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I'm someone that likes watching & reading ALMOST anything from the SCIENCE FICTION, DYSTOPIAN & POST-APOCALYPTIC genres. I love me some ROMANCE, CHINESE PERIOD pieces, K-DRAMAS & BOLLYWOOD films. I'm a CARY GRANT film buff. I'm very much into ZOMBIES & VAMPIRES as well as being an avid ANIME watcher (subbed or dubbed). I MUST ADD to this list LOVING anything that brings LAUGHTER into my life. Last but not least, I AM AN AUTISM MOMMA BEAR! 🧩 💙


This is looking to be a great show. Big fan of Natasha and that raspy voice of hers!

Poker Face imagePoker Face image

Poker Face


I'm liking this series so far. It makes me feel kind of like when I first enjoyed watching Ray Donovan. 👍

Mayor of Kingstown imageMayor of Kingstown image

Mayor of Kingstown

Shows | Drama

Oh yeah! 💪 What an array of beautiful muscular bodies 😍

Physical: 100 imagePhysical: 100 image

Physical: 100

Shows | Reality

John Leguizamo & Luis Guzman are funny as always in this LatinX crazy family.

Nothing Like the Holidays imageNothing Like the Holidays image

Nothing Like the Holidays

Movies | Comedy

Funny underrated anime with cute MCs and fan service thru out 😉. I even got teary a few times, lol.

Good Luck Girl! imageGood Luck Girl! image

Good Luck Girl!

Shows | Animation

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