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All three books in the #1 New York Times bestselling Divergent series of books are available together in this digital collection! Perfect for gift givers, collectors, and fans new to the series, the collection includes Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant, as well as bonus content: a 48-page guide to

Author Veronica Roth

Pages 1632

Publisher Harper Collins

Published Date 2013-10-22

ISBN 006229279X 9780062292797

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Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Just a great series!"

McKenzie Bahr's profile image

mckenzie_bahr shared a tip "Just finished book 1, and I’m obsessed with the relationship between Tris and Tobias 😍 it’s so goooood"

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isabella_982754 shared a tip "It’s Such a good book"

Amanda 's profile image

amanda_9077 shared a tip "Such great books!"

lainey ☼'s profile image

laiineyd shared a tip "if i could read this series forever i would. literally my favorite series to this day. 100% recommend, esp if u love hunger games"

Olivia 's profile image

Olivia_C_ shared a tip "I LOVED this series."

Mya Wallace's profile image

mya_L shared a tip "Amazing series with so many twists and an awesome ending"

alaryn_head shared a tip "Divergent is my favorite in this series. Outside of this series, Verity by Collen Hoover is my favorite up to now 😍"

dale_courtney shared a tip "Didn’t think I would like this ... wrong"

Aubrey 's profile image

aubrey_7100 shared a tip "X"

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kaitlyn_4614 shared a tip "A very well written dystopian novel!"

brooke rhodes's profile image

brooke_rhodes_5937 shared a tip "I honestly don’t know yet, maybe hunger games"

Marie-Jade Renald's profile image

marie-jade_renald shared a tip "No, cause Im able to make my own opinion"

olivia_ewers shared a tip "The romance was so good"

Miranda Woodland's profile image

miranda_grace shared a tip "One thousand times better than the movie. I binge read all three."

LILY WOOD's profile image

lily_wood_1831 shared a tip "The main character dies, not worth your time."

beverly_ward shared a tip "No problem hope you enjoy!"

Kat 's profile image

kat_wilson_6846 shared a tip "Insurgent was my favorite of the trilogy since it explored the depths of Tris’s self control and mentality."

mattie_welch shared a tip "Good romance and action combo"

 Hailey  Hailey  Hailey  Hailey 's profile image

hailey_hailey_2885 shared a tip "Does anyone remember when 4 was just a number and when chocolate cake was just cake"

 Hailey  Hailey  Hailey  Hailey 's profile image

hailey_hailey_2885 shared a tip "One of my favorite series I have ever read warning you will be mad at veronica Roth"

Tess Pollins's profile image

tess_pollins shared a tip "Yes! Allegiant is one of the best books Ive ever read"

brooklyn_becker_7262 shared a tip "Definitely recommend, great series in my opinion. Read it multiple times and never get bored with them."

Sienna Porter's profile image

sienna_porter shared a tip "@sarahlong21 The Hunger Games is one that many Divergent lovers like as well. You might also be interested in The 5th Wave."

PurpleUnicornGamer 's profile image

purpleunicorngamer shared a tip "Amazing and great movies"

oliver_3809 shared a tip "Obsessed!! Read all three in two weeks"

Victoria Santiago's profile image

victoria_santiago_8197 shared a tip "I liked this way more than the hunger games."

lunar_5477 shared a tip "I've read all of the divergent series and the prequel four, so 4 books"

Brooke B. Wallace's profile image

brooke_b._wallace shared a tip "The books are way better than the movie."

Deni Ferra's profile image

deni_ferra shared a tip "I know I loved it!!!"

Natalie Jackson's profile image

natalie_jackson_8597 shared a tip "I love dystopian books!!!"

Cara Djarin's profile image

cara_djarin shared a tip "Absolutely!"

emily_russell_1285 shared a tip "It was similar to The Hunger games"

Idrisblu 's profile image

idrisblu shared a tip "No problem! I hope you enjoy them. 😊"

Akwi Awazi's profile image

akwi_awazi shared a tip "Book & movies are so good, my favs"

Steph Wyatt's profile image

steph_wyatt shared a tip "My favorite book was Divergent!"

abby_flowers shared a tip "Impossible to put down"

rosa_gutierrez_781 shared a tip "I love this series. The third book was a plot twist."

Jennifer Nelson's profile image

jennifer_nelson_6801 shared a tip "Definitely! If you like dystopian literature, it is a MUST READ!"

Willa Borchert's profile image

willa_borchert shared a tip "Have read. Would not read again"

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