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The Shattered Crown

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Maxym M. Martineau
Dark magic, mythical beasts, undying assassins, and forbidden love—this thrilling final installment in the epic Beast Charmer series is perfect for fans of Jennifer Armentrout, Sarah J Maas and Claire LegrandWhen Leena Edenfrell swore herself to the Frozen Prince, Noc Feyreigner, she never dreamed she'd ignite the flames of war. And yet as their enemies combine forces against them, Leena and Noc have no choice but to gather their allies and fight. While Noc makes moves to reclaim their lost throne, Leena acts as the new Crown of the Charmer's Council, searching for a way to stop the enemy from raising an ancient creature destined to burn their world to ash.But no matter how hard they fight—for each other, for their friends, and for everyone who looks to them to lead—Leena can't escape the feeling that her time is running out.Soon a winged shadow reigns over Lendria, and Leena is the last thing standing between everyone she loves and total destruction. It's in that moment that Noc and Leena discover the true price of victory: in order to tame the ancient dragon, Leena will have to sacrifice her own heart...and lose herself in the process.Intense, compelling, and impossible to put down, The Shattered Crown is perfect for readers looking for:epic YA/New Adult fantasy seriesa unique premise and a plot to die forbooks like Sarah J. Maas' Kingdom of Ash and Kalyn Josephson's Storm Crowhigh fantasy with paranormal and romance elementsmultidimensional characters and rich world-buildingThe Beast Charmer Series:Kingdom of ExilesThe Frozen PrinceThe Shattered Crown
Dark Fantasy
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Maxym M. Martineau
Sourcebooks, Inc.
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1728241235 9781728241234
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