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When his family moves from their home in Berlin to a strange new house in Poland, young Bruno befriends Shmuel, a boy who lives on the other side of the fence where everyone seems to be wearing striped pajamas. Unaware of Shmuel's fate as a Jewish prisoner or the role his own Nazi father plays in hi

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2008-05-07

Runtime 94 minutes

Budget $13m

Revenue $20m


TMDB 7.9


Julie Hamm's profile image

julie_hamm shared a tip "Great movie about a true situation"

Ashmedai 180's profile image

ashmedai_180 shared a tip "A must watch film."

Wilma Joyce Williams's profile image

wajwilliams shared a tip "Anything I say explaining why you should watch this movie would ruin the movie. Watch it."

Andrew Abbey's profile image

andrew_abbey shared a tip "Can’t believe I hadn’t rec’d this until now"

Stefani Marie's profile image

stefani_marie shared a tip "A must see!"

Desdeluna Moon's profile image

desdeluna_moon shared a tip "Brilliant."

Amy Santi's profile image

amy_santi shared a tip "If You Dont Cry You Dont Have A Heart Or A Soul"

Pam McGovern Cecchini's profile image

pam_mcgovern_cecchini shared a tip "So sad but so worth watching."

Simone Burnside's profile image

simone_burnside shared a tip "A real twist"

Steven Bailey's profile image

steven_bailey_329 shared a tip "Dont ever watch this with a girlfriend who only has a vague understanding of history. It won't end well for either party"

Emma Hopkins's profile image

emmajaneski shared a tip "Amazing."

Lauren Garrett's profile image

lauren_garrett_1532 shared a tip "One of the saddest movies you will ever watch."

Shawnette Blatt's profile image

shawnette_blatt shared a tip "Terribly sad"

amaya_taylor_8565 shared a tip "This was sad"

Sydney 's profile image

syd_robb shared a tip "If you're watching it, get the tissues ready."

Carina Minardi's profile image

chemicalchica shared a tip "You may cry...just a warning"

lizzy king's profile image

kinglizzy shared a tip "Tear jerker"

Anna Smith's profile image

anna_smith_1273 shared a tip "It will make u cry"

arraya 's profile image

arraya_phelps shared a tip "GREAT!! love this movie a lot. kinda sad i suggest 10+ at least but it's a great movie for everyone"

Lyr 's profile image

lyr shared a tip "not necessarily about the battle field but what’s behind the scenes"

lauren_leon_2455 shared a tip "This movie is absolutely amazing I love it I’ve watched it so many times before and it has made me cry to many times haha"

Emma Justice's profile image

movie_roll shared a tip "TW AND POSSIBLY SPOILER FOR: holocaust, mentions of death and gassing, child endangerment."

roseanne_hazlett shared a tip "I literally bawled my eyes out."

Lucy Keith's profile image

lucy_keith shared a tip "*sad"

Jessica Judd's profile image

jessica_judd shared a tip "It is a really good story, but it is so sad."

louella adams's profile image

louella_adams shared a tip "Tear jerker"

Gregory 's profile image

gregory_7600 shared a tip "Hard to watch but very powerful"

HENLO lol's profile image

henlo_lol shared a tip "Extremely sad movie set in the time of the holocaust."

Baylee Libbert's profile image

baylee_libbert shared a tip "Bring lots of tissues"

Christian Robinson's profile image

christian_robinson_5498 shared a tip "It was such a sad story I cried at the end"

John Harlock's profile image

Thomas_Truxell shared a tip "Another great movie, hard to watch but defiantly with it!"

marina_andrade shared a tip "😭😍🥰"

Valerie Curello's profile image

valerie_curello shared a tip "I hit home"

Stephanie Pandora's profile image

stephanie_pandora shared a tip "Broke my heart. No one is safe when evil gets in and nothing is done."

ella_3721 shared a tip "Sad, heartbreaking movie, but definitely worth the watch."

Amy Korthauer's profile image

amy_moade shared a tip "So good. But cried buckets of tears."

Chrishanda Wade's profile image

chrishanda_wade shared a tip "Worth the watch."

CC 's profile image

bean_n_bacon shared a tip "A surprising ending for me"

missLC shared a tip "Unexpected ending"

Lisa DeLeon's profile image

lordlizard shared a tip "I saw this movie in a classroom, after reading the book. I love stories like this."

crystal_horton shared a tip "One of my favourites! Heart wrenching😢"

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