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A. H. Cunningham
She's stopped believing there was a Dom out there for her that could match her mind and her kinks.Aisha McKinney thought she had everything figured out: her dance school Mrs. Brown Dance Studio, was the best in her community, she had the support of her friends and family, and at night she indulged in her other...passions. But when her studio starts losing students and she has to turn to her sex work to keep the lights on, her life takes a turn for the unexpected.He's accepted this was all life had to give.Knox Davenport had an orderly life. Work is expanding, his seven-year-old daughter is flourishing, and after a difficult divorce, he's starting to explore his kink through dominant classes with an experienced submissive. But there is only one obstacle to his peace of mind. His daughter's Ballet teacher. Why does Aisha McKinney, the owner of Brown Dance Studio and her half-baked Holiday dance show, threaten to unravel all of his composure?When Aisha and Knox's goals converge, will they let their pasts dictate their futures, or will they both bend to the needs of their heart?
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A. H. Cunningham
A.H. Cunningham
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1737859777 9781737859772
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