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#1 New York Times BestsellerOver 10 million copies soldIn this generation-defining self-help guide, a superstar blogger cuts through the crap to show us how to stop trying to be "positive" all the time so that we can truly become better, happier people.For decades, we’ve been told that positive thin

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Author Mark Manson

Pages 224

Publisher HarperCollins

Published Date 2016-09-13

ISBN 006245773X 9780062457738


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Jesse Gauntt's profile image

legauntt shared a tip "When choosing to give ducks, give ducks to things that matter"

Katrice Masters's profile image

katrice_masters shared a tip "Please read this book it helped me drive negative people out of my life"

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milliemills shared a tip "Currently my favorite books are The Devil in Silver by Victor LaValle and the Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. How about you?"

Sean Mombourquette's profile image

sean_mombourquette shared a tip "Its a very simple read, however it is a great book for people that have issues with anxiety or stress."

Laura Anderson's profile image

landerson shared a tip "Refreshing perspective."

Porsche Spencer's profile image

porsche_spencer shared a tip "This book was wonderful"

josephine_quach shared a tip "8/10"

Victoria Giordano's profile image

victoria_giordano_3589 shared a tip "Was not helpful"

danny_green_9305 shared a tip "S"

Shanzie M's profile image

shanzie_m shared a tip "Me too! Just a different way of looking at things."

Chris Lee's profile image

chris_lee_1010 shared a tip "The fact the book tells you that you failed at not giving a f@k if you picked up the book is hilarious."

Nelia PM's profile image

nelia_pm shared a tip "It was alright but not great"

Jami Firek's profile image

jami_firek shared a tip "I don't know to be honest. I like a lot of different authors in different genres"

p b's profile image

p_b_355 shared a tip "Literally life changing"

Meg Harvey's profile image

meg_harvey shared a tip "An amazing read!!!!!"

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jgurrola shared a tip "tbh girl i have no idea i just read the description and i liked it"

Eden Knutson's profile image

eden_knutson shared a tip "In general? I really like The Alchemist"

Caroline Muraca's profile image

caroline_muraca shared a tip "Easy going read. Enjoyable and relatable. Reminds us of what’s important to put our energy into."

Mayra 's profile image

mayra_4962 shared a tip "I do. enjoyed his writing."

Su 's profile image

su_8200 shared a tip "I've only read one book from this author, but I do enjoy his writing style!"

Tye Gnass's profile image

tye_gnass shared a tip "Just a really great book. Impressively written."

ronth_jukanti shared a tip "Motivational and inspiring"

Rudy Grant's profile image

rudy_grant shared a tip "A great insight into what we should care about and more importantly what we shouldn't care about."

Andrea McInerney's profile image

andi_mac shared a tip "A great book to help shift your perspective!"

Rachel Ten Haaf's profile image

rachel_ten_haaf shared a tip "I wouldn't buy it, but it's a good one to borrow."

Sheila Taylor Clark's profile image

sheila_taylor_clark shared a tip "Just started the book"

Janessa Adkins's profile image

janessa_adkins shared a tip "I haven’t actually read it yet I’m starting it this evening"

Michael D'Antonio's profile image

michael_dantonio shared a tip "Fun read with a valuable point."

Kiley Southall's profile image

kiley_southall shared a tip "3.96/5"

Briana Elboeck's profile image

briana_elboeck shared a tip "It’s so good!"

Felicia Stillman's profile image

felicia_stillman shared a tip "I don't think I have a favorite chapter, honestly. It's a funny quick/read"

megan_doll shared a tip "Would probably read again"

Ashley Chambrello's profile image

ashley_chambrello shared a tip "Him*"

Dawn Day's profile image

dawn_day_239 shared a tip "Great points. Good gift for the worry wort"

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hu56 shared a tip "Still can't stop rereading Stephen King or Clive Cuddler !!"

megan_5383 shared a tip "YES!"

Brianna Moore's profile image

brianna_moore_23 shared a tip "I meant to save for future reading not recommend still getting used to the site."

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real_fan shared a tip "Not yet"

Sunshine Soul's profile image

sunshine_soul shared a tip "I have not sorry"

Crystal Cousins's profile image

crystal_cousins shared a tip "Hilarious . Worth my time"

Raiden Weeden's profile image

raiden_weeden shared a tip "The intelligent investor"

Taylor Hays's profile image

taylor_hays shared a tip "A great one! Really enjoyed. Currently reading the second book, “Everything is F*cked, A book about hope”"

Netus Davis's profile image

netus_davis shared a tip "I do! It's called This Book Does Not Exist"

Cassie McCormick's profile image

cassie_mccormick shared a tip "Must read. Blew through this in 12 hours."

crystal_3924 shared a tip "I just finished Atomic Habits and started Unfu*k Yourself. Loving them both!"

Nick Rodriguez's profile image

nick_rodriguez_2968 shared a tip "A new style of writing for contemporary philosophers. Easy to read and full of profound realizations."

Hev Angela's profile image

hev_angela shared a tip "I REALLY f#cking love this book!"

Hev Angela's profile image

hev_angela shared a tip "I also really like pjs, vegemite, tea & bed. #photofulloffavs"

Jose Jaimes's profile image

jose_jaimes_9201 shared a tip "Good book"

marilyn_silverberg shared a tip "Trying very hard to not care about certain things"

rick_payn shared a tip "Great gift - I've given this to a couple of high school and college grads."

Laurie Laclé's profile image

laurie_lacl shared a tip "Yes!"

Kelly Ann's profile image

kelly_ann_7097 shared a tip "One of my favorite self help books."

Sophie Berube's profile image

sophie_berube shared a tip "You should! It's a really good book!! :)"

Liana Curtis's profile image

liana_curtis shared a tip "Honest"

megan_7554 shared a tip "#amazing"

Abigail Clinger's profile image

abigail_clinger shared a tip "The Rythm of Life is a must read! I have read it three times now. Similar messages but put very differently."

Jen King's profile image

jen_king_8742 shared a tip "This world would he a better place if everyone would just read this. People would be more mellow and just enjoy life."

Ramon Alonso's profile image

ramon_alonso shared a tip "Would love to know what you think about it."

Amy Voss's profile image

amy_voss_2187 shared a tip "Jenny Lawson's Furiously Happy is great!"

eric_6646 shared a tip "Great read to remind myself what matters."

Chelsea Gagne's profile image

chelsea_gagne shared a tip "It’s not bad, the author is a bit pretentious but I enjoyed it"

jungleworry shared a tip "I liked it, I’d almost recommend listening to podcasts he’s a guest on first and/or his blog posts to see if it sparks for you."

Christina Koklas's profile image

christina_koklas shared a tip "The Four Agreements! It's a must"

Duncan Ashley's profile image

duncan_ashley shared a tip "Have you read anything you loved lately?"

Ashley Stermer's profile image

ashley_stermer shared a tip "I haven’t read it yet."

Shyann Fox's profile image

shyann_fox_3603 shared a tip "Yes I absolutely love it!! Highly recommend!"

Gabrielle Lemieux's profile image

gabrielle_lemieux_5934 shared a tip "I actually just started this book and I love the way it is written! This book makes you realise a lot about yourself 👍"

mikayla_medeiros shared a tip "It’s good, and a pretty quick read! Helped me a lot as a perfectionist 😂"

Eddwardo Chesterfield's profile image

eddwardo_chesterfie shared a tip "It opened me up to stop worrying so much."

Lori Hendrix's profile image

lori_hendrix shared a tip "#psychology #personal_growth"

Sarah Crosley's profile image

sarah_crosley shared a tip "I’m currently reading We Should All Be Millionaires and Never Split the Difference. Both are great reads."

Carole Morgan's profile image

carole_morgan shared a tip "I'm getting back into reading and the last one I read was Celestine Prophecy which I loved."

kim_8934 shared a tip "Meh"

J K's profile image

j_k_2222 shared a tip "Actually enjoying Atomic Habits at the moment. 😊"

kelli baker's profile image

kelli_baker_6008 shared a tip "Loved it"

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brandi_lenz shared a tip "Different than some traditional self-help books. It’s great, but in a not so heavy and psychologically dense way."

Katelyn Gress's profile image

katelyn_gress shared a tip "I agree"

Missie Anderson's profile image

missie_anderson shared a tip "I am a huge fantasy nerd and just read the from blood and ash series. It was pretty great."

FIRE_ALARM 's profile image

FIRE_ALARM111 shared a tip "I don’t know how you will care about the f*ck word on the cover like it didn’t do anything to you"

Rahma Abdullahi Ismail's profile image

rahma_abdullahi_ism shared a tip ""Normal people " by Sally Rooney"

Amber Vincent's profile image

amber_vincent shared a tip "Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell. Cant put it down."

danielle_dube shared a tip "It’s a book I want to read, I haven’t yet"

Junk Kruzan's profile image

junk_kruzan shared a tip "It's alright. Definitely felt there was new material throughout. Easy read. Pleasant nihilistic take."

Marika Coleman's profile image

marika_coleman shared a tip "Extremely thought provoking."

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