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All three books in the #1 New York Times bestselling Divergent trilogy are available boxed together for the first time! Perfect for gift givers, collectors, and fans new to the series, the box set includes: A specially designed slipcase Hardcover editions of Divergent, Insurgent, and Divergent #3 Bo

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Author Veronica Roth


Publisher HarperCollins

Published Date 2013-10-22

ISBN 0062287346 9780062287342


madeline_rodgers shared a tip "So good"

Charley 's profile image

Charley_Cornett shared a tip "Definitely Four"

allie_6029 shared a tip "I would definitely say the first book, Divergent."

Sabrina Cooper's profile image

sabrina_cooper_2277 shared a tip "Decent"

Holladay Miles's profile image

holladay_miles shared a tip "The perfect amount of action and romance"

Kristin Hall's profile image

mckeekers shared a tip "This was a nice easy read. Not my favorite but not bad 3/5"

Snow Leopard's profile image

snow_leopard shared a tip "Amazing series, the last book was a disappointment though."

sirat r's profile image

sirat_r shared a tip "Best ever dystopian series with a bit of a romantic twist! Loved it so much i wanna read it again without any memory of it😂"

mia_6659 shared a tip "loooove this story"

Amber Roland's profile image

amber_roland shared a tip "Did not like the final ending"

Sarah Lambert's profile image

sarah.lambert shared a tip "Awesome story, great series!!"

CW Art's profile image

cw_art shared a tip "This series is addicting 😂"

maddie_6777 shared a tip "The best"

Emma Heyd's profile image

emma_heyd shared a tip "I have. I really liked the movies but there are some big differences."

katie_9873 shared a tip "OMG THEIR SO GOOD!!! While I was reading the book I felt so emotional."

Angelie 's profile image

angelie_abdul shared a tip "@mattnelsonsurfs yes I’m reading the mortal instruments right now"

tayler_2116 shared a tip "Your welcome! It’s as usual better than the movies!!"

Maddie Eul's profile image

MJ2913 shared a tip "Loved this one to read it a few years ago"

banana_pudding shared a tip "Such a good dystopian series. I loved it and could not put them down. Don’t be like me and start them right before finals"

ellie_elizabeth_mcd shared a tip "I LOVE THIS SERIES#trisandtobias"

angel mitchell's profile image

angel_mitchell_6813 shared a tip "my new favorite book series"

Karsyn Allen's profile image

karsyn_allen shared a tip "I think this one does not 100% sure"

Heatherann Haddox's profile image

heatherann_haddox shared a tip "insurgent was my fave"

Bethany Atterberry's profile image

bethany_atterberry shared a tip "Probably the first but all were good. Much better than the movies though I liked those too."

Kaiti Sullivan's profile image

kaiti_sullivan shared a tip "Couldnt read this series fast enough. Finishing them was like a break up and i cohldnt pick up another book for days!"

Zoe Canizares's profile image

zoe_canizares shared a tip "A wonderful read about a young girl who learns how to live in a society where you’re only ever supposed to be one thing."

Grace Michelle's profile image

grace_michelle shared a tip "Loved"

lillian__976 shared a tip "Engaging story with lovable and hateable characters plot twists and excitement"

hailey_buskirk shared a tip "@marta_burger I agree the first one was my favorite which usually isnt true with most series in my opinion"

Victoria J's profile image

victoria_j_4587 shared a tip "This has been an all time favorite trilogy of mine. What did y’all think of it?"

marissa_flynn shared a tip "The first one was my favorite, and the series is easy to read and interesting. :)"

camryn_wallace shared a tip "Amazing"

sawyer_burns shared a tip "The first one most definitely!!"

Sally 's profile image

sally_1855 shared a tip "It completed my childhood heart"

randell_hill shared a tip "I listen to all of them and it was AWESOME"

bekah_9863 shared a tip "It’s so hard to choose! I personally love the selection series by keira cass, but it’s a tough decision all the same haha"

Danielle Hasty's profile image

danielle_hasty shared a tip "So much better than the movies! In fact if you've seen the movies forget that you did and read these. They are great."

Ivy Fox's profile image

book_worm01 shared a tip "Great series one of ny favorites"

caitlin_smith_9484 shared a tip "This series is so so good. It has suspense and love. Would recommend!"

Rachael Reed's profile image

rachael_reed shared a tip "Lovely series, made me cry"

Kelley Chandler's profile image

kelley_chandler shared a tip "They are just amazing the suck you right in and so much better then the movie"

kelly_8440 shared a tip "fav"

Anjuli Hurt's profile image

anjuli_hurt shared a tip "First 3 in the series are great except I hated the ending of #3. There is a fourth book but it is not very good."

eliana02 shared a tip "I read this book right after the hunger games lol."

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