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I've got a solid 8hrs a day to listen to audiobooks and I really want to read as much as I can while I have this opportunity. I love a good fantasy romance or panic inducing sci-fi!


This book was fine and I enjoyed it while I read it but I found it to be incredibly unmemorable. Great background noise really. From the love triangle to the villain everything just felt very underdeveloped. A book needs more substance than just having a queer latinx MC and a cool blurb. If you are looking for something in a very similar realm I would suggest God's of Jade and Shadow or Kingdom of the Wicked (if you want something a little sexier).

Labyrinth Lost imageLabyrinth Lost image

Labyrinth Lost

Books | Zoraida Cordova

This book has a very slow start but, it is done so well. The layering of perspectives and having the world not be described to us but literally seen through the eyes of these characters was *chefs kiss* Suspense and tension were so well woven into each sentence that I am relieved to already have the next book on me.

The Bone Shard Daughter imageThe Bone Shard Daughter image

The Bone Shard Daughter

Books | Andrea Stewart

I almost can not believe this is a debut novel. This was fantastic! It managed to feel intimate and grand all at once. Honestly, I am buying my entire family this book for Christmas. That's how much I enjoyed it

Axiom's End imageAxiom's End image

Axiom's End

Books | Lindsay Ellis

This was such a lovely story driven by such a colorful cast of cinnamon rolls! A must read for anyone looking for a weekend YA romance!

Before We Disappear imageBefore We Disappear image

Before We Disappear

Books | Shaun David Hutchinson

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