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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - Scandalous gossip, wild parties, and forbidden love--witness what the gods do after dark in this stylish and contemporary reimagining of one of the best-known stories in Greek mythology, featuring a brand-new, exclusive short story from creator Rachel Smythe. HUGO AWAR

Author Rachel Smythe

Pages 384

Publisher Random House

Published Date 2021

ISBN 0593160290 9780593160299

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Kate Lynch's profile image

kate_lynch_7675 shared a tip "Beautiful illustrations and well-researched yet fun interpretation of the Ancient Greek pantheon."

ali danielson's profile image

ali_danielson shared a tip "Awesome art and great story"

Regine Moyen's profile image

regine_moyen shared a tip "Love the story so much💙💓. If you like Greek mythology and comics. This for you. You won’t be disappointed!"

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anxious_ash shared a tip "A great modern take on mythological characters! #persephoneandhades"

bee_keever shared a tip "Mythology + Romance"

meztli_aragongalindo shared a tip "i kind of love it all especially when you get into the later books"

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samantha_mcconachie shared a tip "⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"

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asha.b shared a tip "i’m obsessed with LO! i love anything about gods/hades and persephone and this graphic novel absolutely solidifies it"

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bookobsessedblonde shared a tip "I loved it, I read it on WebToon and I’m probably going to but the physical copy and reread it."

alana_adams shared a tip "I adore Greek mythology And love this new twist on the story"

jaylee_8714 shared a tip "Definitely!"

Kattz 's profile image

XxKattzxX shared a tip "Absolutely LOVE this book! Great for a weekend, or Greek Mythology lovers! #loreolympus #romance #drama #comedy #fantasy #books"

Jacklyn Monique Gonzalez 's profile image

jacklyn_monique_gonzalez shared a tip "Read the series on WebToons! I CANNOT wait for my book to come! It should be here tomorrow!"

Tina Sabolo's profile image

tina_sabolo shared a tip "I’ve read the WEBTOON since the beginning. Having it in book was wonderful and it was beautifully done."

Sam Williams's profile image

sam_williams_5298 shared a tip "Gorgeous illustrations, and great character depth and growth"

Brianne Favreau's profile image

brianne_favreau shared a tip "It's fantastic! Unique take and beautiful drawings."

Mandy Jane's profile image

mandy_jane_218 shared a tip "I received this book as a gift and I could not put it down. The art is amazing and the story is incredible."

Christina Jackson's profile image

chrissi_reads25 shared a tip "It’s the perfect mix between Greek Mythology and romance. The modern spin to Mt. Olympus is so refreshing!!!"

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yourlibrarycrush shared a tip "I read the webtoon in the 6th grade I loved it so much! 10/10!! #loreolympus #romance #drama #fantasy #greekmythology"

sarah_shrestha shared a tip "Beautiful content. Stories that make sense of mythology"

megan_ybarra shared a tip "Love this series and can’t wait for the next one."

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taylor_ellis_7674 shared a tip "The art work and the story"

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