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A young girl, Chihiro, becomes trapped in a strange new world of spirits. When her parents undergo a mysterious transformation, she must call upon the courage she never knew she had to free her family.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2001-07-20

Runtime 125 minutes

Budget $19m

Revenue $0.3b


TMDB 8.5


Salim Hemdani's profile image

shemdani shared a tip "It’s weird but so good!"

Greg Martinez's profile image

Greg.Martinez shared a tip "Can't wait to one day watch it with Shepherd."

IAmFG 's profile image

iamfg shared a tip "One of the best movies ever!"

Denon Strope's profile image

denon_strope shared a tip "Rewatch"

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erica_love_6366 shared a tip "Beautiful"

Angel Luna 's profile image

angel_luna_3148 shared a tip "Howls moving castle"

Anna Howard's profile image

anna_howard_5947 shared a tip "Possibly Myasaki’s best, this fantasy captivates audiences with sheer imagination and color. You will get lost."

Jennifer Davidson's profile image

jennifer_davidson shared a tip "One of my faves."

晉裘 聶's profile image

awesome_user_826422 shared a tip "My favourite Studio Ghibli movie! It's kinda creepy and weird but really good!"

Alexandria Welling's profile image

alexandria_welling shared a tip "My absolute favorite animated film. My heart is so moved... I cannot say enough"

Jessica Fendt's profile image

AngelHeart17 shared a tip "It's Studio Ghibli!"

Jennifer N.'s profile image

jennifer_n. shared a tip "I need to rewatch this. I remember it was good but I don’t really remember what happens lol"

Asuna Yuuki's profile image

asuna_yuuki_4517 shared a tip "No problem! Anything Studio Ghibli is amazing!"

Joy Godwin 's profile image

joy_bells shared a tip "Just one of many wonderful animated movies on the Studio Ghibli collection."

Catherine C's profile image

catherine_c_577 shared a tip "Classic. A must watch!"

Jacqueline France's profile image

jacqueline_france shared a tip "LOVE THIS. such an exciting world created. Studio Ghibli masterpiece"

Caroline Garrigos's profile image

caroline_garrigos shared a tip "This made me redicover my love for anime. Im fascinated with the creativity!"

Queen Ixel's profile image

queen_ixel shared a tip "This was WONDERFUL!"

Julie White's profile image

CloneHigh shared a tip "Iconic. Masterpiece. The art in this is nothing but Studio Ghibli excellence."

Destiny Southwind's profile image

destiny_southwind shared a tip "My all time favorite movie as a child and still as a parent to a child"

Carlota Casas's profile image

miau shared a tip "Very cute sometimes and others like a nightmare. Great movie!"

Lo 's profile image

mallory_rose shared a tip "It's so hard to choose, but the train scene is absolutely magical! Care to share yours?"

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daniel_harvey_4181 shared a tip "Very creative and captivating"

ShyAnn Caruso's profile image

shyann_caruso shared a tip "Cant explain how great this movie is"

Julia 's profile image

julia_7464 shared a tip "Favorite movie"

Dani Moss's profile image

dani_moss shared a tip "My favorite Ghibli movie after Totoro. It's beautiful with a great story and sucks you in with it's music and characters."

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abdiel_martinez shared a tip "I love this movie."

Cassandre Fournier's profile image

cassandre_fournier shared a tip "GHIBLI 💛"

kathleen_mankins shared a tip "Life changing film - became a lifelong fan of Miyazaki after watching this the first time"

Jude Gourdet's profile image

jude_gourdet shared a tip "An animated movie I could keep on running 24/7 without ever getting bored."

Julia D's profile image

julia_d_4070 shared a tip "Whimsical, evocative. One of Murakami's best and not too scary for sensitive children."

MyNameJeans 's profile image

mynamejeans shared a tip "Probably my favorite movie of all time. Stunning visuals and a really good story."

Nicola Wright's profile image

nicola_wright shared a tip "Gorgeous work and a great story"

Michael Ellis's profile image

michael_ellis shared a tip "Classic japanese anime."

used_bandaid 's profile image

used_bandaid shared a tip "one of my all time favorite movies so good!"

christopher_maclean shared a tip "I love how it introduces the audience to the idea of everything having a spirit."

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1621856488277 shared a tip "Its a good movie the animation style is quite nice."

Blaine Padgett's profile image

blaine_padgett shared a tip "One of the best stories ever."

jay_persing shared a tip "My favorite movie"

c_s_8883 shared a tip "Amazing animation and unique story"

Kawaii sisters 904's profile image

kawaii_sisters_904 shared a tip "Amazing animation"

AllTheFactsGaming Ga's profile image

allthefactsgaming_ga shared a tip "Princess Monroke, or the sequel, the cat returns!(I think that's a sequel anyways)"

Nasia Tori's profile image

nasia_tori shared a tip "My favorite movie ever!"

Sara Vega's profile image

sara_vega shared a tip "What's there not to love about this movie."

Ty 's profile image

ty_7482 shared a tip "You may like Howl's Moving Castle also."

Ana Salinas's profile image

ana_salinas_6517 shared a tip "So magical and fun to watch !"

Alus 's profile image

Ali-Chi shared a tip "The train scene was when it hit me. "Holy ****... I'm watching a masterpiece""

Victoria McTaggart's profile image

victoria_mctaggart_3262 shared a tip "Me too!🥺"

nynx_tear shared a tip "This movie was great!! Perfect for family movie nights."

Janelle Francisco's profile image

Nelski14 shared a tip "not my favorite but the animation is beautiful"

kaleb_saint shared a tip "The best Ghibli movie in my opinion"

phaneendhar reddy's profile image

phaneendhar_reddy shared a tip "Time pass flick"

Maisha Chinagozi's profile image

maisha_chinagozi shared a tip "Ive seen my neighbor Totora, Howl’s moving castle, a silent voice, and a whisker away"

Art_fannatic 's profile image

art_fannatic shared a tip "Watched as a kid and I still love it now!!!"

courtney raquel's profile image

critterqueen shared a tip "One of my ultimate comfort movies I can’t recommend it enough!"

Brielle Smith's profile image

brielle_smith_6133 shared a tip "im pretty sure its no longer on Netflix"

himari_ren shared a tip "A classic and a must-see for sure!"

Scarlet65 's profile image

jonas_lily shared a tip "Howls moving castle I've watched it so many times"

kaylee_thomson_46 shared a tip "My favorite movie of all time."

mickaroni and cheese's profile image

mickaroni_and_cheese shared a tip "Gotta be the part where she flying over the river with the white dragon"

amelia_8351 shared a tip "Japan Anime. Very well pictured."

Zahandra Alvarez's profile image

zahandra_alvarez shared a tip "A childhood favorite! Great for watching in October 👻"

Rowena Lovegood's profile image

rowena_lovegood shared a tip "All of these movies are the actual best. This and Howls Moving Castle are my favorites. Ponyo is also a great one."

Lori Edwards's profile image

lori_edwards_7781 shared a tip "Kaonashi is by far my favorite character"

cassie_8586 shared a tip "One of my favorite movies."

Josephine 's profile image

josiefawkes shared a tip "Insanely gorgeous"

A H's profile image

a_h_3971 shared a tip "My first anime movie & I must say, it's beautiful! Such an interesting story & gorgeous artwork."

Haneul Kim's profile image

haneul_kim shared a tip "Classic studio ghibli movie. Always fun to rewatch along or with friends and family."

Kayleigh Burhans's profile image

bugwastaken shared a tip "i loved the animation style and also the story it was very interesting and beautifully done"

Tori Zamarron's profile image

tori_zamarron shared a tip "My absolute FAVORITE 🖤"

Stephanie Adkison-Sacra's profile image

stephanie_adkison-s shared a tip "I need to watch it again. I loved it as a kid but don’t remember much of it."

William Beals's profile image

william_beals shared a tip "A truly beautiful film, both in animation and story."

Grace Lee's profile image

grace_lee_2853 shared a tip "The baby as a mouse!"

nikolas_mucha shared a tip "Love this movie"

Whitney Boyd Brown's profile image

whitney_boyd_brown shared a tip "My all time favorite film, bar none."

aplab shared a tip "Best animated movie; Dream and nightmare like qualities in a story rich film"

nevaeh lynn's profile image

nevaeh_lynn_9337 shared a tip "such a cute movie! even if u don’t like anime it’s a beautiful story."

samaya_2055 shared a tip "The plot twist"

Jenny Miller's profile image

jenny_miller_3737 shared a tip "I don't like much anime but for some reason this movie has changed my mind. Give it a shot you won't be disappointed."

rick_payn shared a tip "One of my top 5 movies! Great story, so creative, amazing art."

Justin Smith's profile image

justin_smith_8726 shared a tip "My favorite movie of all time"

Allegra Pix's profile image

allegra_pix shared a tip "Very sweet, charming film. A must watch for anyone."

Sophia Walton's profile image

sophia_walton shared a tip "Loved it! I always saw it scrolling through Netflix and thought I wouldn’t like it but I loved it!"

camdon_church shared a tip "One of if not the most thoughtful and adventurous animated films of all time."

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1613242413807 shared a tip "An amazing piece of animation."

Julee Ramaya's profile image

julee_ramaya shared a tip "feast scene"

Laryssa Chenoweth's profile image

laryssa_chenoweth shared a tip "The movie that started my love of anime."

Karla Rrrr's profile image

karla_rrrr shared a tip "It's super entertaining in a way that you won't know what is going to happen next."

Brittney Cunningham's profile image

brittney_cunningham_1203 shared a tip "The story and art are beautiful. #ghibli"

Dustin Anderson's profile image

dustin_anderson_2562 shared a tip "Great story line and super imaginative"

Mariano Arellano's profile image

mariano_arellano shared a tip "Love this movie. Such a weird and amazing piece. You won't regret watching this."

calista_mateuszczyk shared a tip "Genius"

lizette_perez_6444 shared a tip "favorite childhood movie!! loved it when i was young, and love it now"

cheryl_dedecker shared a tip "Excellent movie about grief and healing."

annakah shared a tip "Studio Ghibli movies in general are amazing! If you like this movie I highly recommend Howls Moving Castle."

April 's profile image

april_4399 shared a tip "Glorious animation and a story that pulled me in. Could watch this one again and again."

natalie_goldsmith shared a tip "The animation in this movie is so beautiful"

Hash Browns's profile image

hash_browns shared a tip "It’s a good movie to watch when you have free time."

Chrishanda Wade's profile image

chrishanda_wade shared a tip "Absolutely love this movie. I am spirited away each time I watch this movie."

Julianna Danko's profile image

julianna_danko shared a tip "Actually if you liked this you should watch A whisker away. VERY good"

Gabby Martinez's profile image

gabby_martinez_6489 shared a tip "i’ve seen howls moving castle which also an amazing movie! have you seen it?"

Lisa DeLeon's profile image

lordlizard shared a tip "A classic! Timeless, beautiful."

Emeory Sayre-Staley's profile image

emeory_sayre-staley shared a tip "My neighboor totoro"

Emeory Sayre-Staley's profile image

emeory_sayre-staley shared a tip "Hbu"

Olivia Muscadin's profile image

olivia_muscadin shared a tip "This is a must-see movie. Really like it !"

Machie Ravers's profile image

machie_ravers shared a tip "Oscar winning for a reason. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t “get” it."

Emma Karch's profile image

emma_karch shared a tip "My favourite movie."

Sam Pelletz's profile image

sam_pelletz shared a tip "Ouch"

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