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Two high school girls are best friends until one dates the other's older brother, who is totally his sister's nemesis.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2016-11-18

Runtime 105 minutes

Budget $9m

Revenue $19m


TMDB 7.2


Luanna Williams's profile image

luanna shared a tip "Perfectly captures teenage angst."

Stefani Marie's profile image

stefani_marie shared a tip "Just okay."

Ofejiro Usiaphre's profile image

Ella_ro shared a tip "One of the best coming of age movies starring the one and only amazing Hailee Steinfield ❤"

Kai Penn's profile image

kai_penn shared a tip "Awesome awesome movie it really shows what teenage life really is"

Drake Lloyd's profile image

drake_lloyd shared a tip "This gud"

gladys_murillo shared a tip "Best movie out there. 10/10 🥰"

Sara 's profile image

sarace shared a tip "so good without feeling cliche. i loved the dynamic between her & the professor"

Mattie oliver's profile image

mattie_oliver shared a tip "probably the best high school movie I've seen"

Scott Keiser's profile image

scott_keiser shared a tip "Better than most coming of age movies. Pleasantly surprised."

Lily Salivar's profile image

maddie_brooke shared a tip "If you haven’t watched this you NEED to watch it this month because it’s leaving on the 31st I’m pretty sure."

Kevin Abaunza's profile image

kevin_abaunza shared a tip "Hailey was amazing in this movie it’s crazy how good she can play a depressing high school student"

mariana valenzuela's profile image

mariana_valenzuela shared a tip "Hailee Steinfield pls notice me I luv you"

Shanorah Brown's profile image

shanorah_brown shared a tip "Love it. Easily relatable"

dana_greer shared a tip "Has dark humor"

Kassidy Rucker's profile image

kassidy_rucker shared a tip "When she was eating lunch in classroom with her teacher"

Heaven Copeland's profile image

heaven_copeland shared a tip "And her words"

Amandas Crisis's profile image

amandas_crisis shared a tip "Good coming if age movie"

Heather Larkin's profile image

heather_larkin shared a tip "One of the best modern teen movies I have seen in a while. Realistic and Fun."

Delicia Verderber's profile image

delicia_verderber shared a tip "Love this movie"

Rose Arnold's profile image

rose_arnold shared a tip "My best friend and I loved this movie"

myalee_pichardo shared a tip "sums up what teenagers go through today with showing how naive some can be, character growth"

Natalee Grover's profile image

nataleegrover shared a tip "this is one of my favorite movies. greatest coming of age movie & amazing story start to finish"

joshua_sauer shared a tip "How can you not love something with Hailee Steinfeld and Woody Harrelson?"

Kyra Myers's profile image

kyra_myers_754 shared a tip "When she brought him the flowers like from his story"

Namya Jefferson's profile image

namya_jefferson shared a tip "i love this movie so much it's literally in my top 3 do yourself a favor and watch it and you won't regret it"

kenya_shepherd shared a tip "it’s the perfect coming-of-age movie. it’s a drama/comedy. definitely worth the watch!"

Cayla Westmoreland's profile image

cayla_westmoreland shared a tip "Yes, it is"

dan_mcgurk shared a tip "Although he has a small part, Woody Harrelson is great in this."

Noah Park's profile image

noah_park shared a tip "Hey"

Jack Garrett's profile image

jackgarr2004 shared a tip "A very good movie with a very good message. I highly recommend this movie to all teens and young adults!!"

TimberWolfNinja 's profile image

timberwolfninja shared a tip "When she runs away from the boy she likes XD"

james lewis's profile image

james_lewis_1786 shared a tip "Very good movie to watch with your Teenager."

avery_stevenson shared a tip "Very good movie"

Sharlene Pena's profile image

sharlene_pena shared a tip "Ofc when the main character was explaining to her brother that not everything in life is as perfect as it seems"

Addie J's profile image

addie_j shared a tip "The comedy in this is amazing.. wasn’t expecting I like it that much at all.. but it gave me a lot of laughs!!"

Jaida Bomba's profile image

jaida_bomba shared a tip "Watching it I found it more of a relaxing funny sad and weirdly emotional kinda movie"

Tara Turpen's profile image

tara_turpen shared a tip "Gotta love this movie. It’s relatable and funny."

Grace Elizabeth's profile image

graceeliizabeth shared a tip "it’s the relatability"

Nikella Callan's profile image

nikella_callan shared a tip "This movie is really good but if you have high school trauma with relationships then it’ll definitely bring back old memories 😂"

Amanda Iman's profile image

amanda_iman shared a tip "I like a lot of the scenes she has with Woody Harrelson. But truly I love this whole movie. How about you?"

flicka shared a tip "Very intriguing and entertaining!"

Alex Batcheller's profile image

alex_batcheller shared a tip "[9/10] 12/31/21 - Very cute coming of age film. Mix of funny, sad, happy moments, overall just a fun feel good movie. :)"

awesome_user_860417 shared a tip "It was emotional and romantic"

Faethfully Daniella <3's profile image

daniellaIsaPanini shared a tip "yass give us relatable and unreachable at the same time"

sarah_daubenmire_94 shared a tip "No, I am just a huge Hailee Steinfield fan."

Steven McGee's profile image

steven_mcgee shared a tip "Really down to watch comedy. Funny and heart felt. A smart comedy family drama everyone should watch."

Nika Hubert's profile image

nika_hubert shared a tip "Perfect.Relateable"

Bella Rodriguez's profile image

bella_rodriguez_5479 shared a tip "It’s alright,."

delila_clark shared a tip "All of it was great"

Kiara Royle's profile image

kiara_royle shared a tip "Funny as all hell and corky."

Marlene Tinajero's profile image

marlene_tinajero shared a tip "RELATABLE 10/10"

Natalie Green's profile image

natalie_green shared a tip "The director of the movie?"

brielle mulvehill's profile image

brielle_mulvehill shared a tip "it was relatable in a way"

i.b0r3d 's profile image

i.b0r3d shared a tip "Entertaining"

bec_dee shared a tip "Good! The perfect blend of bittersweet and comical"

PAULETTE YAKHNIS's profile image

paulette_yakhnis shared a tip "Most amazing movie on planet earth"

Esther Lepage's profile image

esther_lepage shared a tip "It was good had a nice story"

avery_bockart shared a tip "uplifting"

Savannah 's profile image

ZUFO shared a tip "Great movie"

JESUS KIDZ's profile image

chloe_graves shared a tip "I enjoyed it thoroughly! Very good at keeping my attention!"

Random Lana Stan's profile image

honeymoonenjoyer shared a tip "I relate to Nadine personality wise. Great movie and plot"

raima 's profile image

raimam16 shared a tip "this movie was super realistic and relatable which is why i loved it so much. perfect for teenagers! :)"

grace ostrand's profile image

grace_ostrand shared a tip "This movie feels like teenagers, not like adults trying to write about teenagers. So good"

Eliana Noei's profile image

eliana_noei shared a tip "#relatable magnificence"

Sarah Lackie's profile image

sarah_lackie shared a tip "It’s amazing! I highly recommend"

seraphimme 's profile image

seraphimme shared a tip "This movie makes me cringe so much it's actually triggering for me."

dani santoyo's profile image

dani_santoyo shared a tip "definition of coming of age movie"

Rachel Ayvaz's profile image

rachelayvaz shared a tip "Probably one of the best coming to age movie I’ve seen ❤️"

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