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A New York Times bestselling series A USA TODAY bestselling series A California Young Reader Medal–winning series A telepathic girl is the key to an unknown world and it’s up to her to save it in the thrilling Keeper of the Lost Cities series. The first five books are now available as a collectible

Author Shannon Messenger

Pages 3136

Publisher Aladdin

Published Date 2018-08-14

ISBN 153442850X 9781534428508

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lydia_williams_7623 shared a tip "So good you need to read no matter age or gender"

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rachl shared a tip "very good series! similar to percy jackson or harry potter, definitely recommend"

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katie_elizabeth_2274 shared a tip "Basically this entire series"

olivia_5446 shared a tip "It’s a great series, lots of action."

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cutie_corn_3165 shared a tip "Best fantasy book if your looking for a series."

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tessa_steele shared a tip "Amazing"

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Kyvie shared a tip "They were all very good I read all of them in almost a month and I never got uninterested."

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l0v3r_tae shared a tip "I'm not sure yet. Any recommendations?"

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fantasygrl shared a tip "Absolutely love this series. Does anyone know any good books like these?"

zoe_tintpulver shared a tip "Most awesome series ever !#kotlc"

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brooke_truslow shared a tip "Personally, I thought the series got worse after the fifth book, but the first five were really, really good!"

lorin_dean shared a tip "It is great if you want something to binge read 😁will keep you going until the end"

ella_filice shared a tip "Still reading the series but loving it so far! I am on book five and hope to get book six for Christmas!"

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emma_seiber_5619 shared a tip "Great story telling, amazing character development, and good humor. The writing is much like the Percy Jackson series."

ashley_9967 shared a tip "This is a series but is perfect if you wanna read a lot in one day! I have to admit, I read about 100 pages ina day"

morrigan_demorte shared a tip "This series is my absolute favorite! It has a good, clean, romantic love triangle and so much humor! Love it so much!"

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journey_benson shared a tip "It's a great series, I don't think I could choose a favourite."

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mary_frances_britt shared a tip "The best series I have ever read🤪😢💕💋🥺😊😜"

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hannah_muller shared a tip "I liked it a lot as well"

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emily_harmon_4283 shared a tip "It might be the first time Keefe and Sophie meet or when Sophie and Fitz meet"

kristine_7426 shared a tip "It's like Disney meets Hogwarts in Middle Earth."

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chana_lieberman shared a tip "BEST SERIES EVER ❤️❤️❤️"

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