awesome series."

Lily Browning's profile image

lily_browning shared a tip "no no sir"

Heather Wuest's profile image

heather_wuest shared a tip "So good all the characters you love and solid writing"

Emilia O'Hare's profile image

emilia_ohare shared a tip "Such An amazing show"

bryson_johnson_2823 shared a tip "Definitely"

Joseph Tim's profile image

joseph_tim shared a tip "Definitely Ahsoka, I could just be her show and I'd watch it. Is there anyone else?"

daniel_onei shared a tip "A non stop action packed ride and a fantastic ending, to not just the clone wars, but the whole prequel trilogy!"

Chloe Edwards's profile image

chloe_edwards_6490 shared a tip "Best"

Jerry Liu's profile image

jerry_liu_4327 shared a tip "Ashoka"

G$ 's profile image

g_358 shared a tip "BEST STARWARS SHOW EVER!"

jana_8229 shared a tip "If you crave more starwars stories! Must watch."

ethan_tran_4459 shared a tip "great series"

Jessie 's profile image

heyhowdyhey shared a tip "Okay seasons 1-3 are mostly boring, but 5! Oh my god 5-7 what a gold mine!"

Christina Gesinghaus's profile image

christina_gesinghaus shared a tip "Enjoyed it. But that's cause I was raised watching star wars. Enjoyed that they went deeper into to war"

Marcos Rivas's profile image

marcos_rivas shared a tip "There's a chronological order to watch this series, just Google it"

josh_peck_7159 shared a tip "Great show"

Donovan Perez's profile image

donovan_perez_8026 shared a tip "Honestly I watched this when it had first started and it's been a while but all I know is that it's a good show"

Kienna Van Shaar's profile image

kienna_van_shaar shared a tip "I prefer Star Wars: Rebels because it focuses more on the Force, but there are some great characters dynamics in this show."

Sophia McIntosh's profile image

sophia_mcintosh shared a tip "One of my all time favorite Star Wars property! Real care went into this shkw"

Susan Elerrina's profile image

susan_elerrina shared a tip "I don't watch Star Wars"

leelue shared a tip "This is one of the greatest shows I ever seen"

Jennifer Laski's profile image

jennifer_laski shared a tip "Great series!"

Taleena Banton's profile image

taleena_banton shared a tip "Cute! Movie is great to show Analkin's thinking style and him getting close with his new padawan. Also Kid friendly :)"

Aaron Smith's profile image

aaron_smith_5951 shared a tip "Be prepared to cry"

benjamin_prill_1876 shared a tip "Favorite show of all time."

awesome_user_193833 shared a tip "Its a great movie trust me"

james_dunbar_2371 shared a tip "SO MUCH CANON!!"

Kenny Mack's profile image

kenny_mack shared a tip "Best action cartoon of my childhood I binge watched it on disney+"

Adalyn Hawk's profile image

adalyn_hawk shared a tip "The Anakin and Ahsoka relationship was the best sister brother concept I’ve ever seen."

ava saunier's profile image

ava_saunier shared a tip "Nothing like a kids show full of war crimes and murder but at 22 years old I’m obsessed"

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