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From the #1 New York Times best-selling author of The Darkest Minds comes a sweepingly ambitious, high-octane tale of power, destiny, love, and redemption.Every seven years, the Agon begins. As punishment for a past rebellion, nine Greek gods are forced to walk the earth as mortals. They are hunted

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Author Alexandra Bracken

Pages 564

Publisher Disney Electronic Content

Published Date 2021-01-05

ISBN 1368002315 9781368002318


Google 3.5


Kate Hanson's profile image

k8thegr8 shared a tip "A little slow in the beginning for me but when it picked up, I couldn't put it down!"

Megan Meyer's profile image

megan_meyer_8863 shared a tip "Good read, for an action/thriller there’s a great plot twist and the perfect amount of romance in it"

Naomi James's profile image

naomi_james_5101 shared a tip "Own"

alice 's profile image

aliceontop shared a tip "so good tf"

Shelby Johnson's profile image

shelby_johnson_5081 shared a tip "Modern twist to ancient myths."

makaial shared a tip "I would say more young adult then juvenile like they labeled it"

Tiffany Bible's profile image

tiffany_bible shared a tip "It’s an amazing book!!"

kailah_marshall shared a tip "I think you should it’s a really good book at least what I think lol"

debora_goncalves_da shared a tip "The writing style was so engaging and the store fascinated me"

Kelsy Warren's profile image

kelsy_warren shared a tip "LOVED IT!!! I love all the blind twists in this book. Will be reading it again, and probably soon."

The Gamers's profile image

the_gamers_3852 shared a tip "Yw🥰"

Makila Ledbetter's profile image

makila_ledbetter shared a tip "Dead witch walking, what about you?"

Kate Young's profile image

kate_young_9412 shared a tip "The pace was never slow for me. I feel like I having an adrenaline rush as I was reading the book."

Rebekka Jennings's profile image

rebekka_jennings shared a tip "Kinda slow at the start. Took me a while to get into it but it got really good really quickly."

Proteus Prince's profile image

Oceaneffectkid shared a tip "Never been so happy for any main characters as I have been for the two mains of this book"

keyara jackson's profile image

keyara_jackson shared a tip "I LOVE this book."

Heather Sevier's profile image

heather_sevier shared a tip "Great action and romance. Couldn’t put it down!"

Katie Fletcher's profile image

katie_fletcher_7595 shared a tip "Lots of action, great characters and a unique spin on Greek mythology!"

sara_cone_8141 shared a tip "Amazing world building, a whole new look on greek gods. A fresh take, no other books like it."

stephany_bailey shared a tip "Hard to get into I tried multiple times and finally just decided to return the book:("

Cassie Marshall's profile image

cassie_marshall_423 shared a tip "Loved it!!!"

olivia_robbins_7314 shared a tip "Good read! Lots of plot twists."

Dannielle Byers's profile image

dannielle_byers shared a tip "10/10!!! Finished in 3 days!!!!"

Maddie Claire's profile image

maddie_claire_909 shared a tip "This book has you gripped by the throat from the beginning."

Makayla Bolen's profile image

QueenBolen shared a tip "Lore is an amazing book. I absolutly Love It!"

Taylor Suter's profile image

taylor_suter shared a tip "Sherrilyn Kenyon!"

Sarah Kochi's profile image

sarah_kochi shared a tip "Totally portrays Greek myths in a different light and adds a modern view"

katelyn_2646 shared a tip "Fast-paced and action-packed! So great!"

Claire Abshire's profile image

claire_abshire shared a tip "Definitely! I loved it"

Lanae Lodman's profile image

lanae_lodman shared a tip "I would recommend this book to literally anyone that would let me"

Julianna Danko's profile image

julianna_danko shared a tip "Amazing book if you liked the hunger games-basically a Greek mythology hunger games #hungergames #greek_mythology"

Blessie Barcelos's profile image

blessie_barcelos shared a tip "#greek_mythology"

Blessie Barcelos's profile image

blessie_barcelos shared a tip "#greek_mythology"

naomi fujita's profile image

naomi_fujita shared a tip "This book is a great read, Especially if you’re into Greek Mythology and it’s packed with Action! You’ll get hooked on it!"

Melody Farr's profile image

melody_farr shared a tip "Great book if you enjoy Greek mythology"

holly_7280 shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down"

Tiffany Felix's profile image

tiffany_felix shared a tip "It's a fun take on Greek mythology with a modern twist."

Lindsay Meehan's profile image

lindsay_meehan_7222 shared a tip "I enjoyed this book and it was relatively original!"

jessica_scioscia shared a tip "Incredible book very hard to put down for the ending seemed quite rushed"

Alexandra Blanco's profile image

alexandra_blanco_857 shared a tip "Modern Greek gods take with a twist, nice read"

bryson_miller_3814 shared a tip "Loved the book. Best read in a while!"

crystal_niven shared a tip "A cool twist on Greek mythology"

lovely patti's profile image

lovely_patti shared a tip "Slow in beginning"

alycia_gatta shared a tip "Loved this booked. The plot felt original and the characters felt real. I couldn’t put it down."

Ava 's profile image

yourauthorV shared a tip "I just like the way Alexandra Bracken wrote this and I really did enjoy every minute of it!"

lilly_barton shared a tip "Love this book!!! Wish it had a better ending tho."

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