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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Millions of people have fallen in love with Auggie Pullman, an ordinary boy with an extraordinary face—who shows us that kindness brings us together no matter how far apart we are. Read the book that inspired the Choose Kind movement, a major motion picture, and the cr

Author R. J. Palacio

Pages 320

Publisher Random House Children's Books

Published Date 2012-02-14

ISBN 037589988X 9780375899881

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Google 4.5


DarkAllegoryy 's profile image

darkallegoryy shared a tip "The Fault in Our Stars is really good!"

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auri_love26 shared a tip "Very cute story!"

Linda Zarett's profile image

2LZ shared a tip "This is an amazing book for all ages."

MK 's profile image

m_k_139 shared a tip "I just joined wattpad. I read this book a few years ago! It is pretty amazing for teens according to me!🥰"

Lily 's profile image

funwithlilyyy shared a tip "Love this book so much. read it so many times and never got tired of it. Love the movie too"

Addie Anderson's profile image

addie_anderson_6277 shared a tip "Cute. 4/5 oh and made me cry"

rachel_kopp shared a tip "Yes! The Fault in Our Stars, makes me cry every time. What is your favourite book?"

Grace of Interest 's profile image

grace_of_interest shared a tip "I read this book in fifth grade and I can honestly say this book change the way I loved at people with a disability!! 10/10"

Kathy Krause's profile image

kathy_krause shared a tip "I would recommend.. especially good read for kids around 10yrs"

Isabella Mokabel's profile image

isabella_mokabel shared a tip "I have it and was really nice!"

Liz Alvarado's profile image

liz_alvarado shared a tip "Excellent novel to teach pre-teens empathy."

melissa_lewis_2559 shared a tip "Wonderful story about kindness & acceptance"

ellerie mcgough's profile image

ellerie_mcgough shared a tip "So so good!!!"

sophia_hennington shared a tip "Amazing"

Victoria Santiago's profile image

victoria_santiago_8197 shared a tip "I made a list on my profile"

riley_6187 shared a tip "Very emotional"

allie_ripley shared a tip "i loved how it showed different pov’s in it and i just thoroughly enjoyed it"

kelsey 's profile image

kelseyba1ley shared a tip "really cute"

Metzger Miranda's profile image

metzger_miranda shared a tip "Yes I have seen the movie! It is amazing!!"

Nelia PM's profile image

nelia_pm shared a tip "Actually no it was the only one."

Alexis Lopez's profile image

alexis_lopez_7234 shared a tip "I love this movie"

Kelly Ann G's profile image

kelly_ann_g shared a tip "Yes, I cried, such a touching movie.."

Wolf Pack's profile image

wolf_pack shared a tip "The author is amazing. They did a great job wiring this book. Let me warn you though, this book will make you ugly cry!"

AnnaBella Gonzalez's profile image

annabella_gonzalez shared a tip "Oh sorry I just saw that yes I have and I cried my eyes out"

katy_robinson_2010 shared a tip "very inspirational"

Claire Adams's profile image

claire_adams_7507 shared a tip "Its an emotional book for when you want to cry with plenty of happy moments to balance it out."

Mia Scotto di Uccio's profile image

mia_scotto_di_uccio shared a tip "this is such a good book! i would definitely recommend reading it."

Hazzy hines 's profile image

hazzel_hines_2712 shared a tip "cute read it for school"

trinity_1899 shared a tip "100% the second book is also amazing, but it's definitely way softer than any other typical "coming of age" story"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1621960938081 shared a tip "I liked all of it. 😆😆😆"

Angie Knapp's profile image

angie_knapp shared a tip "Heartwarming!"

Evan Hall's profile image

evan_hall_2565 shared a tip "This book was really good it's gas some amazing characters and it's a great book to read when you have a chance"

Brittany Starcher's profile image

brittany_starcher shared a tip "Oh, yes! It's heartwarming and a happy tears book! Be prepared to cry!"

Brittany Starcher's profile image

brittany_starcher shared a tip "Most definitely! I cannot recommend this book enough to everyone! It always makes me feel really hard while reading it."

Mae Rashdan's profile image

mae_rashdan shared a tip "Anything from John green is always good"

Angela Buchanan's profile image

angela_buchanan shared a tip "I taught with this book in a middle school 8 years ago. It was transformative for some of those kids...and for me!"

Julie Beazzo Nichols's profile image

julie_beazzo_nichols shared a tip "I don’t think I can pick just one.. I might say Schindler’s List or Angela’s Ashes. You?"

dominatioLucian Sol's profile image

dominatiolucian_sol shared a tip "Reminds us that true beauty is in the soul. Forces people to rethink how we view others."

Jazzy 's profile image

jazzy_2063 shared a tip "Definitely read Wonder!!"

Erin Hogg's profile image

erin_hogg shared a tip "It hit me really hard and made me cry and it also made my heart feel warm inside."

Zaynab Bah's profile image

zaynab_bah shared a tip "Yes it’s amazing, such a game changer!"

molly_kosir shared a tip "“Salt to the Sea”, but maybe this book I’m reading now called “These Violent Delights”"

Hannah Strunk's profile image

hannah_strunk shared a tip "It’s was so sweet and show that nothing can stop you"

kiya_schneider_2415 shared a tip "Eleanor & Park byRainbow Rowell is amazing !!"

Diana 's profile image

diana_4911 shared a tip "While this is vastly different from Wonder, I am enjoying See Me by Nicholas Sparks"

maggie 's profile image

m_.booklover shared a tip "it was such a sweet book"

Lil-Farrah 's profile image

lil-farrah shared a tip "10/10"

Christine Ongano's profile image

christine_ongano shared a tip "I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s an easy read as it is a book for kids but I did enjoy it. I read it before I watched the movie."

Joelle Solicito's profile image

joelle_solicito shared a tip "Truely an amazing story with likable characters."

Rosario Juarez's profile image

rosario_juarez shared a tip "Yes I have seen the movie and loved it as well.."

Gracie Garcia's profile image

gracie_garcia_3609 shared a tip "I read this acouple years ago. I'm thinking of reading again though. Amazing book!"

Mark Yang's profile image

mark_yang shared a tip "One of the most heart-warming books I have ever read. Please do not pass up on this."

leia_schomer shared a tip "Read the other books that go along with this!"

KYNSI 5479990's profile image

kynsiii shared a tip "if your looking for a book, i would definitely recommend wonder. it is an amazing book and there’s also a movie!🤍"

marife shared a tip "Yes, the movie was good."

Katy Garibay's profile image

katy_garibay shared a tip "Yes!!"

Adah Vernon's profile image

adah_vernon shared a tip "In my opinion it was pretty good."

Jaila Walker's profile image

jaila_walker shared a tip "Great book"

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nesi_m shared a tip "I loved the whole book ofc my favorite part was in the medals part"

Hannah Hunton's profile image

hannah_hunton shared a tip "Its such a heart warming story"

Sarah Hillyer's profile image

sarah_hillyer shared a tip "I have seen the movie.....loved them both!"

Juelz Tate's profile image

juelz_tate shared a tip "#Wonder This book is very special and important"

Amy Moore's profile image

amy_moore_3775 shared a tip "Loved this book!"

Alyssa Marie's profile image

alyssa_marie_7156 shared a tip "Really good moral behind it."

Jazzy Champagne's profile image

jazzy_champagne shared a tip "Still alice"

duchess.es 's profile image

duchess.es shared a tip "Made me cry, read book and seen the movie."

Sydney Van Noy's profile image

sydney_van_noy shared a tip "This book has such an amazing story!!!"

Selena Grace's profile image

selena_grace shared a tip "Wonder"

Stax Isgay's profile image

stax_isgay shared a tip "Its a wholesome and easy to read book it made me do a little cry"

RJ Daniels's profile image

r25 shared a tip "A really good book for children starting to read YA books."

kate_griffith_2206 shared a tip "Yes loved it"

emma_cooper_4652 shared a tip "I enjoyed the book, although I have not read any of their other works yet"

Grace Demacopoulos's profile image

grace_demacopoulos shared a tip "Really great book"

gaige_dunlap shared a tip "Sad but good"

Claire Topp's profile image

claire_topp shared a tip "Loving"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1608188500652 shared a tip "Love the book but was disappointed by the movie so I would recommend watching the movie first."

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1601430773943 shared a tip "The best book with the greatest storyline of the universe.Great for all ages!"

Jan Stanek Almeida's profile image

jan_stanek_almeida shared a tip "I actually saw the movie first."

Falaah Abdun-nur's profile image

falaah_abdun-nur shared a tip "No I haven't but I absolutely loved this book"

Abraham Vazquez's profile image

abraham_vazquez shared a tip "One of my favorite authors has to be John Steinbeck."

emma_16 shared a tip "Yes!"

Amandah Reyes's profile image

amandah_reyes shared a tip "I have, I loved it!"

allison_8962 shared a tip "Yes! I loved it"

Brianna Gibson's profile image

read_with_dogs shared a tip "This book is so good, it made me cry."

Dawn Ashbaugh's profile image

dawn_ashbaugh shared a tip "Omg it so good"

Sophie Paré's profile image

sophie_par shared a tip "I read it already like 20 times it's the best book ever"

alexia_moreno shared a tip "Great book to read aloud to someone."

gabby_hogie shared a tip "I just throught ig was a well written and beautiful book."

JustA GayClown's profile image

justa_gayclown shared a tip "a cute book"

AshyKatSans 's profile image

ashykatsans shared a tip "It shows to not discriminate based on disability"

Yuri Siva's profile image

yuri_siva shared a tip "Great book to refresh the mind and soul. My elementary school teacher read it to my class and I loved it."

sukhmani gill's profile image

sukhmani_gill shared a tip "@tristen_fw I dont read books because of the authors... but I like this book"

amy_baldridge shared a tip "Wonder is the perfect book to help children who struggle with natural empahy. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry."

kathy_chard shared a tip "This is the only title I have read"

Joelle D.'s profile image

joellesjournal shared a tip "such a sweet novel that every child should read!!!"

Isaura Alvarez's profile image

isaura_alvarez shared a tip "This is a great book for anyone really. One of my favorite books and such a good message."

misty_rogers shared a tip "Love this book!"

Lindsey Clark's profile image

lindsey_clark_1078 shared a tip "Read it multiple times. 20/10"

tiana phillips's profile image

tiana_phillips shared a tip "i absolutely loved “they both die at the end” by adam silvera"

Tami L Speicher's profile image

tami_l_speicher shared a tip "This book should be required for all 5th graders!"

Rina Sallmonella's profile image

juliana-analise shared a tip "Sorry for responding twice, new to the app :)"

Galactic Prism's profile image

galactic_prism shared a tip "Yes! And it's called something strange and deadly but ilI also really liked the divergent series."

abbie m's profile image

abbie_m_6895 shared a tip "yep! it was equally as good!"

Ashley Ross's profile image

ashley_ross_3819 shared a tip "Amazing!! Everyone should read this!!"

cammee_parkin shared a tip "Such a cute book!"

jessica_cook shared a tip "Everyone needs to read this book"

Alexa Nicastro's profile image

alexa_nicastro shared a tip "Heartwarming and so good!!"

Lime_ 's profile image

limewastaken shared a tip "Such a nice and sweet book"

Deborah Core's profile image

deborah_core shared a tip "This one touches the heart strings of every reader. We love it."

Katherine 's profile image

katherineg shared a tip "We had to read this for school in middle school and I actually really enjoyed it."

Janette Vazquez's profile image

janette_vazquez_2206 shared a tip "Omg I love this book"

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