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Heavily underrated and overshadowed on adult swim. Currently it is on hiatus and I hope it's not the end for the series.

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Shows | Animation

I admit it... I like the anime. Season it can feel slow at some points and there is definitely some filler but the series it pretty solid. Watch it if you want but I'll understand if you don't.

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My Hero Academia

Shows | Action & Adventure

I'm one of the 2 people who actually like this Cars movie. Honestly, I think this movie is pretty cool on the spy plot and the action. It's still at the last place as a Cars movie but it's definitely not a bad movie. The only thing that I don't really like is how some characters are portrayed within the story. For example, they change how some character relationships and changes it for the plot.

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Cars 2

Movies | Animation

It's an original, a Disney must watch. One of my favorites in fact!

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Monsters, Inc.

Movies | Animation

Still one of the best adaptations of the Teen Titans

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Teen Titans

Shows | Animation

Bobs burgers is one of the adult animated shows that stand the test of time against flanderization and getting worst over time. The show has actually improved over the years gone by with really interesting episodes, concepts and ideas expressed through the Belcher family. Give it a watch, it never disappoints.

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Bob's Burgers

Shows | Animation

I've watched this anime since I was in elementary school. I still love it honestly even with flaws and power scaling with some plot armor.

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Sword Art Online


As a dragon ball movie this one hits pretty well. The action is great and it's good to see Gohan get screen time.

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero


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