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Like many ambitious New York City teenagers, Craig Gilner sees entry into Manhattan's Executive Pre-Professional High School as the ticket to his future. Determined to succeed at life—which means getting into the right high school to get into the right college to get the right job—Craig studies nigh

Author Ned Vizzini

Pages 448

Publisher Disney Electronic Content

Published Date 2010-09-25

ISBN 1423141083 9781423141082

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sofiai shared a tip "Really, really great at describing depression. Took a humorous spin, but was good about not being offensive."

sophia_hostetler shared a tip "Used to be my favorite book"

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felicity_card shared a tip "I really liked this book, I think it deals with depression in a very good way!"

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gabs_9856 shared a tip "Relatable and honest"

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bunniye shared a tip "I finished this a while back dose anyone have a recommendation of something similar?"

Jazalynn Alaniz-142001661's profile image

jazalynn_alaniz-142001661 shared a tip "Yes I did"

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janie_atwood shared a tip "I’m reading You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero rn. It’s nonfiction but is really thought provoking and inspiring!"

Elijah Roberson's profile image

elijah_roberson shared a tip "Thief Lord has always been a favorite"

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lukas_alexander shared a tip "No problem!👍🏽"

sarah_4210 shared a tip "It was kind of a funny story.... really great if I do say so myself 10/10"

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bale_nasser shared a tip "Can I ask u a question?"

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rachel_waugh shared a tip "I just read Light in hidden places. You?"

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gunner_coulter shared a tip "I love this book. It's definitely one that I reread every once in a while."

rachel_cheesemam shared a tip "Right now, my favorite book is The Story Sisters by Alice Hoffman"

emily_azamar shared a tip "I’m really into the three novel series by Holly Jackson, it’s kind of a mystery and plot twisting story, I really recommend it."

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josh_cooke_2458 shared a tip "It resonates"

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ansley-rose_g. shared a tip "It’s was casually introspective and realistically low-key."

mars_1898 shared a tip "this book is great for describing depression. it’s so accurate."

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ava_7776 shared a tip "it's been awhile since I read the book, but the ending to me was good!"

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leo_miller shared a tip "Yes, he writes incredibly funny books."

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dianna_morse shared a tip "The best book I’ve ever read about living with depression"

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panda_bamboo24 shared a tip "It's really good. For sure recommend it."

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j_h_1766 shared a tip "Not yet!"

jessi_detav shared a tip "LOVED THIS BOOK. It’s the most read and worn out book on my shelf. Easy reading with interesting and entertaining content."

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jessica_spears_5995 shared a tip "This is the only book I've read by this author."

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nina_2577 shared a tip "ABSOLUTELY LOVED!!! this book got me more into reading, will never forget about this <3"

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step-chicken shared a tip "I personally think so. It's kinda of a weird "love" story if I had to explain it."

ash_beas shared a tip "Just finished Homeland Elegies, amazing book!!"

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victoria_mcgill shared a tip "Very worth it! I wasn’t really into reading when I picked this book up and I couldn’t put it down. I enjoyed it very much"

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jenna_rose_2773 shared a tip "#attentiongrabber"

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grohlboss shared a tip "literally so good i love craig all the other patients sm they literally deserve the world. 5/5"

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grohlboss shared a tip "also fck Aaron and his gf they can suck it"

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