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i am brilliant AND funny


Cute! I love this sort of Rom com! Personally I did wish it was longer and a bit spicer but if cleaner romance is your thing then this is great! A 7/10 for me

The Off Limits Rule imageThe Off Limits Rule image

The Off Limits Rule

Books | Sarah Adams

Hahahaha this book was so sweet and funny! I loved it! Steamy lil rom com :) 8/10

Mr. Wrong Number imageMr. Wrong Number image

Mr. Wrong Number

Books | Lynn Painter

YEAHHHHHH BOY!!!! This is the queer representation we have been YEARNin for! So wholesome and raw and exciting and sweet and all things good! Sweetest boys 🤍 excellent lil rom com 10/10 for me

The Charm Offensive imageThe Charm Offensive image

The Charm Offensive

Books | Alison Cochrun

SO interesting! A very different take on a rom com that I haven’t seen yet! Delightful and entertaining! 9/10 for me!

The Arc imageThe Arc image

The Arc

Books | Tory Henwood Hoen

Quite good! I loved getting to read Holders perspective in this book. It did feel super repetitive and I do feel like Hoovers writing style has 100% grown since this but it was still good! 7/10

Losing Hope imageLosing Hope image

Losing Hope

Books | Colleen Hoover

So cute!! Beautiful little decor book and it was so interesting!

Scorpio imageScorpio image


Books | Stella Andromeda

Absolutely witty and daring! Very very wholesome. This book was so lovely! Red is truly the perfect man and their love story is so wonderful. 9/10

Get a Life, Chloe Brown imageGet a Life, Chloe Brown image

Get a Life, Chloe Brown

Books | Talia Hibbert

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