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A #1 New York Times Bestselling AuthorLong before she was the terror of Wonderland ― the infamous Queen of Hearts ― she was just a girl who wanted to fall in love. In her first stand-alone teen novel, the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Lunar Chronicles series dazzles us with a prequel t

Author Marissa Meyer

Pages 695

Publisher Thorndike Press

Published Date 2016

ISBN 1410494373 9781410494375

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Vanellope Von Sweet's profile image

vanellope_von_sweet shared a tip "The Version of Queen of Hearts that I feel everyone should check out. It’s such a Interesting and fun retelling."

Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "A fun Alice in Wonderland retelling, definitely worth a read!"

cedar_moore shared a tip "So amazing"

Rose M's profile image

rose_m_6737 shared a tip "Just have tissues on standby"

Evelyn Delf's profile image

evie_09 shared a tip "A beautiful love story and new take on Lewis Carroll’s enchanting “ Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”"

Clair Sapilewski's profile image

clair_sapilewski shared a tip "So twisty in the best way."

audrey_536 shared a tip "I absolutely love this book it has never failed to make me happy!"

Katherine Davis's profile image

katherine_davis_2351 shared a tip "#romance"

C.caz 's profile image

clc13 shared a tip "I will forever recommend this book! The writing and plot is amazing so you really get attached to the characters throughout it"

riptide 's profile image

bex_549 shared a tip "This was freaking amazing. It broke my heart."

Heather Maschhoff's profile image

heather_maschhoff shared a tip "I have not. I didn't know she had any"

Lydia Stern's profile image

lydia_stern_ shared a tip "Just started this and I love it!"

Selena Stinson's profile image

selena_stinson_2742 shared a tip "Was a good story but I would get bored while reading it."

martine_guitard shared a tip "Following the life of the Queen of Hearts before she became the Queen. This one made me cry."

Olivia Roe's profile image

olivia_roe shared a tip "I loved this book I never got bored and it was so interesting. The madness in the story was so much fun🖤"

Yellow 's profile image

yellow_5458 shared a tip "this book put through so much emotion i’m honestly at a loss for words. 5 stars."

Stella Aronia's profile image

stella_aronia shared a tip "Great book and a roller coaster of emotions to the explanation of why the queen of hearts is the way she is. Loved it"

Miles 's profile image

Saiki_Loser21 shared a tip "#romance #sadbutamazing I have never cried so much over my favorite character dying"

Ash <3's profile image

Ash__926 shared a tip "Best book ever"

Annabell Christensen's profile image

annabell shared a tip "An amazing heart felt book to just read and relax to. Highly recommend."

Lauren Mikkelsen's profile image

lauren_mikkelsen shared a tip "I love Holly black ive read all of her books and own most of them. And you?"

Drew Vudmaska's profile image

drew_vudmaska shared a tip "Great Read!!"

Abby Vogt's profile image

abby_vogt shared a tip "Such a fantastic twist on a classic!"

megan_zimmer shared a tip "i liked everything about the book"

Sumaiya Dharsee's profile image

sumaiya_dharsee shared a tip "Romance and shocking ending"

Norah Bair's profile image

norah_bair shared a tip "It gabe me sympathy for the Queen of Hearts. Also one of the few books that made me cry."

abby_ball_5790 shared a tip "Literally can never read this again. Broke me. Amazing writing, but I have never felt a heartbreak that wasn’t mine so keenly."

Kaitlin Dilliplane's profile image

kaitlin_dilliplane shared a tip "The world building and characters were fantastic!"

megan_stamper shared a tip "A chilling tale of the Queen of Hearts. Literally broke my heart."

Fitzwilliam Darcy's profile image

fitzwilliam_darcy shared a tip "Alice in Wonderland"

Natalee Boyd's profile image

ruiidere shared a tip "It’s truly and amazing book, I would give the world to read it for the first time again."

Olivia Harden's profile image

olivia_harden_9256 shared a tip "This book took the classic Alice in Wonderland in a whole new direction and i loved every step of it!"

Ann N's profile image

ann_n shared a tip "I loved the exploring the red queen’s origins"

alexandra_lozano shared a tip "I still think about this book and it’s been years since I read it. Broke my heart."

lovelyn 's profile image

lovelita shared a tip "a rollercoaster of emotions that leaves you amazed"

Leah Miget's profile image

leah_miget shared a tip "The imagery is absolutely stunning."

Natalie Spears's profile image

natalie_spears shared a tip "Great stand alone"

Sophia W's profile image

sophia_w_18 shared a tip "Honestly I just loved it all @ella Anderson! Except for the part that turned her evil 😬"

sadie_mcgregor shared a tip "Great world building!! breaks my heart slowly!!"

Nessa Holliday 's profile image

nessa_holliday shared a tip "I don't think I've ever been so desperate as I read a book. I will remember the final lines for the rest of my life."

Ghost 's profile image

kennedi_taylor_6547 shared a tip "My favorite book it’s a must read!"

Meg u's profile image

meg_u shared a tip "This is my #1 all time favorite"

Andi :D's profile image

andrea_matal shared a tip "Read this book 4 times and loved it more everytime. Great book!!"

Lexey Pelkey's profile image

lexey_pelkey shared a tip "This is the best book I have ever read in my whole life and I cannot find a book that brings me as much joy as this one"

Kelsey Rosenberg's profile image

kelsey_rosenberg shared a tip "Couldn't put it down! A great retelling of a villain you love"

The Midrey Show's profile image

the_midrey_show shared a tip "JEST IS SO HOT AND AWESOME!!!"

Ella Laux's profile image

Spruces-owner shared a tip "The first book I ever cried over, (I cried for weeks) but I completely recommend this book."

Carmen Davies's profile image

carmen_davies shared a tip "It's an easy read. I enjoyed the origin story of the queen of hearts."

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