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Author Brit Bennett

Pages 352

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2020-06-02

ISBN 0525536973 9780525536970

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lexy_writes shared a tip "I thought that this book was good but I didn't like the narrator"

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sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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amina_qureshi shared a tip "Interesting story of “passing for white”"

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briboehm shared a tip "This book is such an interesting discussion and exploration of identity and family throughout generations."

nikki_cureton shared a tip "My favorite of 2020!"

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mariams_19 shared a tip "Such a rich story!"

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paige_lurie shared a tip "What not to love! Such a great exploration of identity and selfhood from many lenses"

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heather_greenberg shared a tip "Despite the ending, which left several characters up in the air, I really liked this book."

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karina_coelho shared a tip "Loved this one too!!! So many layers!"

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loulou_loptson shared a tip "Very good novel. Loved all the different perspectives. Recommend!"

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a._andrus shared a tip "Great Read!!"

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amy_richard_39 shared a tip "Amazing book"

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dana_gohr shared a tip "A great read. Found it enthralling and really telling of the lies and depths people go to begin a new life."

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jessica_baker_3325 shared a tip "Really great read exploring a lot of difficult topics like race, gender, and class, and handling them really well."

eric_grimes shared a tip "An amazing story with carefully created characters."

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shonna_hill shared a tip "beautiful writing. compelling story and chatacters."

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chris_martin_7733 shared a tip "One of the best books I have ever read!"

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tonya_sanders shared a tip "A hauntingly beautiful story!"

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noelia_romero shared a tip "Such a great book"

dana_lancaster shared a tip "Liked it"

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jenacravesbooks shared a tip "Lent this to a friend to read! 5/5 stars"

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sutton_reads shared a tip "I’m a sucker for a good sister story. I was drawn in to the tale of Vera and Stella and then Kennedy and Jude."

chaunda_celentano shared a tip "This book is incredible. It unfolds like the petals of a rose opening to the sunshine."

serbear shared a tip "absolutely! one of my favorite books of this year!"

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connie_schroth shared a tip "Beautifully written. A person trying to live with choices that she made and wishing that she could have another chance."

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sharon_tinsman shared a tip "Cool concept"

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andrea_rodriguez_9804 shared a tip "It had a slow start and while it has a couple of twist and tu end the story because more interested towards the end."

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jjghjjvv shared a tip "⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"

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tanay_williams shared a tip "So many things to unpack here!"

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tikatia_morris shared a tip "So good! A exploration in race and identity that is both moving and challenging."

Brielle Bahlman's profile image

brielle_bahlman shared a tip "An eye opening and enriching perspective"

chloe_voorheis shared a tip "It’s ok! I thought the story was interesting and kept me entertained. I like the strong female leads. But a little overrated"

jana_parker shared a tip "Raw, unapologetic"

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maria_maclean shared a tip "What a beautiful story. I couldn't stop reading this book. Would love recommendations similar to this."

destini_baylis_adams shared a tip "Yes I think it is so worth it!"

cheryl_mcdonnough shared a tip "Where the Crawdad Sings or The Chestnut Man"

mary_fullington shared a tip "A well written story about something that was not uncommon but rarely reflected in literature."

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astrid_weismann shared a tip "Interesting story. Liked the characters."

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lacey_mckinnon shared a tip "Audio book"

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m_dell shared a tip "I struggled to get into this book and wasn't thrilled with the ending but overall a good read!"

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coolie_jodi shared a tip "Have you tried home homegoing????? You absolutely should."

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michele_albright shared a tip "One of my recent favorite reads. Very thought provoking!"

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andrea_millhouse shared a tip "Interesting book."

amazing_9594 shared a tip "Very interesting story"

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hannah_bowen_6742 shared a tip "Unique storyline and characters!"

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smore_yoga shared a tip "So good on so many levels!!"

stephanie_6006 shared a tip "What an amazing powerful book"

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danielle_berry_2322 shared a tip "Layered!! So good. Cliff hangers that kept you going."

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teju_patel shared a tip "A page turner that I really enjoyed"

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pam_edward shared a tip "Great story"

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kate_eichelberger shared a tip "Engaging story, family & relationships"

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christy_martin_257 shared a tip "The Glass Castle was great!"

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paul_picillo shared a tip "Yes"

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sarah_bryant_1451 shared a tip "Interesting read on identity, lying to the one one loves and self, and the search for belonging."

aspen_smith_4403 shared a tip "I haven’t, have you?"

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dayshia_velazquez shared a tip "My favorite book of the year"

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kaitlin_nolan shared a tip "The sense of places and characters are unforgettable."

alyssa_fogolin shared a tip "It’s a good quick read. Wished there was more!"

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eva_hamill shared a tip "Very interesting look at what happens when you try to pass as white."

Kelly Pruett's profile image

kelly_pruett shared a tip "This was a great book! It was a great perspective on racial issues that I had not thought about previously. Great job!"

Madeleine Maury Shuler's profile image

madeleine_maury_shuler shared a tip "truly captivating from start to finish. the way it moves forward and backward through the years is very well done"

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katie_richardson shared a tip "Really really great historical fiction that many will relate to."

deb_wieland shared a tip "Thought provoking and unusual. Well written!"

Jhenna Wieman's profile image

jhenna_wieman shared a tip "Top 5 of 2020 for sure."

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melanie_schmitz shared a tip "I really enjoyed this book! Was interesting to get to know the various characters and the secrets they keep."

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janine_seale shared a tip "Great Book!"

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beverley_turner shared a tip "Finished this book in a weekend! Totally drew me in and wouldn’t let go."

claudine_debeaumont shared a tip "This book is brilliant, I just read The Mothers...she is just a the most gifted writer"

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elise_yu shared a tip "I loved the writing style. The narrative switched between perspectives seamlessly yet clearly. I got swept into another world."

kennedy_montecue shared a tip "Im still in the process of reading it, but I'm gripped by the story."

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sherri_b shared a tip "Enthralled Fglkubg"

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bdeliz shared a tip "The characters felt real and the it was great to learn about colorism."

niamh_donovan shared a tip "Very authenic"

susan_mabry shared a tip "One of my favorite for 2020!"

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jana_green_7306 shared a tip "Loved this book! So good!"

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jana_green_7306 shared a tip "Love!!"

madison_talley shared a tip "Very interesting"

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lauren_headrick shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down, a great tale of have and have nots"

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lauren_headrick shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down"

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jessica_lucio shared a tip "Relevant story!"

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lisa_adams_144 shared a tip "Loved it!"

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allison_cajina shared a tip "This book was ADDICTING. Please please read it!"

melissa_papini shared a tip "Complexities of family, identity, and American racism woven together masterfully."

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amy_nerf shared a tip "Draws you in from the first sentence!! Great weekend leisure read."

tina_nguyen_ shared a tip "Great character development. I listened to this as an audiobook and really enjoyed the narrator."

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chelsea_allen shared a tip "An enthralling read with an unexpected ending. Left me with a heartache."

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julia_fowler shared a tip "Original story"

aarica_burke shared a tip "One of the best book I read in 2020. Beautifully crafted and masterfully written."

liana_torresola shared a tip "One of my top 5 of 2020."

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john_macdonald_2307 shared a tip "Good story interesting twist"

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melissa_linardos_6170 shared a tip "It was such a fascinating topic for Brit B. to write about"

helma_st_james shared a tip "Great story and writing style."

alleya_tavares shared a tip "I loved this book!!"

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kiani_pineiro-hall shared a tip "This book is on my top 5. Incredible read."

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angela_nelson_9486 shared a tip "I wanted a better ending but it was fantastic!"

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lisa_holt_5357 shared a tip "Interesting read but the ending fell flat, in my opinion. I've still recommended this book to others"

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karyna_davis shared a tip "Really great read! This author has a way of involving you in the story"

deb_mylin shared a tip "Great characters and writing"

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