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This book is probably what you can imagine it would be. So basically, the book follows Tiana as if she made a deal with the Shadow Man and what those repercussion would look like, as well as how her life would change if she took the deal. It does very much read like the movie as far as the adventure and her friends but it is a very different storyline than the movie, as well as a different adventure and a different problem to overcome overall. I think it’s a good, quick read— I read it in 3 days, it was interesting though, I’ll probably buy more from the collection. I think there’s 13 books in the series, again they are all unrelated and recreate either the ending or the whole story based on the princess/ villain/ or story. I would recommend if you’re not looking for anything too deep, again it feels like I was just reading a Disney movie continuation. I love Disney so it wasn’t a problem for me but it was a way less mentally taxing book

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Almost There

Books | Farrah Rochon

This is a very short read, but I think that it is interesting. This book is basically talking about the story of Maleficent and why she chose to curse Aurora. It basically flips the story of Maleficent and Aurora around and makes Maleficent seem less like the villain, because it helps you understand her motives, and why she did it. It gives background to their story, and honestly it made me like Maleficent a lot more even though she's a villain. It also includes a lot of famous fairies and well as places other famous fairy tales into one book. It kind of felt like "Once Upon a Time" if you've ever seen it. The "hero" isn't always the good guy either I'm pretty sure it's an 8-book Villian series, but they don't have to be read in any specific order *

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Mistress of All Evil

Books | Serena Valentino

I'm going to try and give a short synopsis but if you have anymore questions about this book let me know because it was wonderful. OK so this book was absolutely amazing, the end was very interesting. The basis of the book is that there are 12 sisters, four of them have been killed and now it is thought that the recent one has been murdered so one of the sisters is trying to figure out what happened. It kind of has a fairytale feel to it but it is very gothic background (which I mean it's full of mourning). There is a lot of death and mystery, you don't really know what's going on until the end and it definitely threw me for a loop I could not have guessed the ending whatsoever personally. It does have a magical and majestic feel to it. It has world building as well as tricksters and illusions. If you like the idea of gods meddling with humans as well as making deals and facing consequences, this book is for you!

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House of Salt and Sorrows

Books | Erin A. Craig

This book was a very different type of read, not gonna lie it felt like one of those books they have you read in class that’s obviously fiction but with philosophical background to it. It was a good book that started to pick up in the middle and was really good at the end but the beginning is mildly monotonous. The beginning is all about world building and scene-setting which the world is a house with thousands upon thousands of rooms and hallways so you can imagine the imagery. It’s based on the idea of a labyrinth. Basically the main character lives in this house, the house is all he ever remembers but he writes in this journal about all of the wonderful things that he experiences in the house. He has only seen one other person in the house and that is his only friend. He finds out that there are some things he has forgotten and he is inclined to read his past journals which gives him insight into his past and he realizes that his world isn’t exactly what he thought it was. It definitely kept you holding on till the end, I almost wanted to give up on the book I definitely don’t regret finishing it out till the end. It’s just less fantasy than I normally read

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Books | Susanna Clarke

Okay first off this book was AMAZING! I’m not gonna lie I was a little skeptical about reading a book with “magical trees” but it really is a well written book with a very attention-grabbing story. There’s not much I can say without giving it away but it has nature, ghosts, storytelling and a gruesome history. Basically this family is responsible for making sure the woods don’t take over this village, the forest has been silent but it’s coming back alive and people are worried. Y’all when I tell you, I kept wanting to read this book! A book about TREES 🙌🏽 if you like ghosts or storytelling or a book with an bad history this book is something I would suggest

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Small Angels

Books | Lauren Owen

Another win for a book. This book is kind of based on Vikings and clans. It does have battle and carnage in it, but that’s not the main point of the book. It has a journey, character development, a resolute (mostly) ending. I think it makes the characters feel real and the storytelling is amazing. It does come from 2 point of views, which is new for me, but I think that fit together cohesively but it can make it hard to stop in the middle of the chapter. I love the pacing of this book.

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The Girl the Sea Gave Back

Books | Adrienne Young

Honestly this book has a very good story but took me SO long to read for whatever reason. This is kind of a retelling of the story of Aladdin but it is so much more. It has thieves, royalty, but also magic and rivalries, racism, and death. The main character is forced by the sultan to find a magic lamp that will give infinite power. The whole book is them traveling to find the lamp, a lot of lies come to light throughout the book. It does have a lot of twists and turns that aren't predictable.

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The Stardust Thief

Books | Chelsea Abdullah

Okay because why not read a creepy book about dolls? It's a two part book, really enjoyed the more relaxed feel. It is based around a family that is effected by dolls in one way or another, does also include magic and demon/ possession. It's an extremely quick read even with two different books in one. I would recommend if you like a simple but creepy book, it's not completely predictable but has some parts of like "duh"

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The Collector

Books | K. R. Alexander

Phew! This one was so good!! Deals with murder, magic, devil, and the 7 deadly sins. The main character really ****** me off because of her constant bad choices. The storyline is amazing and does have some twists and turns included.It does have demons and other supernatural entities and it really creates for an interesting book. Again this is a trilogy, unfortunately I didn't know that the next one isn't out until August and it definitely leaves you wanting more from the book.

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Kingdom of the Wicked

Books | Kerri Maniscalco

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