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The second book in Kiera Cass’s #1 New York Times bestselling Selection seriesWith even more glamour, intrigue, and swoon-worthy romance, this sparkling sequel to The Selection will captivate readers who loved Veronica Roth’s Divergent, Lauren Oliver’s Delirium, or Renée Ahdieh’s The Wrath & the Daw

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Author Kiera Cass

Pages 352

Publisher Harper Collins

Published Date 2013-04-23

ISBN 006205998X 9780062059987


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Haley Nash-Thompson's profile image

haleynt shared a tip "a fricken spectacular sequel! love the themes of fighting injustices and the author does a great job of portraying these"

Allysa Lewis's profile image

allysa_lewis shared a tip "WOAH. So much happens, and I’m not gonna lie…it was a roller coaster! But a great one!"

Kendall Warwick's profile image

kendall_warwick shared a tip "5/5 ⭐️"

nicole_yearsley shared a tip "Liked this one, but my least favorite of the original trilogy."

Kayla Webb's profile image

kayla_webb_8099 shared a tip "I just enjoyed the romance in the book"

abbey_dodgens shared a tip "8.5/10"

Sarah Gaviria's profile image

sarah_gaviria shared a tip "America NEEDS TO STOP BEING INDECISIVE!!! Anyways Book 3 here I come"

Brooke Woods's profile image

brooke_woods_5759 shared a tip "AMAZING!"

johanna_defever shared a tip "Good"

Isabel Mendes da Silva's profile image

isabel_mendes_da_si shared a tip "Ahhhh! This was amazing!"

tracy_1086 shared a tip "Sameeee"

Debanhi Rangel's profile image

debanhi_rangel shared a tip "⭐⭐⭐⭐/5"

ashlee_christie shared a tip "Part of favorite book series"

melody_2857 shared a tip "When Maxon gives her the bracelet"

Marissa Traver's profile image

marissa_traver shared a tip "A little childish but it’s cute. It’s a good series for teen girls."

maleah lyons's profile image

maleah_lyons shared a tip "this book is so infuriating, how can one girl be so stupid?! am i starting the next book right now? yes, yes i am."

Music of the Soul's profile image

musicofthesoul shared a tip "It’s like if you took the hunger games but made it the bachelor 🤯"

Kylee Metz's profile image

kylee_metz shared a tip "Very good book to read in a few days"

cora_elshoff shared a tip "Loved the way the romance was set up and that the main character is INDEPENDENT"

Lily Gaddes's profile image

lily_gaddes shared a tip "Again highly recommend this book series!"

JT Horlander's profile image

jt_horlander shared a tip "5/5"

JT Horlander's profile image

jt_horlander shared a tip "5/5"

Diandra Repato's profile image

diandra_repato shared a tip "Hooked! I enjoyed this book."

Jenna Blake's profile image

jenna_blake_9916 shared a tip "My least fav of the first 3 books, but still good."

Searcy 's profile image

skwilliams shared a tip "One of my favorite romance, dystopian books."

Janelle Loose's profile image

janelle_loose shared a tip "I loved it"

Marie 's profile image

marie_5550 shared a tip "Nit specifically but The Selection is definitely one of my all time favorites"

aubri_perkins shared a tip "It kept me on my toes. In love with the series, can’t wait to get my hands on The One."

Alexa Rodriguez's profile image

patche shared a tip "A great sequel to the selection!!!! We all pray for Marlee in these trying times <\3"

Kate 's profile image

Kate12 shared a tip "Good dialogue and not overly 🥵 or cheesy"

gabriela bent's profile image

gabriela_bent shared a tip "Yes it seems so intre"

Kady Killion's profile image

kady_killion shared a tip "I love the entire series!! My favorite of this series is The One"

Hannah hmm's profile image

hannah_hmm shared a tip "it’s very good start with The Selection!"

Ava Hoger's profile image

ava_hoger shared a tip "2nd book to the selection"

Swan 's profile image

bisexual._.swan shared a tip "an amazing sequel to The Selection."

kaycee_f shared a tip "Another quick read in the series. This book did not finish the storyline but I will definitely be reading the next books."

Autumn kappenman's profile image

autumn_kappenman shared a tip "I would give this one a 3/5 just because the main character girl(i forget her name😬) ****** me off. But the ending was nice"

Gabriela Ramirez's profile image

gabriela_ramirez_5221 shared a tip "SOOOOO GOOD"

Abbie Brooks's profile image

abbie_brooks_202 shared a tip "Such a good middle book!!! Kept us intrigued, despite the fact we knew we wouldn't get all the answers till book 3!"

April 's profile image

April1 shared a tip "Read this year."

lacey_sisson shared a tip "LOVED THIS BOOK! When I finished, I was yelling how good it was 😂"

Kellie Ellebracht's profile image

kellie_ellebracht shared a tip "Oh that's to hard to decide."

Tricia Burg's profile image

tricia_burg shared a tip "I really liked the Lunar Chronicles and the Caraval series"

Nechama 's profile image

nechama shared a tip "I’m in the middle of this book, and I absolutely love it so far!"

Chloe 's profile image

chloe_5150 shared a tip "Suspenful and dramatic! What more could you need?!?"

Maren Abigail's profile image

maren_abigail shared a tip "LOVE LOVE LOVE!! This whole series was fabulous!! I am such a sucker for cliche romance and this was AMAZING ❤️"

Aveen Esma's profile image

aveen_esma shared a tip "Yes the selection is my favorite book i suggest you read it"

PHOEBE FOWLER's profile image

phoebe_fowler shared a tip "Amazing!"

Ashlin Cronmiller's profile image

ashlin_cronmiller shared a tip "Yes I think you should. I read the whole series in a week I couldn't put it down."

Diana Bitterly's profile image

diana_bitterly_3460 shared a tip "My favorite book in this series was the first one. The selection started off great but also ended great."

Diana Bitterly's profile image

diana_bitterly_3460 shared a tip "If you want another great book my favorite book is entwined by Heather Dixon."

whitni_webster_8543 shared a tip "I really liked it. I think it would be worth trying it."

Isabella Perry's profile image

isabella_perry_9852 shared a tip "renegades by marissa meyer is amazing i'm on the second book, archenemies, right now!"

jillian_2219 shared a tip "I would say the whole selection series if I was being honest."

reece_dodson shared a tip "The favorite series in the entire world!! Recommend to everyone :))"

Julianna Nuzzo's profile image

julianna_nuzzo shared a tip "This book took me three days. Usual books take me at least a month. I just couldn’t put it down, loved it!"

Tabitha Schrock's profile image

tabitha_schrock shared a tip "It's sooo good"

Kassandra Moreno's profile image

kassandra_moreno_5686 shared a tip "I love it"

Isabella Santa Barbara's profile image

isabella_santa_barb shared a tip "Loved the first one"

lina 's profile image

flsnai shared a tip "it’s apart of a series, so i would say read the selection first"

Elise Benander's profile image

elise_benander shared a tip "Hope you like it 😊👍"

Brighton Porter's profile image

brighton_porter shared a tip "I like the suspense."

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