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Congratulations welcome to the show that never goes as planned! 👻I'm Leaf, and im at chapter 16 in my life. 💚Favorite books themes • dystopian• sci-fi• and mystery-esque 💥favorite books/series• renegades (3 📚)• the maze runner (5 📖)• Instant karma• the blood between us• caraval• heartless• Dear Edward• Drum roll please 💜Favorite manga • Afterschool Charisma• Behind the scenes• Gekkan shojo-Nozaki• toilet bound hanako-kun• Spy x family 📖CR:Serendipity (10 tropes) CW:?


It was kinda funny, but really didn't make much sense

Do Revenge imageDo Revenge image

Do Revenge

Movies | Comedy

It was ok, but I don't know, I feel like there was a lack of emotions to the characters. I feel like there were some actors who really pulled, but others not so much. The plot twist was kinda cool.

Black Adam imageBlack Adam image

Black Adam

Movies | Action

It's a really honest book, I've read all 3 of them and I think there really personal, and fun, but also go through the real events of life

Friends Forever imageFriends Forever image

Friends Forever

Books | Shannon Hale

The concept is there, and let me tell you it's a little scary. Scary in a honest and raw way, like you could actually see something like this happening in the world. It's gay. And the lack of colors really give more feeling and connection. The only thing I don't like as much is the character improvement. The main character is really cool but other than her there's no character improvement, because everyone else dies

Decelerate Blue imageDecelerate Blue image

Decelerate Blue

Books | Adam Rapp

I think this is one of the most real books I've experienced. Each character has there own personal struggle or situation that you get to see them grow through. I recommend this book to anyone who cares about worldly injustices. Everything about this story is so beautifully written, AND it has a mostly happy ending

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Banned Book Club

Books | Kim Hyun Kim

I love that the main characters replace something lost instead of just coping with it and forgetting about it. The storyline is amazing, characters are 100%, mega, mega, character growth. Lots of gay and trans/enby rep. I feel like if re-read this a bunch of times

On a Sunbeam imageOn a Sunbeam image

On a Sunbeam

Books | Tillie Walden

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