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Host of Drama Dept movies /tv & Classics books. A reader with never-ending TBR and Watch lists. My favorites are mysteries and thrillers in both books & film. I am excited to host these groups (books) and share my love for books and film. I am hoping our group is a go to place for those who want to discuss mysterious mind boggling material.Instagram:@juliethope3 Twitter:@juliethope223


Wow! I just finished this timely film from Mexico. 🇲🇽 With the current gaping class divide a “French Revolution” of sorts breaks out in the country. One can not help but acknowledge how plausible an occurrence is as those oppressed tire of the status quo. The horror of the chaos stems from its realistic portrayal. One that mirrors not only a revolt but also a climate of diminished rights for all classes in the false guise of order. A truly compelling film 🎞 directed by a talent on the rise. Rent now or watch on Hulu beginning September 30th. #dramadepartment #mexico #drama #thriller #revolution #classwar

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