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The first of the defeated kites whirled out of control. They fell from the sky like shooting stars with brilliant, rippling tails, showering the neighbourhood.Amir and Hassan grow up together in Kabul. Amir in the beautiful house his father built, filled with marble, gold, tapestries and mosaics; Ha

Author Khaled Hosseini

Pages 352

Publisher A&C Black

Published Date 2009-02-24

ISBN 1408803720 9781408803721


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melissa_cottone shared a tip "This book made me love reading again. I recommend it to anyone and everyone!!"

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mary_howard_blackbu shared a tip "Wonderful book. Very thought provoking"

brianna_porter_7082 shared a tip "Filled with a lot of emotion!"

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georgette_keller shared a tip "So so so good!"

eric_grimes shared a tip "One of my favorite books of all time. Heartbreaking at times but an incredible story."

ldparisi22 shared a tip "Incredibly moving. In my Top 3."

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cute_queen shared a tip "I like the beginning alot. Reading Hasan's character was like fairy tale. So amazing."

elizabeth_hlavaty shared a tip "I love this author. I actually love this book, but I liked one of his other books “A Thousand Splendid Suns” even better."

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summer_steffen_land shared a tip "This book makes my heart cry but I live how redemptive it is."

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susan_feren shared a tip "Fantastic book!!"

patricia_greenway shared a tip "Loved it!"

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mandy_feeks shared a tip "Where the Crawdads Sing was my recent favorite!"

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donna_minchin shared a tip "A tale for the time being"

taylor_owens_2507 shared a tip "Beautiful story and beautiful writing"

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gina_abello shared a tip "I could read it over and over!"

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julie_small_2040 shared a tip "Gut wrenching, but phenomenal read."

ava_6941 shared a tip "Wish he had published more than three books… he is simply the most impactful author I’ve come across"

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donna_8296 shared a tip "One of my favourite books of all time."

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t_s_7614 shared a tip "All time favorite is the Book Thief. I love the writing style and the imagery is fantastic."

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michelle_johnson_4435 shared a tip "I have many. Honestly, it depends on the genre and it depended on where I was at in my life at the time that I read it."

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krista_martinez shared a tip "One of my favorite books. Just amazing"

reese_asbury shared a tip "So did I."

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john_baird shared a tip "It's been 10 years since I read the book. I can't name a favorite after all this time."

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natalie_hamilton shared a tip "Prepare yourself, it's a sad-wonderful journey."

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lori_stephany shared a tip "I adored it. Well written, great characters you feel invested in!"

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shandell_vickery shared a tip "A thousand splendid suns is also amazing! My next to read is the mountains echoed"

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marie_lise shared a tip "Love, love this author's work."

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kc_liz shared a tip "This book was absolutely captivating, the emotions and trauma of this story were so real I felt them along with the characters."

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wendy_henschel shared a tip "And the Mountains Echoed by K. Hosseini is one of them. Hard to pick a favorite. I love all of his books! How about you?"

paula_tetreault shared a tip "I'm reading Middlemarch now. Just finished were the crawdads sing"

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jennifer_bailey_320 shared a tip "I just finished Where the Crawdads Sing, and I absolutely loved it!"

rhonda_806 shared a tip "Yes, loved it"

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sandy_3225 shared a tip "This was a bit hard to read due to emotional content. I definitely shed tears but worth the read."

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giuliett_cap shared a tip "Super worth it. So touching very powerful. Probably my favorite novel ever."

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eve_rosenthal shared a tip "Such a good book!"

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mary_catherine_petr shared a tip "The fight scene between Amir and Assef with Sohrab’s “assistance.”"

Mary Catherine Petrick-Orrok's profile image

mary_catherine_petr shared a tip "Reading something easy right no: The Rescue by my go to light reading author, Anita Shreve."

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kawthar_omar shared a tip "Tge other book by khaled hosseini is also one of my all time favs its called a thousand splendid suns"

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kawthar_omar shared a tip "The*"

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tala_muffy shared a tip "It was so so sad but such a great read!"

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annette_nielsen shared a tip "I hated putting it down !❤️"

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rebecca_thomas_2512 shared a tip "Not really. I used to say Anne Frank's Diary of a Young Girl, but I can't really choose one book"

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elizabeth_a._johnson shared a tip "Exquisitely written, engaging cultural context."

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kanieceshia_ward shared a tip "This book broke my soul! Ripped my heart right out of my chest but I loved how everything comes full circle in life"

lisa_beddingfield shared a tip "A wonderful, awful story. Prepare to cry."

frances_boyajan shared a tip "Have you read A Thousand Splendid Suns by the same author?"

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leah_linkenbach shared a tip "Yes!!"

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nia_demas shared a tip "Not done yet but literally am obsessed"

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bay_lito shared a tip "Rahim/Amir"

patricia_5857 shared a tip "Yes but this was the best one"

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misha_chamix shared a tip "A must read.... a real page turner"

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angela_wieske shared a tip "The ending was amazing!"

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eric_lucero shared a tip "Beautiful ❤️."

jena_karako shared a tip "It is so trajic book. I like the book but the ending depends on the persons perspective."

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david_shimp shared a tip "I found that it really drew me in, from the characters to the plot and his writing style. Heart-breaking, but good."

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nazeer_greene shared a tip "I loved it! It took me a while, but I'm glad I finished it!"

annette_4422 shared a tip "It is a very good book."

marilyn_farrell shared a tip "Not my usual book. It has been too long to comment on the ending."

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sandra_munsters shared a tip "Eye opening."

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pranisha_shrestha shared a tip "No that's the only book I read"

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aimsreads shared a tip "@Domenic_R_Will It has been awhile since I read this book. I couldn't tell you if any particular chapter stood out."

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pamela_sue_5008 shared a tip "I've only read this book, but it was very good."

andy_ansari shared a tip "@dolphinchick Considering how the story unraveled, I was a great ending. It was a good read."

andy_ansari shared a tip "@dolphinchick it* was a great ending"

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laurie_favini shared a tip "I loved so many! Where the crawdads sing. Killers of the flower moon. Ordinary Grace. Pachinko is one of my very favorites"

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deepa_ozarkar shared a tip "Beautifully written and so moving. I could not put it down!"

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kayla_davis_6913 shared a tip "Kristen Hannah The four winds!! It's great!!"

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dustinhoffman shared a tip "[Source:]"

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nicole_nicole shared a tip "I. Loved. This. Book. Can’t even adequately describe it. Just read it."

inka_ellenbrand shared a tip "Just the one"

terri_mohr shared a tip "Read this with my daughter when she was in high school GREAT book!"

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meg_cutler shared a tip "Gut wrenching! Beautiful writing <3"

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mitesh_patel shared a tip "The twist towards the end!"

kaili_langlois shared a tip "This is the book that made me start reading more. Tragic and beautiful at the same time"

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kimberly_d_tucker shared a tip "An unforgettable beautifully written story. Great movie too."

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debbie_helms shared a tip "I a really good read. Heartbreaking but good!"

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joya_januleski shared a tip "Very moving story."

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karen_feliciano shared a tip "I have not"

lynda_overfelt shared a tip "Loved it!"

nancy_murphy_2581 shared a tip "A bit drawn out in places but I’m glad I hung in...a beautiful and powerful story"

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brittany_nicole_1019 shared a tip "Beautiful book about amending for mistreatment of others. Heart breaking and hugely impactful."

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lauren_gierl shared a tip "A beautiful story that made me laugh, cry, hate, and love. It was a wave of emotion that kept me reading more and more."

marilyn_397 shared a tip "Unforgettable!"

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terri_nichols shared a tip "Right now no. I'm looking for new books to read."

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caitlin_radziewicz shared a tip "Such a moving story! One of my favorite books of all time!"

amber_suchaire shared a tip "I recently really enjoyed Necessary Lies by Diane Chamberlain!"

kim_havel shared a tip "Absolutely unforgettable."

madison_savage_788 shared a tip "The summerhouse is my absolute favorite"

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sarah_albertson_1764 shared a tip "This book broke me, and educated me. Powerful and beautiful. Couldn't put it down."

christopher_whalen shared a tip "'A Thousand Slendid Suns' by the same author is equally good - if not better!"

buckshot_2011 shared a tip "I loved this book. Sit took my breathe away a few times. One of those that will stick with me."

fatma_ahmed shared a tip "Absolutely beautiful! It made me cry, and it was worth it."

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julie_hop shared a tip "#Afghanistan culture"

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