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Host of Drama Dept movies /tv & Classics books. A reader with never-ending TBR and Watch lists. My favorites are mysteries and thrillers in both books & film. I am excited to host share my love for books and film. I am hoping our group is a go to place for those who want to discuss mysterious mind boggling material.Instagram:@juliethope3


This is one of my favorite movies ever. I just watched it again last night and the intricacies in the plot are great because though I have watched this movie a couple times, it unfolds relaying things that I have since forgotten. I decided to watch this after finishing the second season of Slow Horses( a series good for those who love Gary Oldman and espionage). This movie showcases a talented cast of big names. However, the stand out performance goes to Gary Oldman’s Smiley who is played with restraint and an art of subtlety perfected by this favored actor. This movie easily qualifies as a top recommendation of mine. #spy_thriller #julietspick #julietsfavorites #garyoldman #dramadepartment

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