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The #1 New York Times-bestselling series that brought fans a complex and thrilling world of cyborgs and evil queens is now available as a beautiful boxed set. Cinder Cinder, a gifted mechanic, is a cyborg. She's a second-class citizen with a mysterious past, reviled by her stepmother and blamed for

Author Marissa Meyer


Publisher Feiwel & Friends

Published Date 2016-10-04

ISBN 1250113229 9781250113221

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Nesha O'meara's profile image

nesha_omeara shared a tip "Great at giving you loved characters in a new and unexpected way"

Emily Browning's profile image

emily_browning_6394 shared a tip "Truly imaginative spin on a Disney classic. I love the steampunk vibes ❤️"

Chris Franklin's profile image

chris_franklin_1500 shared a tip "These are such wonderful books. I’ve met the author and we spoke at length."

Marissa Marroquin's profile image

marissa_marroquin shared a tip "Yes, me too! The first one!"

Bookworm Cat's profile image

catcat_cat_cat_catt shared a tip "Literally never loved a book more. And, surprisingly, unlike many incredible first books, the sequels aren’t that bad ❤️"

Maddie Eul's profile image

MJ2913 shared a tip "Yeah if you like dystopian fantasy’s then I’d recommend it"

Gabrielle Petrucelly's profile image

gabrielle_petrucelly shared a tip "Marissa Meyer never fails to impress with this series! Absolutely loved it! #young_adult_fiction"

Nicole Tock-Falvo's profile image

nicole_tock-falvo shared a tip "Loved how each book tied back to the previous books so everything feed into each other"

Linda Serrano's profile image

linda_serrano shared a tip "The first is always the best. If you liked this series, you'll love Red Queen. It's awesome"

Jolene Caouette's profile image

jolene_caouette shared a tip "I have two or three of them. Definitely on my list !"

Kaylee J's profile image

kaylee_j shared a tip "Oh I ADORE these books! Just finished re reading them in fact!"

Natalie Spears's profile image

natalie_spears shared a tip "The mystery and romance #fantasy"

kat_2705 shared a tip "A great twist on the stories I grew up on!!"

Keulistal V's profile image

keulistal_v shared a tip "Yes the Red Queen series is my current favourite!"

Yareli 's profile image

yareli_4912 shared a tip "I LOVED THESE!!! Havent been able to pick up Winter but the rest are amazing!! Fairest was one of my favs"

billie_6862 shared a tip "One of my favorite series of all time, rivals Potter in writing and wit."

Cora Beck's profile image

cora_beck shared a tip "The best retake on the og fairy tales ever!!!"

IJM 's profile image

iylah_maynes shared a tip "I love the internal struggle. By all the characters."

GlRichards 's profile image

GlRichards shared a tip "I love the way that the fairytales are remade into sci-fi fantasy romance. Awesome world building and funny banter!"

NerdyGamer7407 's profile image

nerdygamer7407 shared a tip "Be careful they're unbelievably addictive"

Madyson McCall's profile image

madyson_mccall shared a tip "It's very good I'm not usually into sci-fi but it has me finishing a book a week"

Rachel M's profile image

NOLA_HGPrincess shared a tip "Anyone a fan of The Lunar Chronicles?"

Jessica roloson's profile image

jessica_roloson shared a tip "I really loved this series it was a little predictable but enjoyable and would read again"

Shanna Pankey's profile image

shanna_pankey shared a tip "Fun series"

Jada Halliday's profile image

jada_halliday shared a tip "I absolutely love this series! It's intriguing, unpredictable, and all-around amazing!"

Maria Thea's profile image

maria_thea shared a tip "Really good book series if you’re into dystopian and princess books"

belisa_rodak25 shared a tip "I liked a lot to parts but maybe thorne and cinders exchanges!"

Jacki Bricker's profile image

jacki.427 shared a tip "The ones with Cinder’s sarcastic comments."

Peyton Pearcy's profile image

peyton_pearcy shared a tip "usually not a fan of fairytale retellings but TLC is just 🥰"

jess ♡'s profile image

jess_robinson._ shared a tip "Insanely good!! You will not regret it!!"

Erica Snyder's profile image

erica_snyder shared a tip "One of my top favorite series!!!!"

Margaret Turner's profile image

margaret_turner shared a tip "That's a tough one! Normally, it's the first. But with this particular series, each of unique, building on the previous story."

macinzie_farber shared a tip "My absolute favorite series. The foreshadowing is great and the character development is exquisite"

valerie_7923 shared a tip "Great female leads with scifi"

abby_4599 shared a tip "II think theres more than just these 4 books now :) I fell in love with these books, you wont regret reading these"

Mariah McBride's profile image

mariah_mcbride shared a tip "Amazing books highly recommend"

theaira shared a tip "An amazing retelling of the Disney princesses!"

Krystal Johnson's profile image

krystal_johnson_627 shared a tip "I can't choose!!!! I just was so excited to read the next. I loved them all. ❤️"

musical math's profile image

musical_math shared a tip "Amazing story, i read cinder like 5 times."

Jessica Humphrey's profile image

jessica_humphrey_3360 shared a tip "This is one of my favorite series"

Sumaiya Dharsee's profile image

sumaiya_dharsee shared a tip "Loved the romance and scifi aspect"

Emma :)'s profile image

emma_chubbuck shared a tip "This is basically steampunk fairytales that intertwin. I LOVE THESES BOOKS!!"

Lisa Deprey's profile image

lisa_deprey shared a tip "Wonderful characters!"

Ella Evans's profile image

ella_evans_9258 shared a tip "A fun futuristic Sci-fi fairytale retellings with great diversity in characters. What's not to love?"

candace renshaw's profile image

candace_renshaw shared a tip "The builds a whole world and characters you love."

Sayde Brennan's profile image

sayde_brennan shared a tip "These are easily in my top 5 series. I can’t express how much I love these books."

Piper Lancey's profile image

jovonna shared a tip "I love the spin on classic fairy tale characters. Especially making two of them BIPCO/POC"

Hailey Crawford's profile image

hailey_crawford_330 shared a tip "My favorite book series ever"

Tierney McNabb's profile image

tierney_mcnabb shared a tip "Ugh what a hard question! I really loved Cress and Winter"

Tierney McNabb's profile image

tierney_mcnabb shared a tip "Sorry..... What a delay in posting I responded twice"

Hannah Wilson's profile image

hannah_wilson_601 shared a tip "Cresswell and everything else. About it"

Selene Torres's profile image

coffee_cottage shared a tip "read one book and couldn't stop:)"

Molly Clark's profile image

molly_clark_4606 shared a tip "This is one of my favorite series of all time!"

zoriana_bondar shared a tip "Amazing read!! Should I read the next book?"

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