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The hardcover box set (3 books) of the #1 New York Times bestselling Caraval series! All three books in the New York Times bestselling Caraval series are now available together in a beautiful hardcover boxed set. Welcome, welcome to the world of Caraval--Stephanie Garber's sweeping tale of the unbre

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Author Stephanie Garber



Published Date 2019-10-29

ISBN 1250225450 9781250225450


Ghostie Gal's profile image

ghostie_gal shared a tip "This gave me Alice in Wonderland vibes, not sure why. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

court_4296 shared a tip "One of my new absolute favorite series!"

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aparna_vikraman shared a tip "I m reading Ember in the Ashes series and I love it .."

awesome_user_841820 shared a tip "captivating. 5/5"

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remy_drama shared a tip "Hell yes this book series was really good‼️‼️‼️‼️"

melody_2857 shared a tip "."

amber_cain_5314 shared a tip "Stephanie’s writing is so vivid I feel like I’m in another world and I can’t put these books down."

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kenlie_rose shared a tip "Currently reading ACOTAR series"

lindsay_lesko shared a tip "Honestly the first one in this series is probably one of my favourite books :)"

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whitney_spradling shared a tip "I love the world building and characters in this series. Fairly predictable but I absolutely loved it!"

Marie 's profile image

marie_5550 shared a tip "Such an immersive and enchanting world! I wanted to fall in step with Scarlett and Donatella as they played in Caravel."

Irylxndd 's profile image

irylxndd shared a tip "I absolutely loved the Caraval series! A good read if you want some magical 5/5"

Martha Mcbride's profile image

martha_mcbride shared a tip "It really kept me on my toes!"

Taylor Morgan's profile image

taylor_morgan_5432 shared a tip "favorite book currently is either It Ends with Us and City of Heavenly Fire!"

Ashlyn 's profile image

ashlyn_146 shared a tip "The next book I'm reading the the book "The Last Cuentiasta""

Ally And Ava's profile image

ally_and_ava shared a tip "I really like blood and ash"

Bailey 's profile image

bailey_rhart shared a tip "obsessed"

bibliesque shared a tip "Donatella! Truth be told she bothered me at first but she grew on me."

Lily Warner's profile image

lilyWarner shared a tip "Literally one of the best series ever!!!!"

Mia ODowd's profile image

mia_odowd shared a tip "These books were AMAZING. Finale was my favorite book. Legend is to die for😉"

lul_tesfay shared a tip "The mark of the thief is so far my fav book!!! Wbu?"

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patrice_wallace shared a tip "I am currently still reading the priory of the orange tree!"

kendra_santoro shared a tip "#magic"

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elaine_elder shared a tip "It’s so much fun to read!"

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bailey_ford_7688 shared a tip "Love the zodiac series by romina russel and the beautiful creatures series."

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hi_i_read shared a tip "Yes, it is"

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samantha_wimpfheimer shared a tip "I just finished Fable and really liked it!"

Riya Malik's profile image

_riya.malik02 shared a tip "The middle got a little boring at times, but overall? SUPER worth it. The storyline doesn’t resemble much that I’ve read before."

Eva Matthews's profile image

eva_matthews shared a tip "I absolutely love this series 10/10"

Delia Nilsson's profile image

delia_nilsson shared a tip "I enjoyed it! It’s more of a YA fantasy, but still good world building and has a mysterious aspect to it"

Katrina Peine's profile image

katrina_peine shared a tip "Lost me in the third book. Main character doesn't seem to learn her mistakes which makes her annoying at that point"

Tina Mardis's profile image

tina_mardis shared a tip "The first was my favorite. I also got a little bored with the final book but overall I really like the series"

jayla_elias shared a tip "I recently read The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue and wow!! Would ten thousand percent recommend :)"

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alice_yang_1645 shared a tip "No, but I really want to read this book called Song of Achilles."

mae_guidry_45 shared a tip "I haven’t been reading recently because of school, but I’m looking for new recs for the summer. I love Maas and bardugo"

Kathering Bautista's profile image

kathering_bautista shared a tip "I was hooked !! Its really good if you like drama, fantasy, romance, family coming together read this you will love it !"

reed_m shared a tip "Probably Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo!!"

blair pichola's profile image

blair_pichola shared a tip "These books are literally the coolest, I didn’t see any of the twists coming"

Stephanie Van Beek's profile image

stephanie_van_beek shared a tip "Amazing book! It kept me interested and confused throughout each book."

Krista Archbold's profile image

krista_archbold shared a tip "Binge read this series in 3 days, very fresh and fun"

Mika Celestial's profile image

mika_celestial shared a tip "Yes! Loved the whole series"

aimee_sippel shared a tip "I can’t think of one it has been a while since I’ve read it but it was a good read"

Sarah Brown's profile image

sarah_brown_5381 shared a tip "i haven’t read it in a long time, all i can remember is that i really liked it, reading them again soon tho"

kelsie_cmapbell shared a tip "I enjoyed it! It was a quick easy read"

courtney_coleman_371 shared a tip "Yeah it’s a really good series. I am halfway done with the second book and it’s super interesting so far"

Michanda Jackson's profile image

michanda_jackson shared a tip "You're welcome"

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erin_doherty_349 shared a tip "Ive only read the first one but I love how unique the series is from most things I’ve read!"

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c_m_2740 shared a tip "The descriptions are vibrant & immersive, they’re so much fun"

shaye_5213 shared a tip "Honestly I loved all of it!"

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gremlin_biscut_2 shared a tip "A mind whirler!"

Dara 's profile image

ddara shared a tip "@mattnelsonsurfs It’s a nice, fun, easy read. I really enjoyed it"

Celes Snedeger's profile image

celes_snedeger_4947 shared a tip "Always kept me on my toes and impatient to find out what happens next."

Baylee 's profile image

baylee_6523 shared a tip "exciting, magical, thrilling... I was left wanting more."

Danielle Bartlett's profile image

danielle_bartlett_5593 shared a tip "One of my all time favorite YA Fantasy series. Loved the world Stephanie creates that makes you want to jump in the book."

Kelsey Ann's profile image

kelsey_ann_3900 shared a tip "Yes! Very good young adult series!"

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shyla_johnson_7718 shared a tip "Yeah it’s called The Lake"

maja_olearczuk shared a tip "I literally love the characters, plot, romance, everything omg"

sundus_ahmed_5222 shared a tip "Absolutely"

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emma_ghab shared a tip "@ellaanderson totally worth it! The whole series was sooooo amazing"

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