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Is this show ever coming back?? It’s only been five years!!!

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Shows | Drama

Holy Schnikees I just found out there’s an unaired final episode that was released in August after the May series finale! Can’t believe I’m just finding this out 12 years later!!

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Shows | Action & Adventure

This is okay. Definitely confusing at times. Plus the absurd story line reminds me a little of Face/Off…like hello!? Nobody looks EXACTLY alike- even identical twins aren’t completely identical (unless maybe they’re clones)!! This also reminds me of the plot line of The Prestige.

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SO underrated! Especially love the campy effects & creepy score!!

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Maximum Overdrive

Movies | Action

Omg just watched this crazy movie on my new favorite channel Tubi. It was done 30 years ago & I just found it today. If you thought Bill Paxton was crazy in Near Dark then watch this. A very dark twisted comedy/horror that reminded me of Heathers…

The Vagrant imageThe Vagrant image

The Vagrant

Movies | Comedy

This is so compelling but also frustrating that a young boy could have been saved from death had those idiot cops listened to the women claiming he was not an adult. They were too busy telling homophobic jokes to do their job! Talk about needing to be canceled! I read the cops were fired but reinstated with back pay!! They need to be held accountable still…

Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story imageDahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story image

Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story


My favorite movie of Woody Allen’s! This & Radio Days…

Hannah and Her Sisters imageHannah and Her Sisters image

Hannah and Her Sisters

Movies | Comedy

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