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"A special 25th anniversary edition of Paulo Coehlo's extraordinary international bestselling phenomenon--the inspiring spiritual tale of self-discovery that has touched millions of lives around the world.Combing magic, mysticism, wisdom and wonder, The Alchemist has become a modern classic, selling

Author Paulo Coelho

Pages 195

Publisher Harper Collins

Published Date 2006-09-26

ISBN 0061233846 9780061233845


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jason_photo shared a tip "The fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself"

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nico_m_m shared a tip "I make it a goal to read this book at least once a year. Very beautiful story, highly recommend it!"

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brynne_853 shared a tip "Best book I read in high school!"

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kiana_dobson shared a tip "Yeah. Definitely provides food for thought in an interesting narrative form, if you're into that or wouldn't mind giving it a try"

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jocelyn_kim shared a tip "When he worked for the crystal merchant."

hilary_baum shared a tip "No, unfortunately I have not. Always looking for recommendations though!"

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carmen_sutton-olson shared a tip "Yes.... I did like the ending!"

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natasha_renee_5645 shared a tip "This is one stayed with me long after I finished it."

christine_eckelbarg shared a tip "Timeless, always inspiring and comforting."

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analia_zavala shared a tip "This book inspire you to live your personal dream ! I hope you enjoy it !"

Gabriela Zarragoitia's profile image

gabriela_zarragoitia shared a tip "It’s easy to read, it keeps you hooked every paragraph. So deep 10/10 read"

angela_ray_8509 shared a tip "It’s a good light read"

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sabrina_lagasse shared a tip "Oh absolutely! It’s a quick read but one of those books the more you read it the more you’ll find!"

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marcel_montoya shared a tip "Do you have a book you would recommend?"

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alvaro_rubio shared a tip "Great read!!"

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gable_3853 shared a tip "Gonna start reading Circe"

glory_5596 shared a tip "Great read! Wondering why I didn't read this sooner"

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lil-farrah shared a tip "5/10"

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adrian_perez_7708 shared a tip "Its one if the most amazing self discovery stories and carries a lot of meaningful ideas in it"

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noah_hernandez_9643 shared a tip "Inspired! Nearly scriptural the amount of wisdom in this book."

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sean_fox shared a tip "Most definitely it's a quick read and leaves an impact"

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raymond_hart_6238 shared a tip "Yeah, I thought it was good. I just ordered a copy to give to my son for his birthday."

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mariela_munoz shared a tip "Definitely! It has a lot of important life lessons!"

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antonia_slivari shared a tip "It is"

𝙳𝚞𝚕𝚌𝚎 𝙱.シ's profile image

dulce_bucio shared a tip "This book has important life lessons everyone should know about.Worth your time!"

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gabyhdez2 shared a tip "I have not gotten to read any of his other books yet so I couldn't say."

mariah_dokken shared a tip "Super fast read! I enjoyed the simple life lessons this book gave"

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peyton_kennedy shared a tip "Life Changing 💕"

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lauren_8412 shared a tip "Such a beautiful story that you can relate with. Inspirational and such a fun read. I will definitely be reading it again."

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stephanie_schmidt_9656 shared a tip "I have read this book so many times when I feel like I need guidance in life, and it always puts me back on the right path."

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pharrell shared a tip "[Source:]"

barb_dickson shared a tip "Enjoyed this book"

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nicole_nicole shared a tip "Very refreshing story that rekindled my ability to dream and have an optimistic outlook."

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zariah_nolan shared a tip "Slow start but keep the faith! It’s amazing!"

Bridget Godfrey's profile image

bridget_godfrey shared a tip "Fabulous book! I've read it a couple times now, couldn't recommend it enough."

ashley_simpson_9058 shared a tip "Absolutely! It's a favorite"

santiago_almallo shared a tip "Really really good, makes you think a lot."

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madison_scott_9602 shared a tip "it’s a very quick read"

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tamara_wilson_9089 shared a tip "Beautiful and inspirational."

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madison_sauke shared a tip "@christian_coleman_8081 changed my life!"

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Alehhmarr shared a tip "Very good read! Short but so much depth and meaning."

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Alehhmarr shared a tip "A great read! Short but so much depth."

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anar_damji shared a tip "Its the best book for a weekend read. Changes your prespectives in life!"

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sierra_cheyenne_3208 shared a tip "So much spiritual parallels."

Anisha Bhattacharyya's profile image

anisha_bhattacharyya shared a tip "Yes, I loved his writing style, he's very descriptive, and keeps his language simple. Easy book to read in a weekend"

Kristina Noyes's profile image

kristina_noyes shared a tip "Makes you look at your own life and wonder"

alex_rosenblum shared a tip "Beautiful spiritual story"

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kristy_nc shared a tip "A life changing book"

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samantha_ilardi shared a tip "It found me at a time when I needed it."

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evalyn_ngugi shared a tip "One of the best books I’ve ever read!"

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