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Katie, a 17-year-old, has been sheltered since childhood and confined to her house during the day by a rare disease that makes even the smallest amount of sunlight deadly. Fate intervenes when she meets Charlie and they embark on a summer romance.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2018-03-22

Runtime 91 minutes

Budget $2.8m

Revenue $27m


TMDB 7.8


melly_loveee shared a tip "It was good casting and very heartfelt."

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kathy_clyne shared a tip "This movie is really good but also really sad"

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zolree shared a tip "It’s sad but wasn’t the type of sad to make you cry."

jshears shared a tip "I know a lot of people were originally comparing this to “Everything, Everything” but it was still a good movie."

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fionat.26 shared a tip "I've never cried so much over a movie"

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caitlyn_evans_9533 shared a tip "Loved this!!! And made me cry 💞"

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anne_forte shared a tip "It’s a beautiful movie, it was delightfully heartbreaking to watch"

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amethysta shared a tip "Made me cry"

lily_anderson_489 shared a tip "Love this movie! Definitely cried tho like a lot"

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sherri_arney shared a tip "This was a great movie that I could watch all over again and again."

kelsey_8854 shared a tip "such an amazing movie i cried every time i watched it and i don’t cry to movies"

ella_deberry shared a tip "Romantic and tragic"

brookelynn_thibodea shared a tip "I love the story line such a tear jerker"

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victoria_osayande shared a tip "I love this it shows true loves of two lovers."

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sirena_wallas shared a tip "it was a very good movie but it was sad too."

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ayda_parker shared a tip "Sweet and romantic"

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jennifer_n. shared a tip "10/10. This movie is so good and sweet and also sad #tearjerker"

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amaya_bustos shared a tip "This movie was amazing! It was sad and amazing I love it!"

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depressed_weirdos_v shared a tip "This is such a cute movie , it’s very sad tho"

alyssa_3489 shared a tip "lacked a really good story line"

stella_1557 shared a tip "Heartfelt"

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hannah_98 shared a tip "Movies don’t make me cry. But having just finished this one, I am bawling. 10/10"

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bea_beatty shared a tip "This was so good kinda sad thought"

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fluffysocks shared a tip "I JUST LOVE THIS ONE. ITS A MUST SEE"

golnaz_bagheri_neja shared a tip "I love it"

emily_hayes_6475 shared a tip "Super depressing ending."

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angelisa_gonzalez shared a tip "I really liked it but if you a very sensitive person Let me tell you that you won’t like the end but it was a good movie"

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alivia_ballard shared a tip "I love Midnight Sun! It kind of reminds me of 5 feet apart."

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alyssa_pompey shared a tip "The ending was trash"

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avery_peterson_8878 shared a tip "Cute and sad"

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amberly_elizabeth shared a tip "Heartwarming, romantic and sad! Its an excellent movie"

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whitney_7558 shared a tip "Omg so good would totally recommend.The one thing is I never cry during movies and this one made me."

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ariel_petersen shared a tip "I loved the romance and it was a true tearjerker"

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val_3889 shared a tip "Story"

emily_mcbee_1186 shared a tip "This was a really good movie and i cried at the end. 10/10 highly recommend"

cam_godard shared a tip "the romance between the 2 of them"

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kayla_welch_6881 shared a tip "I cried like a baby to this:)"

hope_johnsons shared a tip "This is the first and only movie so far to ever make me cry. It was an amazing story line"

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melissa_kirkbride shared a tip "Such a great movie! The book has been on my TBR list ever since I watched it!"

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hailey_collins_6950 shared a tip "This was such a good movie. The ending made me cry, but the whole story was amazing."

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heaven-larose shared a tip "The movie midnight sun in was good and I could watch it over and over"

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BookNerd4Life shared a tip "✅"

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audrey_burriss shared a tip "Kind of cheesy"

awesome_user_983132 shared a tip "i cried alot"

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