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I’m particular about what I watch, but I read almost everything, except for biographies. My favorite books and movies are classics, sci-fi, fantasy and thrillers. I try to review almost everything I watch and read.


I love and hate this movie. I love so many of the Superman scenes, hate the Batman scenes, and have mixed feelings about the premise as a whole. But the acting (especially Henry Cavill) is pretty good, the music is fabulous and the plot is not as terrible as I was expecting going into this. So it’s not bad. And it gets an extra leg up just because I love Henry so much.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice imageBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice image

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Movies | Action

As painful as this was to watch I can’t help but give it a thumbs up. It’s gruesome and terrible but the acting, the story, the special effects and cinematography are so incredible that I can’t rate it low. It is stomach churning realism of a terrible murderous time in history. It is, in fact, so realistic I remember being nauseous while watching.

The Revenant imageThe Revenant image

The Revenant

Movies | Western

It’s been a long time since I read these but I remember liking it and thinking it had a somewhat unique premise. I like the found family aspect of this one in particular.

Keystone (Crossbreed Series: Book 1) imageKeystone (Crossbreed Series: Book 1) image

Keystone (Crossbreed Series: Book 1)

Books | Dannika Dark

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