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A Risk on Forever

Books | Fiction / Romance / Contemporary

N. S. Perkins
When Matthias Phillips imagined the new caretaker for his mother with ALS, the last thing he had in mind was a gorgeous twenty-something who didn't look like she had a day of experience in the field. However, his mother has always been stubborn, and despite his objections, she's insistent: it's Adelaide Samson she wants him to hire. After losing her job, Adelaide needs a new gig to continue supporting her family, even if that means working for overprotective and rude Matthias. Once she earns his trust, though, she gets to see a whole other side of him--a funny, sweet, and sensitive side. A side she might start to like. Feelings take hold, but soon, Adelaide must choose between helping Helen with a secret task or being honest with Matthias. Caught between the woman who feels like a second mother and the man she's falling for, Adelaide must navigate the murky waters of a job that has started to feel like home.
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N. S. Perkins
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