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Katrina Jackson
ZahraWhat would you do if you found out that your fiancé cheated on you the night before your wedding with a reality tv exotic dancer? What if you found out that they'd had a threesome with your best friend, who was also your maid of honor? What if you discovered all of this on the morning of your wedding with a camera for your own reality tv show pointing at your face?Let me tell you what I do.I punch her. I punch him. And then I run away to Italy on what should have been my honeymoon alone, with my ex's stolen credit cards.I just want to drink all the wine and cry myself to sleep at night, but I can't even do that in peace.GiulioI deserve this holiday. I worked hard for it. I killed for it. Literally. But the woman next door won't stop crying and it's keeping me awake at night. When I go to confront her... Well, let's just say things don't go to plan. Not that I'm complaining.And I know my life is chaotic, but even I can't predict the armed man who shows up to kill me or the fact that I've somehow ended up on the run with the weepy goddess from the penthouse suite. It's a mistake to bring Zahra along, but I want to keep her safe. I want to keep her with me. Also, try as I might, I can't tell her no and mean it.Besides, I'm beginning to suspect that I might have the guns, but I'm not running this show; she is, and she's damn sexy while doing it.CONTENT WARNINGSMentions of domestic abuseMentions of child abuseMurderShooting deaths
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Katrina Jackson
Sea Port Press LLC
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1953908551 9781953908551

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