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The Fantastic Mr. Fox bored with his current life, plans a heist against the three local farmers. The farmers, tired of sharing their chickens with the sly fox, seek revenge against him and his family.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2009-10-23

Runtime 87 minutes

Budget $40m

Revenue $46m


TMDB 7.8


hannah mae:)'s profile image

hannah shared a tip "The perfect fall movie 🍂"

Ruby 's profile image

rurubyby shared a tip "Fast paced and funny!"

Lucy Chesley's profile image

stuffed_foxes shared a tip "the protagonist that’s just like me fr: Mr. Fox"

Nancy 's profile image

txsgrbny shared a tip "One of my favorites! The family dynamics are so funny and I love the name kristofferson😂"

pily shared a tip "FANTASTIC!"

Camryn Brown's profile image

clowns shared a tip "my all time favorite movie"

Claudia Henry's profile image

claudia_henry_7568 shared a tip "A charming story unlike anything I’ve ever seen before"

mish 's profile image

sixteenmirrors shared a tip "one of my comfort movies, i love it so much"

Lisa Flores's profile image

lisa_flores_8364 shared a tip "It's cute and funny and unlike anything I've seen. #animation #family #wesanderson"

𝓝. 's profile image

natelikesyogurt shared a tip "What a peculiarly moving film! There are so many fantastic things about it. I particularly enjoyed the glowing autumnal hues."

jill 's profile image

jill_6306 shared a tip "watched as a kid and was kinda tramuatized but now it all makes sense and is a good movie overall"

Yasmine Guroluk's profile image

yasmineguroluk shared a tip "So incredible!"

Annabelle Rice's profile image

annabelle_rice shared a tip "5/5 wonderful and nostalgic. Great humor and classic Wes Anderson directing!"

Candice Yesk's profile image

candice_yesk shared a tip "Absolutely loved this movie!"

Rachel Durant's profile image

rachel_durant shared a tip "One of my all time favorites ever"

Zach Gallegos's profile image

zach_gallegos shared a tip "If you like Wes Anderson and his latest hit “Isle of Dogs”, this is a must watch. Quirky and somewhat dark with great humor"

Sap Pyon's profile image

sap_pyon shared a tip "fun"

Ellie 's profile image

elllie.freeman shared a tip "This movie scared me because I don’t like stuff like that"

Zack Binspin's profile image

zackbinspin shared a tip "I just love this movie"

Katie Versace's profile image

katie_versace shared a tip "I adore this movie so so much!"

mike_buyer shared a tip "Great animation and clever dialogue."

Ravaiya Cruz's profile image

ravaiya_cruz shared a tip "I loved the claymation"

Jupiter 's profile image

cyberkitten shared a tip "I love this movie so much"

abigail nicole 🏹 's profile image

dreameroftheday shared a tip "I cussing love this movie"

Adrian Raileanu's profile image

adrian_raileanu shared a tip "How can you not like Wes Anderson animation!!? All dogs like blueberries!"

Z? ??????????'s profile image

z__3523 shared a tip "I love the animals"

Maddy Winter's profile image

maddy_winter_9927 shared a tip "I love Wes Anderson, and this is the or one of the best things he's put out!!"

very gæy's profile image

very_gy shared a tip "Loved the animation."

hattie_whiteacre shared a tip "I watched it a while back so I don’t really remember too well, but it was interesting! I love the animation style."

leah_slaton shared a tip "So good! One of my go to movies. A perfect balance of sarcasm and a good plot."

Darcy Doyle's profile image

darcy_doyle shared a tip "One of the best movies I’ve ever seen."

Peril Redwood's profile image

peril shared a tip "My childhood"

Jetta Sadler's profile image

jetta_sadler shared a tip "favourite movie ever. such a classic."

Dominque Stewart's profile image

dominque_stewart shared a tip "Hilarious family movie."

Jennifer Alcocer's profile image

jennifer_alcocer shared a tip "I like it"

Jakob Toews's profile image

jakob_toews shared a tip "Probably my favourite Wes Anderson film"

Jared Holder's profile image

jholder47 shared a tip "Amazing cast, with even better writing and direction."

kazz 's profile image

kazzl1e shared a tip "its just a movie that everyone should watch. wes anderson is a god"

Kelsey Gibson's profile image

kelsey_gibson_6610 shared a tip "For fox sake"

tina c's profile image

tina_c shared a tip "One of my favorite all time movies!!"

eri 's profile image

eriz shared a tip "comfort film but don’t ask me to explain why it is. it just is."

Brilee 's profile image

brilee_ford shared a tip "I finished watching this movie on the 7th"

Briana Kathrine's profile image

briana_kathrine shared a tip "Love everything about this movie!! My fav"

hweiss shared a tip "Stop animation film directed by Wes Anderson. Quirky, funny and entertaining"

Chuck Raymond's profile image

chuck_raymond shared a tip "Love Wes Anderson. Very creative and delightful (not a word I use frequently)"

Unknown Moneylight RAP's profile image

unknown_moneylight_rap shared a tip "Thanks"

Samantha Upiter's profile image

samantha_upiter shared a tip "Samanthaupiter"

curran_day shared a tip "Very good movie"

ooof 's profile image

ooof_4246 shared a tip "It is severely under rated and has great animation. If you are bored or want to see a happy good movie this is the one for you."

Briezzy B's profile image

briezzy_b shared a tip "This movie is a classic"

John Bottigliero's profile image

john_bottigliero shared a tip "Bear go 💤"

John Bottigliero's profile image

john_bottigliero shared a tip "Denny's burgers are apparently the bomb"

imaplant shared a tip "Oddly calming, reminds me of childhood."

SoulinMilk 's profile image

soulinmilk shared a tip "Hilarious, fun, and family friendly."

dd_2357 shared a tip "I love Wes Anderson films"

Meekonee 's profile image

meekonee_24 shared a tip "I loved this movie! It never gets old to me, including how it was done!"

Nate Ramsey's profile image

nate_ramsey shared a tip "Love Wes Anderson's style of filmmaking."

Damion Bartholomew's profile image

damion_bartholomew shared a tip "Wes Anderson ❤"

savanah_hill_1302 shared a tip "just incredible."

Psalm Terry's profile image

silentP shared a tip "Funny and disarming."

Carly Mills's profile image

carly_mills shared a tip "perfection"

𝑨𝒃𝒃𝒚🫀 's profile image

a24babe shared a tip "Ultimate comfort film. The first film I will be showing my future children 😩"

June Babcock's profile image

june_babcock shared a tip "It's such a fun and interesting story to watch."

Jessica Durand's profile image

jessica_durand shared a tip "We read the book and seen the movie a while ago. Can't wait to make time to see it again."

Alex Borin's profile image

alex_borin shared a tip "One of my favorite movies!!"

michael walsh's profile image

michael_walsh_1605 shared a tip "This is a phenomenal film. Beautiful animation and color. Fantastic Mr. Fox is the film got me interested in Anderson's work"

michael walsh's profile image

michael_walsh_1605 shared a tip "Phenomenal film, with beautiful animation and color. Fantastic Mr fox is the movie that got me interested in Anderson's work"

Lindsey Yen's profile image

lindsey_yen shared a tip "Best movie ever 😤😤😈😈🥰🤞🏻"

Mackenzie Culver's profile image

mackenzie_culver shared a tip "Fun animation, good music, and good message"

aliza_leibowitz shared a tip "My comfort movie. Love it so much"

that_juhh shared a tip "I love stopmotion animation, and this was funnier than I expected"

susan_lasater shared a tip "Unique, clever and fascinating aesthetic"

Stoned Cat Lady's profile image

stoned_cat_lady shared a tip "Cute storyline. The style of the characters are off-putting tho"

Nema White's profile image

nema159 shared a tip "I love the plot and the stop motion animation, and jokes make it that much better"

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